Premature Baby, What to Expect and Premature Baby Facts in One Video. By BabyPillars.


premature baby

what to expect for the first three

months after birth

the definition of a premature baby is

when a baby is born before the 37th week

this is known as a premature baby or a

pre-term baby

some premature baby facts 1.

almost 1 in every 10 babies is born


2. most premature babies are born

between 32 and 36 weeks

3. most premature babies don't have any

serious long-term development problems

4. breastfeeding has several extra

benefits for premature babies


when your baby comes early and is

described as a premature baby

the first few months and even years can

be a nerve-wracking experience

parents of premature babies often feel

that they are waiting for every


and every stage of development sometimes

they feel like for ages

in this short video we will help you

parents to understand what to expect in

the first three months of your baby life

and how you can help your baby with his

or her development

let us begin


zero to three months baby development

what to expect

your baby's development begins in the

womb in the first few months of


the fetus begins to mature along with

the development of various bodily


which later help your child throughout

their life

in the first few months after birth you

and your baby experience many rapid and

exciting changes together

when your baby is born in a healthy

birth on or around their due date

in the first three months you can expect

to see them successfully laying on their


lifting their head as they lay on their

stomach beginning to establish eye


beginning to make sounds and releasing

the primitive reflexes they were born


these reflexes determine sensometric


and around three to four months these

reflexes leave their system

in this stage of your baby's life we

will focus on creating a womb-like


that will allow your baby a step-by-step


from their mother's womb to the outside


every baby has their own developmental

pace and it's important that we

as parents help them pave their path by

supporting and encouraging them

to pass the first few levels of their

growth to fulfill

their full developmental potential each

phase builds from the previous one your

baby must pass each stage in their

development to successfully grow

and that's why it's important to begin

this learning process from the very

first days of your baby's life

with the baby pillars zero to three

months tutorials

we will focus on comfortable holding


coping with crying stomach aches and gas

lying on the stomach and lifting the

head communication with your baby

and so much more these videos will guide

parents in dealing with the dramatic

change of welcoming a new baby into your


whether your first child or another

brother or sister that has joined your


we are here to build your confidence in

caring for your baby

and to provide tools that will enrich

and help complete the various activities

that will lead your baby to learn each

phase of development

and to realize your baby's true

developmental potential

learning these stages is the basis for

reaching additional milestones

such as rolling over eye contact

focusing eyesight and more

select the first video and begin our

journey together