When You Should REALLY Start Tummy Time

hey mama are you wondering when you can

start tummy time with your little one

if so stick around because I'm breaking

down when you should start and what

exactly the benefits are coming up


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for weekly helpful tips so one of the

most common questions I'm asked when it

comes to tummy time is when can I start

now before I jump into when you should

start tummy time let me just break down

what tummy time is in case you are not

familiar so telling time just refers to

time spent on your baby's tummy while

they are awake and alert and of course

they should be supervised by yourself or

another caregiver now in terms of when

you can start actually you can start

from the first day your little one is

born if your little one was born

full-term and does not have any medical

complications now if this is not your

baby either because they do have some

medical complications or because they

were born prematurely you should just

follow up with your little ones medical

team to ensure there is no

contraindications to starting tummy time

when your little one first gets home

from the hospital or the birthing center

or if you gave birth at home immediately

now some people might be a little put

off by the fact that you actually can

start tummy time that young and like

maybe a reaction is like are you sure is

that safe they're so tiny do they have

the strength are they able so I want to

just briefly talk about why it's

important to start so early in case

you're on the fence or even if you're

not on the fence so you kind of have a

better cohesive understanding of the

importance of tummy time so tummy time

plays an essential role in your little

ones neck muscles developing shoulder

muscles developing the muscles in there

hands developing and even their eye

coordination so giving your little one

consistent opportunities to be on their

stomach rather than their back helps

balance out the amount of time that

they're spending on their back

thus gravity pushing down on the back of

their head and yes this muscle

development and this eye coordination is

that important even from the very first

days of your little one's life now for

some reason you can't do tummy time

right away please don't stress the point

is that as soon as you're able to please

take advantage of the opportunities to

do so because so much beautiful

development takes place by simply having

your little ones spend time on his or

her tummy now when first starting

newborns will typically tolerate

anywhere from two to five minutes

sessions at a time and even if you're

only able to offer tummy time two to

four times a day when your little one is

first born that is totally fine just

giving consistent opportunities is key

of course the goal is to be able to

increase the amount of time that your

little one can tolerate being in tummy

time as well as the amount of sessions

that you're offering what I eventually

like to work up to is tummy time being

done after every diaper change it's just

a really easy way to remember to get

those tummy time sessions in now if you

find that you're having difficulty with

your little one during tummy time either

they just hate it and they're screaming

and you can't get them to relax or calm

down or enjoy tummy time I've created a

special training just for you and it

breaks down why little ones struggle so

much with tummy time and what we can do

to correct it so that way your little

one truly enjoys tummy time it's fun

they're learning and they're receiving

all of those amazing developmental

benefits without the stress and without

the tears so if that's something that

you're interested in learning more about

I've linked the training in the

description box below all right mama

I hope you found the information on some

of the basics of tummy time helpful be

sure to tune in next week because I'm

breaking down four main reasons why so

many babies hate tummy time

I hope you're having a wonderful day and

I will catch you in the next video bye