Developmental milestones for preemies

hi I'm dr. Christy rivers one of the

pediatricians here at my do every parent

wonders from time to time if their baby

is developmentally on track but parents

of a premature baby may have serious

concerns about their child's development

they may see their friends children of

the same age taking their first steps

when their baby is just beginning to

crawl so what is a parent to do if they

have serious concerns

pediatricians use developmental

milestones as a guide to determine if

children are following along a path

similar to other babies their age

they look for things such as fine motor

skills gross motor skills language and

social development each baby follows his

own path because development is very

variable in the first year of life

premature babies may appear delayed

compared to other babies their age for

example a term baby may rollover around

four months old however a baby who was

two months early may lag behind by two

months and may not roll over until

closer to six months your child's

pediatrician will be able to evaluate

your premature baby to see if there are

true delays doctors use a corrected age

or the age your baby would be if he was

born on his due date to determine

whether he's meeting his milestones

premature babies are at risk for

developmental problems so be sure to

bring it up at your next pediatrician

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information on premature babies and

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