How to Cut & Trim Your First Mustache

hey guys what's going on Scout boards

here this week I wanted to go over the

moustache my moustache is getting really

overgrown and I wanted to show you guys

how I'm cutting and trimmed up my

moustache to go along with my beard for

you newbies out there that are trying to

cut and style your moustache to go with

your beard let me show you how this is

how to cut and trim your first mustache

here we go so this task is relatively

simple all we're going to need is a pair

of scissors and a mirror so that way we

can see what we're obviously doing

before we start cutting and hacking away

the mustache we want to know what kind

of style and look we're going for if

you're going for a longer mustache you

know more that epic mustache we're not

going to be really trimming up too much

of the mustache we're more going to be

shaping it the way we want it to grow

out if you want to keep it more tight

and a little more style the way I'm

going to be going for I'm actually gonna

be keeping and hugging the lip with the

scissors and a little less on the

handlebars so that way if I want to add

a little bit more wax I can create a

nice good look now I know it's time for

me to cut up my mustache for a couple

reasons one I can see if you guys can

see when I close my lips a little bit

here you can see my lip that's right

there and obviously and I'm looking on

the side you can see that my mustache

ends here and my lip is right there now

what I'd like to do is I like to take my

scissors my comb or my brush and I kind

of like to line out where I'm gonna cut

now a good tip is when you're cutting

out your mustache is comb it out the way

you want so if you're gonna you know

grow out your epic mustache comb it out

to your epic mustache that you want it

looks like we're only going to be

cutting just a little bit of the scrag

leaves and we're gonna be leaving a lot

of our handlebar left now I'm gonna

start cutting alright I want to find my

line I'm gonna start right here and I'm

just gonna get a little I don't want to

go too fast don't go too i short slow

small when's the race okay obviously

when we're cuttin don't do big cuts do

really small slow cuts that way we can

get this style and shade that we want

but I'm gonna close my lips just a

little bit you don't want to close too

much you're gonna mess the shape up so

just keep a natural mouth closed

and then see that line that I just

created a little more so look at what I

did okay so I created the line of my lip

and you can see the scraggly side and

you can see the nice side and I just cut

off honestly just maybe a quarter of an

inch maybe not even that so to continue

it what I want to do is instead of

keeping this length right here I'm gonna

lift it up just a little bit and I just

want to cut off a little bit of those

hairs and as you can see I'm just lining

up on the scissors just the way I want

my hair delay so when I put the

moustache wax in it'll be nice and thick

with just a little bit of a taper of a

handlebar it'd look really nice yes

we're gonna switch sides and let's go on

the other side okay I'm gonna find my

lip line I don't wanna go too much just

go slow and small

and lift it up like I do the others just

a little bit off just get the scratch

leaves away now another tip to is watch

the angle of your scissors if we're

going straight

obviously the mustache is gonna be

straight if we start angling out we're

gonna have a nice fade of our mustache

and I don't think that's the look that

we're gonna be going for and if that's

the look that you want to go and that's

what you're looking for go for it but

just be aware of the angle that you hold

your scissors to your mustache if you're

gonna be holding it down your upper part

of your mustache is gonna grow over if

you're gonna be holding it up you're

gonna see a lot of your under lip okay

so just make sure there's kind of that

right angle that you want so a good

example is see how when I lift up my

lips how this is gone over my lip and

there's a little bit scraggly so angle

that scissors up just a little bit yeah

see a lot better that way when I raise

up my lip there's not such a patch of

hair that's going over my upper lip it's

nice actually so we're gonna go in this

side kind of finish some stuff up so

just follow the lines follow the shape

that you want and just to make small

cuts it's gonna look great

oh and this is awesome okay let me grab

some mustache wax I always like a good

mustache wax now I recommend cutting

that mustache about every two weeks to a

month that we were kind of always

staying on top of it you guys sometimes

I surprise myself because it's exactly

the look I was going for I wanted to

keep it nice and tight on the lips but

at the same time I want to have just a

little bit of handlebars and not too

much of a goatee going because I like to

keep a nice long beard but not too long

words pass in the Adam's apple just a

nice good length on the beard and a nice

solid mustache you guys know I'm all

about the epic mustache but we got to

keep it print improper it's nice that a

little bit of persistence hard work and

confidence always pays off when you're

trying something new it's not every day

that you get to grow out your beard and

your mustache so go have fun with it I'm

one of the only bearded channels that

actually cuts and trims their beard

mustache and here in front of you guys

with confidence thanks for checking out

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