When & How to Turn Hot Compost

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food web compost this is a video about

how to treat your pile it's time to turn

I'm gonna smell my thermometer and I'm

gonna smell this thing to the blue metal

broom handle that I use to keep the tarp

lofted so that it sheds water oh yeah


I'm gonna turn this compost pile now

it's only been about 20 hours since I

started it

you always take three temperatures today

I saw 145 146 and 150 I know that this

pile is gonna be a really hot one to

start with because of all that grass I

used the real reason I want to turn it

is the thermometer tips smell bad foot

bad locker room it's possible to do a

compost pile that really doesn't smell

that at all early in the process it's

not the worst thing but it means time to

flip and I also expect I'll have to

adjust the book moisture keep an eye on

how I use the tarp to separate what is

now the outer layer and let that become

the new core when I flip a compost pile

I try to turn it inside out so the outer

layer that didn't get hot is gonna

become a new core so I'm saving the

outer layer separate from the core and

I'm gonna make that the new core which

you'll see in a second the pile should

be turned if there are any bad smells

including ammonia smell the pile can be

turned if the core has been above 131

for three days 140 for two days 150 for

one day or if the core is at 160 it's

fair to turn if the pile hits 165 it's

advisable to drop everything and turn

the pile 165 is just way too hot so with

this pile I know it's really not very

porous I used a lot of fresh grass

clippings so these tubes in the middle

of my pile there's something I'm playing

with to keep the core more aerobic after

the pile goes for a little bit like 12

hours or 24 hours I can remove those

things and it just leaves vertical

channels that's left over in the pile


I know that without this this core can

jump up into that too hot range

overnight and I'm not going to wake up

at 3 a.m. to turn it thanks for watching

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in it