Going To Uni? Things To Start Doing NOW To Prepare For University 2021 πŸ“š

okay first and foremost i'd like to

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it's 33 degrees as i'm filming this and

your girl is really feeling the heat

so just just bear with me hello everyone

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video as i'm filming and uploaded in

this video it is a-level results day

which is such a crazy thing i can't

believe how quickly it came around

but anyways if you have received your

results today i just want to send you so

much love

and hope that you are happy with how

everything has gone i know that

circumstances this year they're just

kind of all over the place with covered

and just like how they've handled the


oh my gosh i feel like the fan is making

my voice go robotic

is it going robotic is it going robotic

anyways if you've been affected by that

negatively i'm just sending you so much

love right now

i personally went through clearing when

it was my results day and know how

upsetting it is to not receive the

grades that you wanted so yeah if that

is you i really just want to give you

some encouragement i just hope you're

able to navigate through

this experience smoothly and that

everything will work out in the end yeah

now that results are officially out and

most of you guys know we're off to uni

i thought i'd share the expertise

developed over my last three years

as an undergraduate and kind of just

shared some ways that you can prepare

for university

now yeah without further ado i'm just

gonna jump straight into the tips but if

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subscribe button down below so one of my

biggest recommendations on how you can

start to prepare for university from now

is to actually plan a trip to visit your

new university town or city

this is something that i did with my dad

i think like two weeks before i was

meant to start university

and was honestly the best thing i could

have done in just allowing me to become

familiar with my new surroundings so

what we personally did was

visit my university halls of residence

area and just become familiar with like

the supermarkets restaurants cafes in

the area

and then we also took a visit to where

my main campus was going to be

and again with that it was just great to

kind of stuff out the local area

see how you get there yeah just kind of

allow yourself to become accustomed to

where you'll be living for the next

three four years for me personally i

found this to be

such a great thing to do because when i

did eventually move to university

it wasn't as big of a shock to me and i

was really comfortable and familiar with

my surroundings

yeah i think that if you can i strongly

recommend you to visit your university

town or city before you start and i

think what's nice about this

specifically given the circumstances of

covid is that you can actually make a

trip out of it

and have like a bit of a staycation to

kind of replace your family holiday if

perhaps you're not going this year

and yeah just have a good time whilst

also familiarizing yourself

with your new home the next way that you

can start to prepare for university now


high key a bit of a self promo and that

is actually

watching and subscribing to youtubers

who attend the university that you're

going to

so i feel like in today's climate it's

so amazing how many like study tubes

there are or just like university

vloggers that are so my advice to you is

to actually

start up your university and see if

there are any youtubers that attend it

so you can kind of get an

insight into specific tips that they

have to share about your university

whilst there are loads of videos about

university in general i do feel like

every university

has their unique thing about them which

is why it's so great to get insights

from someone who actually attends there

yeah if you know that you're going to

durham for example then obviously

there's jack

edwards my dear friend who's actually

just released a book

the universe fun fact i'm actually

featured within the book talking all

about my university in london experience

and top tips for you guys so if you

don't already have jack's book

i'll link down below i'm so proud of him

yeah i digress have a little search on


see who attends your university if

you're going to university in london or

you're going to london college or


then i'm your girl and so definitely

make sure to subscribe and check out my

university and london college of fashion

videos for some vlogs

top tips and advice videos the next way

that i'd encourage you to prepare for

university is something that i feel

not many people would say if there are

videos similar to this on youtube but

it's actually to kind of like write a

list of

things that you want to achieve by the

time you graduate it may sound kind of

weird or like really

serious but honestly i think this is

actually a great way for you

to kind of have a vision and a direction

of what you want to achieve from your

university experience whether or not

this is in terms of like

friendships or personal growth or

careers it can be about anything i think

that it's just so great for you to

know this before you start so that

throughout your time at university you

kind of have a direction of where you're


and the things that you want to do yeah

everyone's list or letters to themselves

