Trimming tiny kitten nails! | How to cut claws on a young kitten

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hello this is Marsha I didn't get the

Clippers big hello this is a kitten this

is our foster kitten Marsha this short

for Marsha my love love is she's so

fluffy the things that I would recommend

for clipping kitten nails include one

needs kitten - you need clippers I just

use these these are the kind of that I

use we have like six of these lying

around the house there are a couple

dollars at the pet store very basic like

little scissors but they have the round

like room for the claw and and then the

other thing that can be really really

helpful are a little hand towel like

this would be really useful especially

if you have kittens who babies my head

in the frame okay so it needs a little

bit more

okay I don't remember where I was

removing the camera around so kitten

clippers towel can be helpful especially

if your cat is not used to this or if

they're a little bit wired or scared if

it's your first time flipping the nails

I would probably recommend having a

towel around just to just wrap them in

the towel you never know how they're

going to react they may shred you

in preparation a few things that you can

do before you even get started with the

actual clipping process with kittens

when you're playing with them um to

obviously handle them so that they get

used to being handled so that they're

you know floppy in your hands and

they're not scared of you and they're

you know just handle them a lot and

while you're like playing with them and

while you're petting on calm now

sweetheart while you're petting them is

something that you can do to make the

clipping process way less stressful for

them is just to to practice with their

little paw like so get them used to

tweety getting used to that you're

touching their paws like this but first

even even touching their paw they like

pull back they don't like that depending

on you know obviously the age and the

socialization of your kitten after they

get used to you like touching the top of

your paw and put in the bottom and give

it a little squeeze and you know be

playful with them and then you can

practice while you're not trying to

imminently clip them you can practice

getting their claws in and out so in

order to do that you put one one finger

underneath like this and then very

gently with your with your thumb on top

you just sort of push their little toes

forward and the claws pop right out the

some claw is a little bit different over

here it's kind of always just sticking

out and on this little girl it hides in

her fluff so this is this is just what

you need to do am i seizing your paw are

you getting sleepy so that's the other

thing the other thing that you can

really do to maximize your success with

clipping the the kittens is um do it

when they're kind of tired do it maybe

after they've eaten and they're kind of

like in that post heat bath sort of like

drowsy phase don't do it if you if

you've like been if you've been swinging

a toy around if they're bouncing off the

walls then they're going to bounce out

of your hands but if you do it when

they're a little bit sleepy if they're

waking up from a nap and they're feeling

kind of cuddly then you'll probably be

able to just breeze through do all 20

little toes and you'll be done in two

minutes you need that right you're

giving them so patient baby you know

these are her little fluffy paws so if

you squeeze them just a little bit so

hers are really fluffy

if you squeeze them just a little bit

you can see the claw come out like this

I don't know if that's going up at all

so when the kitten claws grow out

there's the pointy part at the front

that is cleared you yeah it's really

hard to see on high because she's so

fluffy I'll try to show you on one of

the other ones and then at some point

back towards their paw pad you can see

it starts to be pink or sometimes like

just a darker color that is their actual

finger so the equivalent would be the

clear part is like the white part on our

finger now and the pink part on them is

like the dark part on our fingernail

it's kind of like where the finger

actually starts so that's the part that

you definitely don't want to clip what I

do when they're this small just because

they don't have a lot of experience with

this because you want to make it a

really positive experience

I just clip the very very tips off which

means that you have to do it more often

because they grow out faster but you

don't risk hurting them and it's never

scary for them which means that it's

just always a good experience and then

of course the more you do it the more

they get used to it so it's a little bit

more work but it goes it goes faster I

think because you don't have to worry

about like placing it okay so this up

Marsha here this is her front paw so

she's just sitting right between my legs

and I've got her her front paw here so

I'm going to make the little pinky now

pop out though you stick just the tip in

and just it's so easy just like that

what I said before about trying to get

like the most of the claw off that you

can going way back that this is where

that would become tricky because she's

wiggling and the claws are so tiny that

I mean it's just it's just it's just

tricky to get the exact right spot so

what I always do is just take the very

tip off so the thumbs are a little bit

different it's hard to see on her

because she's so fluffy hi baby so yeah

those don't really pop out they're

always kind of sticking out of the same


and I just want the very tip so I

usually probably take off I don't

remember how big a millimeter is

probably about a millimeter off of each

one of these claws there you go

clip that one

he front all done you're so good she's

just purring away she is such a little

fluffernutter baby so sweet look how

glorious her whiskers are it's amazing

she got her toenails caught in her tummy

fluff I do not have any advice for not

getting little kitten toenails

everywhere if that freaks you out I

don't do this in the bathroom in the

vacuum ok hind feet so you see she's

kind of like curled up again so we're

little paws nope no ma'am not done no no

no oh you want to get up already get up

I want you to beat down we're almost

done Oh Stan nothing could make a little

toast stick up her feet are so fluffy

the fluffier he had just at the very tip

off of that one the fluffier their their

feet are obviously it's adorable but it

does make this a little bit trickier

where is it hidden

no see she's pulling away she doesn't

like that so that one's kind of short

enough I'm just gonna leave that one I

don't want to risk cutting the pink part

and making making her hurt and making

her bleed so we've had like 45 Foster's

at this point and I've never had a claw

that I've cut so short that it's bled

but I have read that if you cut it so

short it does it bleeds profusely it's

like a I don't know what kind of a wound

it is but it just bleeds and bleeds and

bleeds and there's a certain powder that

you can have on hands that will act as

like a little band-aid to stop the

bleeding so it it doesn't hurt like it's

not like it's not life-threatening

remember anything it just gets

everywhere yeah so you can see sheet

when I when I put the Clippers on and

she started to struggle

I just took off because it's not it's

not worth you know having a little out

sheet and then making her fear of the

Clippers for the rest of her life that's

a long heap and literally just taking

off the very very tips and see we're all

done we're all done you're going to go

take a nap look how fluffy she is

so that is clipping the claws of Marcia

she's seven and a half weeks old to be

eight weeks old soon she's our foster

kitten we've had them for almost a month

and they're gonna be ready to go to a

home soon I'm gonna be ready for

adoption and I'm gonna miss you a little

fluffy but oh sweet is she I hope that

was helpful I hope that that gives you

some idea of the the process and how to

a cute and how to go about clipping your

little kittens nails whether they're

foster kittens or your younger cats that

you've adopted I hope that that makes

the process go a little bit smoother for

you thank you so much for watching I

hope you enjoyed it give the video a

thumbs up if you liked it and if you

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kitten check out the other videos on our

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like why is she sitting on me