Calling Turkeys off the Roost

stream the language all right well

here's a here's a scenario we've been a

while since we we discussed we found a

turkey right at daylight

he got one in a tree we get set up 150

or from just where you set up so

hopefully you know a little bit about

the terrain you know he can make the


yeah so it's going to stop and I can

finally focus on the leaves and I can

see good enough I'm going to use a wing

before I do anything the first thing I'm

going to do is I'm gonna fly down this

is a hen's wing field when you have

falsies on the river and keep the

heaviness lighter then a gobblers wing

gods winking work that sometimes they're

a little bit bigger have you hit a tree

this morning they were hunting the

second time I flew down look I have like

two teams flying down

or you and I've seen you do take off

seen you with a tree right here you go

and then they hit the ground and so he

got what a test if he's thinking boom

then what then I'm gonna cap it I'm

gonna make a fly down cap I'm gonna

simply get my box out looking a little

bit then that sounds really good this

morning after you did that he gobble and

then we sat quiet

you didn't make another call they flew

down and then you and I started calling

back and forth you keep calling through

he's gonna stay in that tree because he

ain't supposed to walk to him and he's

supposed to fly to her that's what

happens but you shut up he gets anxious

and then that says that and they start

that got fired up this morning and all

we were doing just like he is talking to

each other and you can do this by

yourself with a mouth call don't sleep

mm-hmm or safe you're by yourself you

get it with a mouth call in asleep yeah

and I was just doing some Lily up and

I'll get I'll make little sounds and

I'll make it long you up in a short yeah

yeah and then our out-cook back and they

got and then I said okay but take your

temperature that's what we always do let

them tell you how much to call

they're just cutting you off every time

have fun with them but if they're not

answering every time you need to back

off slow down so it's fun morning okay

right never gets old does it never again