Lowering Triglycerides - Mayo Clinic

when you go in to see the doctor it's

typical to get a blood test to check

lipid levels your cholesterol and

triglycerides you likely know it's

important to lower bad cholesterol

levels because high levels increase your

risk of heart attack

the same holds true for triglycerides

but what you might not know is that

instead of taking medicine to lower

triglycerides most people can lower that

number simply by moving more take the

stairs walk the dog stand at your desk

instead of sitting or hit the gym

anything that gets you moving lowers

your triglyceride level triglycerides

can come down with exercise because they

are an energy source just like glucose

is an energy source or sugar for our

body so anything you do that's exercise

aerobic will help lower cardiologist dr.

Steven kopetski says triglycerides go up

when you eat carbohydrates or sugars

like those found in soft drinks juice

white rice white bread and alcohol

triglycerides are an essential fat in

our blood and bodies but they're also a

building block of cholesterol so the

higher your triglyceride level the more

bad cholesterol your body produces and

this increases your risk of heart attack

by promoting plaque buildup in your

coronary arteries and so the more you

have the more that you're going to have

the bad cholesterol in your body but

because triglycerides are a source of

energy you can lower levels fast with

exercise any exercise you see when you

exercise your muscles use the

triglycerides in your bloodstream as a

source of energy the more your exercise

the more your muscles use lowering

triglyceride levels so if you eat a lot

of carbs for lunch and your triglyceride

levels go up an afternoon walk can help

bring those levels down a good number to

shoot for would be about 150 or lower

sometimes we'll have patients that come

in with high triglycerides will do a

treadmill test on them which is maybe a

seven or eight minute walk on a

treadmill and we'll say you know let's

send you down to the lab and get your

blood strong and they will find their

triglycerides will drop 50 points just

from that few minutes on the treadmill

dr. kopetski says this is very important

because millions of people are on

medication to lower triglycerides when

all some of them need to do is change

their lifestyle and here's another

stick that's pretty amazing a study of

seven men who exercised every day for a

week showed that they cut their

triglyceride levels in half dr. kopetski

says that some people who have very high

triglyceride levels over 400 may need to

continue taking medications so be sure

to talk to your doctor about medications

before you go off them because you may

be someone who should continue to take

them and in addition to moving more

cutting down on sugar and carbs can help

lower your triglycerides for medical

edge I'm Vivien Williams