hi guys I'm Tiana and welcome to my

channel or welcome back so in today's

video I'm gonna be talking about my

experience taking the birth control pill

because I started taking it to clear my

skin and I make a ton of skincare videos

in addition to that I also am going to

be talking about the prescription acne

cream that I'm on because that was also

kind of like hand in hand with my pill

that I got prescribed I got both of them

at the same time and I actually have

gone through three different types of

the pill before I found the one that

actually works for me so in this video

I'm gonna be kind of talking to you guys

about all the side effects that I had

like what all happened but I just want

to say that like I'm not a doctor

obviously I'm also not a biology major

so this is just from like an experience

standpoint and I know that my body

chemistry isn't going to be the same as

anyone elses so these are just kind of

like common side effects that people get

and I'm gonna be telling you like what

happened to me but this is all like in

my experience and since I'm not a doctor

I'm gonna be like linking stuff down

below in case you guys want to go like

read up on it yourselves and most of

this information is just like what my

doctor told me and that kind of thing

so I guess we can just go ahead and get

started I kind of like have some notes

because this is like a different video

so I have to like remember to say

everything that I meant to say but

basically I started taking the birth

control pill three years ago it was the

summer before I started senior year so

now I'm a sophomore in college and the

first pill that I started taking was a

generic form of ortho try cycling and it

was not the low version which I am on

now it was the full hormone dosage and I

absolutely hated it but I took it for a

couple months to see if I could get used

to it but we're gonna get into that

later and in addition to that she

prescribed me Tretton Owen 0.05 percent

now I'm on Trenton Owen point one no

Stretton Owen 0.1% yeah that's right so

it is a topical acne cream and I got

these to use together to clear up my

acne and a little bit about my skin I

only started doing YouTube once my skin

was clear um and that is just for a

couple different reasons but I also like

wasn't really like interested in

starting it at the time so you guys

haven't really seen like my whole like

skincare journey you just kind of see

like the videos that I post now but I

had like smallish bumps on my face

it wasn't like severe cystic acne but I

would get like some small bumps here and

there and then also like sometimes I'd

get like a bigger one and it would be

painful and like annoying and I hated it

but I got prescribed those two things

because the first acne medication that I

was taking epidural was no longer

covered by my insurance I know this

because my mom tried to pick it up and

it was like five hundred dollars and

then she was like I'm not gonna pay five

hundred dollars just for this so she

took me back to the dermatologist to get

a different form of treatment and that

is what I got prescribed so now I'm

gonna talk to you guys about like the

birth control pill so I don't have that

one with me to show you guys but it was

a combination birth control pill so that

means it had estrogen in addition to a

form of progestin I don't exactly know

how it works obviously but if you want

you can look it up online so I was

taking that and it was also a triphasic

pill so it would have seven day

intervals and then on like the last one

you would get your period I have the one

that I take now and it's kind of similar

but it was a round little pill thing so

it would have like different hormone

levels this is the low version that I'm

taking now and then on the last week you

would get your period but

I didn't like that at all because I feel

like the hormone dosage was just like

way too much for me even though in

reality like a lot of people can take it

and be fine but again this is just my

video so it's obviously from my point of

view but I didn't like it because it

made my breasts super painful and like

sensitive they would like get kind of

more painful throughout the month of me

taking it until it would just like be my

period and then it would kind of like

get less bad after that but that was the

first thing I hated about it the second

thing was I kind of like cried a lot I

think it just like made me sad and then

I would like want to cry I don't know if

this is like happening for everyone who

kind of like starts taking that kind of

pill but I would cry sometimes for like

no reason and it was kind of crazy and

then the last thing I had was like sleep

disturbances I guess like I couldn't

sleep my sleep schedule was like all

messed up and then like sometimes I

would sleep a lot and then sometimes I

wouldn't be able to go to bed at night

and I'm always like one of those types

of people who can like kind of sleep

when they're tired but on that I was

like having some issues and it was bad

because I was in my senior year of high

school at the time so I would like have

to wake up and go to class it's not like

now how I can kind of plan my own

schedule around like what times I want

to go to class I would always have to be

up and go to school so that was just not

working for me but I took it for a

couple more months and then I feel like

my body kind of got more used to it but

the breast tenderness thing never went

away but I did want to mention also that

my skin was super clear and my periods

were like little to nothing with no

cramps but I've kind of always had that

just because I guess that's how I was

made and I've heard that it also kind of

has to do with how active you are like

if you play sports which I played sports

all throughout high school and then

also kind of be into like running or

like going to the gym and that kind of

thing so I'm not sure if that's like a

myth or not but maybe that had something

to do with why I was kind of like having

periods like that and then weight gain

is the other thing that people get super

concerned about when they start taking

birth control and on that pill I didn't

notice any at all except obviously like

my boobs were hurting and they were like

bigger but I don't remember like gaining

any weight or anything like that

and then I also wasn't nauseous I know

that's another like side effect some

people have but that didn't happen for

me so my skin was clear but all this

