SAT® Self Study Game Plan: Setting a Study Schedule for the SAT®

hey guys it's Brooke with super tutor TV

and today I'm going to talk to you about

how to create your own personal

self-study game plan for the SAT in

terms of the timing of when you start

prepping if you're going to self-study

if you can get started by summer before

junior year that's great if that's not

you and it's later in the game heck you

know you aren't too late yet one of the

first things that you're going to want

to do before you get totally into the

realm of self-study is make sure you've

either taking the PSAT or you've taken a

practice test of some sort so that you

can gauge where you're starting from if

you don't know where you're starting

from it can be hard to set goals and

make plans for your whole self SAT study

universe so that should be your first

line of attack now if you've already

taken a PSAT or assuming that you've

already taken a practice test and again

if you don't know where to find a link

check out our blog post that's related

to this go into the comments section

click on it you can go and check out a

practice test and print it out use a

bubble sheet tying yourself all those

three things are really important

because you want to simulate the actual

test you don't want to be taking it from

a computer screen that's distracting and

you're gonna read more slowly so I'm

going to emulate exactly what the test

experience is like you also want to be

sure to time yourself if you don't time

yourself it could be a totally different

result than if you did so do that and

then figure out what your score is and

then figure out what you want your score

to be and you can do that by looking at

the kind of colleges that you might be

interested in and figuring out how many

points you would need to go there the

other thing you can look at is I've

created this chart here and this is just

my recommendations for how much study

time you might potentially need in order

to get a particular level of game so if

you're looking to score maybe ten to

thirty more points or just sort of avoid

a personal bomb you just don't want to

totally bomb this test because you had

no idea what was going on going into it

if that's the case then I recommend that

you study for at least two weeks next if

you're looking for like thirty to sixty

points say a modest increase in each

section you could study for maybe one to

two months if you're looking for 60 to

100 points per section I would say

that's probably more in line with two to

six months of prep and if you're looking

for more than hundred points of section

that's over 200 points composite I

recommend that you're studying for at

least six months and it really depends

on how quickly you pick up the material

and how fast you can learn and if you're

a good self-starter if you're

teaching yourself all of those good

things are going to work into your

personal equation but those are just

some guidelines overall the other thing

that I'm going to say is I generally

recommend 4 to 10 hours a week of work

for most of the students that I work

with as a private tutor and these

guidelines are drawn up with that kind

of an expectation in mind so if you were

thinking of maybe spending a half hour a

week um you might want to readjust your

expectations in terms of the kind of

impact you're going to be able to make

in the amount of time you put into it

but what I will say is that practicing

some is definitely better than not

practicing at all so whatever you can

give to this process you are going to

get at least a little something out of

it and then my final note on this is if

you're a foreign speaker or if you're

scoring below 450 points of section it

might take you a little bit longer to

see gains so just be aware that you

might be confronting learning challenges

or language challenges that make this

test even harder I definitely recommend

that you check out the companion video

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SAT it will pick up where this video

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