Parking 90 Degrees Front - To the Right


we're going to park on the spot right

here the first thing you want to do when

parting to the right is to get as close

as possible to the left make sure that

you do your verifications to the left

before doing so we want to get as close

to the left as we can so that we have as

much room as possible between us and the

cars on the right by doing this we can

get the car as straight as possible

before going in this will make it a lot

easier if we don't do this it'll get a

lot harder to enter the parking spot

because we won't have enough room to

straighten the car so now you're

probably saying why not just drive on

the left all the way to the parking spot

don't forget that parking spots are

still two ways so you should get close

to the left at the last moment so you

get as close as possible to the left

then you align your right mirror with

the line after the first car the car on

the right if you have a bigger car align

the mirror a bit before the line and if

you have a smaller car align it a bit

after the line now this next step is

very important you have to start moving

very slowly no need to accelerate here

if you have an automatic transmission

just let go of your brake pedal a bit

until the car starts to move or if you

have a manual transmission release the

clutch slowly without releasing it

completely while accelerating very

smoothly now turn the wheel completely

to the right and move forward make sure

you have enough room from the car on the

left and if you do keep moving until

you're almost straight then turn the

wheel to the left as much as needed to

straighten the car and keep going until

you fit completely if you have a longer

car or the alley between the two rows of

parked cars is narrower you might be too

close to the car on the left in that

case put it in reverse turn the steering

wheel completely to the left and back up

as much as you can put in Drive our

first gear and again while moving very

slowly turn the steering wheel to the

right as much as needed to straighten

the car then when the car is almost

straight turn the wheel to the left to

straighten the wheels and keep going

until you fit complete now just a little

last tip this is actually the way you

want to park your car when going

shopping with your trunk facing to the

outside because that way the trunk is

more accessible you don't want to go

between the cars with your bags or boxes

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