other stuff I didn't like so I took it

for a couple more months the side

effects got like less and less bad every

month but the boob thing never like went

away so eventually I went back and got

prescribed a different pill and I have

that one with me because I just never

threw them away and it was with so vfe

1:20 and I don't know like what this one

is a generic for if I can find it I'll

put it on the screen but this one was

not tri-phasic I don't believe I'm

pretty sure you can tell by like what

the pills look like but this one has

three rows of white pills and one row of

brown pills so I am pretty sure that it

has the same hormone dosage for all

three of these and then you just get

your period here I could be wrong though

so I would totally like research it if

you're interested but this one I didn't

have nearly as many bad side effects I

had a little bit of like breast swelling

and tenderness like but I know people

get that just naturally when they're

gonna have their period it's just kind

of like a natural thing but I would

never have that before and then when I

started taking this that started

happening so it wasn't as bad as the

first one though my skin was still clear

I didn't gain weight and I wasn't like

crying and stuff so I was pretty much

fine except for like the tenderness

thing I took this one for maybe like a

or something and then whenever I had to

go back to the doctor to get another

prescription for it I started taking try

low Marzia which is the generic brand of

ortho try cyclin low so this one has a

lower dose of hormones which I prefer

obviously but this one it's just like

color-coded and then you take these the

first week and then these fees and then

you get your period here so I'm pretty

sure these don't have any like active

hormones in them so with this one I've

been taking it for the longest out of

any of these other pills and I don't

have any like negative side effects my

skin is clear white periods all of that

jazz my boobs don't hurt nearly as bad

it's still like father to me a little

bit here and there but not for like the

whole month like it did with the higher

dosage of the hormones and then as far

as weight gain goes with that pill I am

not sure if I gained weight because just

like as I got older like sometimes

people gain weight and like fill out a

little bit or if it was the pill or it

might have also been because when I

started going to college I got more into

like lifting weights and stuff at the

gym and like squatting and that kind of

thing and then I also became like more

conscious of like eating enough protein

after I worked out so it also could be

that but I'm not sure like what exactly

it was but also it's not like I gained

like 10 or 15 pounds but that was just

in my experience with it everyone could

have like a different reaction to it so

again like this is all from my point of

view I've said that like so many times

but that's just because I don't want

people to like go in the comments and

like say that I'm wrong and stuff but

it's just because like it's different

for everyone

obviously because no two people are the

exact same yeah so that's pretty much it

unlike the pill side of things now I'm

gonna talk about like the cream that I


so Tretton owen is a form of vitamin A

or retin-a it's prescription only as far

as I know and how it works is it kind of

like makes the dead skin or it makes the

skin on your face that has like acne or

like blemishes and all that kind of

stuff dry up and then it like peels off

so then the skin beneath it that doesn't

have any acne or dark spots on it kind

of comes through because like the old

skin fell off of your face so I don't

know if that's like a type of chemical

exfoliant but that is what I used and

that was my experience of how it worked

so I used the point five or the point

zero five percent for a while but like

anything you build up a tolerance to it

so now I'm on the 0.1% and my skin has

built up a tolerance to that as well but

I don't think I need to get a stronger

form of it but it kind of works by just

making like the blemishes and stuff peel

off your face basically but then as you

are more tolerant to it it's not gonna

like work as noticeably like I don't

really see my skin like peeling off in

like chunks anymore like it used to it

kind of just gradually does the same

process and also I'm wearing some

foundation right now in concealer so my

skin obviously doesn't look this like

clear all the time I just have makeup on

but that is how the acne medication side

of things worked so using these two

together really helped my skin be clear

from like a hormonal sense and then also

from like a topical cream kind of aspect

so together they really helped clear my

face when I was younger or not younger

but like a couple of years ago when I

had like bad skin it would just have

like small little bumps it was more of

like a texture issue and then sometimes

I get those painful like bigger ones

with the white stuff in it and I hated

those but those two really helped clear

up my entire face and before I forget I

just want to say that I know when you're

taking pills like these it can somewhat

increase your risk of getting a blood

clot I don't know like how much it

increases it by but I'm sure there's

information online so when you're taking

these you're not supposed to like smoke

in any way and you're not supposed to

like vape or have any like jewels or

like nicotine or anything like that I

found that out board recently so I'm not

going to be like doing any like vaping

ever again because I don't want to like

get a blood clot or die so I just wanted

to say that as well in case you guys

didn't know but I'm sure like a lot of

people know that already but my doctor

did say that I can take the birth

control pill for years at a time without

having any negative side effects she

said that I would be fine to take it

until I wanted to have kids so I take

her word for it I'm not really sure

like I don't research that obviously but

she's a doctor and I'm not so I haven't

really had any problems with taking it

so I'm gonna continue to because I like

having clear skin so that is it for this

video those were all of kind of like my

experiences and side-effects using the

pill and the cream together to clear my

skin so if you have any questions you

can leave them below of course don't

forget to Like and subscribe and I will

see you all in my next video