is going to be so different but i think

if you can just spend some time before

you go to really sort out what you want

to get from your university experience

it will really do a lot in helping you

to navigate yourself through kind of

just have like a vision so that you

don't lose yourself throughout the

university experience the next way that

you can start to prepare for university

is obviously

the university packing and shopping i

personally think this is like one of the

most fun parts about

going to university it was for me at

least and i think that's kind of the

biggest message i want to get across in

this tip is that

it should be a fun process as opposed to


so i guess now that you know that you're

off to uni i would definitely prioritize


shopping days for you to get stuff or

when you move and just try and make it a

fun and eventful trip

whether or not you want to go with your

friends or you want to go with your

family just make sure that you have a


and if you're decorating your room you

have like a vision of how you want your

room to go

and then just kind of go from there but

yeah i'd say the earlier that you start

the less stressful it will be

and the less likely you are to be in a

situation where things are starting to

sell out

the next way that you can prepare for

university is in the kitchen department

and that is

learning some staple meals before you go

now trust me this is one that i wish i

knew before starting university because

my cooking capabilities before uni was

just so bad

and i kind of just had to learn along

the way but i definitely encourage you

guys if you know that you like specific


ask your mum or your dad or whoever to

teach the recipe to you and have some

practice runs at home

so that if you're ever missing their

cooking or you're just really craving

one of your favorite meals you don't

have to waste your money

purchasing it on delivery or ubereats

you know how to make it yourself and

this is just such a great way for you to

save money

but also kind of socialize especially if

you're living in a halls of residence in

first year that has a mixed kitchen

which i feel like

most of us do just by you being in the

kitchen more and cooking it's a great

way for you to kind of bond with your

flatmates yeah i feel like you can't go

wrong with this tip so i strongly

encourage it on to the next way that you

can prepare for university

this is something which i've mentioned

in a few videos in the past i feel and

that is basically

to join facebook groups related

to your halls of residence as well as

your university course

this is something that i only realized

um in like my first week of university

was a thing

but 99.9 percent of universities have

their own facebook group which now that

you know what university you're going to

you can literally just join kind of just

mingle with the people who will be in

your course or in your halls of

residence i think this is just such a

nice way of you to kind of make some

friends before

you actually go to university and

especially if you are someone that's

anxious about

meeting new people and being in a new

environment having a way for you to

connect with your course mates or your

flatmates prior to meeting them it can


a really comforting and reassuring thing

before actually starting in september so

have a look on facebook and join

those course pages and enter the chats

that are going on in there

um if you need to update your facebook

profile i would also encourage that as


i'm someone that never really uses it

but trust me before i

join those groups i did a little bit of

updating with some instagram pictures

just so that people get a gist of who

you are today

as opposed to like your five-year-old

facebook picture

and then moving on to the final tip for

today's video on how you can prepare

for university from now this is to

actually just make the most of your time

with your friends and family at home

before you move as i mentioned

i stayed in london so i was really

grateful to

come home every other weekend if i

wanted to or be really close to my


i know that for the majority of my

friends they all traveled out so all of

us being far away from each other was

really something that was new

and obviously you end up missing people

or even feeling homesick and so

i feel like to kind of just combat that


and make as many memories with your

friends and family

now as you guys are all together have

some spontaneous nights

so that you just know that when you guys

kind of all venture off to different

cities or towns for university

you know that you had a great summer

together and whilst doing all of that i

encourage you to take pictures

so when you do eventually go to

university ua have those memories that

you can kind of reflect on and look back

on and be you have pictures as well that

you can use to decorate your uni room so

that when you do feel homesick or

anything like that you know that you had

an amazing summer with your friends and

you have those memories yeah i'd say

that this is a really

important tip yeah those are actually

all of my tips on how you can start to

prepare for university now

try to keep today's video short and

sweet that being said it says that i'm

already filming for 20 minutes so

hopefully i've been able to edit it down

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