Triple Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

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so we've always heard couples saying

third time's a charm well when it comes

to sex

apparently round two is what really

matters if you want to get pregnant new

research shows that having sex two times

but let me finish this within the hour

triples your chance to conceive who did

that me our a man three times this is a

lot of pressure on a man if it's like

honey we've got to do it two three times

in the hour cry me a river Travis now

let me ask you from your perspective

since this is your specialty is this is

a study of 73 couples and it looked at

that that second ejaculate and within an

hour I was part of this study there was

a lot of fun

he was a little tougher to keep up with

the rest of the crew but somehow hi so

this I'm yeah throws out there this

sounds crazy I mean what is it the

second round a sperm they're like better

swimmers because I always thought

we're always taught to like save up you

know men rabbit just say about their

show so typically what we normally tell

the woman is don't have too much sex

because as you said we we like there to

be good potent concentration of sperm

because men are always making sperm so

we always say if you go to a male

gynecologist they'll say no but more

than better much the sex all the time if

you go to a woman they'll say every

other day so now what what do we go no I

study seems to say makes sense to be

physiologically look because you're

saving sperm and your seminal vesicles

so that first load may be sort of had

been sitting there for a while sort of

wasn't fresh can we say bolus

no so so then you've replenished

refilled the seminal vesicles and the

second wave is just they're all like

Michael Phelps well no here's the thing

actually you bring up a good point and I

do think we maybe need to study this

more officially and physiologically but

what you're talking about is kind of the

parallel between what we say with breast

milk and breastfeeding which is well

oftentimes tell breastfeeding mothers

make sure that hind milk is the most

nutrient dense portion of them of the

breast milk that's the part that sits in

the back of the breast ducts so you want

your baby whether you're pumping or

nursing to get that hind milk maybe this

is the same thing we'll call it the hind

sperm but what so what do I do right now

if the more sex the better

well what does that one is cuz let's

just say someone's watching the show and

they're a couple and they're trying to

get pregnant does this just spell the

myth you know save it up guys or is it

really do you think maybe try this

so because the stats were pretty

interesting when men gave their second

sperm samples within an hour and the

second sample was used the pregnancy

rate went from 6 to 20 percent it was a

okay fold a go guess what and I'm glad

you mentioned those numbers you're not

going to use it your Proctor you know

what the AB

Brij we call it the fecundity rate which

is the rate of conception for a normal

young healthy fertile couple each month

they try you know what it is 20% so this

went from 6% to 20% that's what the rate

is anyway so my advice to a couple

trying to conceive relax enjoy yourself

let me tell you personally those were

the best two months of my life the two

months that I tried to conceive yeah

point is the most important thing if

you're trying to get pregnant is to

enjoy the process much as you can

we've all shown that less stress

actually leads to higher pregnancy rates

as well stick around