Starting up your sprinkler system in the spring (de-winterize)

if you saw the last video there's still

Kennecott Copper Mine home of the

largest open pit mine and the largest

landslide in world known world history I

think maybe Mount st. Helens is bigger I

don't know somebody can look that up

anyway they're still digging out their

big bulldozers up there so anyway it is

spring look at him isn't that gorgeous

look at those trees daffodils are

blooming hyacinth is hyacinth in' and

last we left our sprinklers remember I

said to leave these open its open open

open all the way open these are open you

can tell because they're parallel with

the pipe these handles here and these

screws flathead screws are parallel with

the pipe so that means these are all

open and if you remember that lets the

air go down so the water can get out if

it starts to build up so first thing

we're going to do is close these there

we go

see now it's not parallel but they're

perpendicular closed closed closed and

closed and these stay open because we're

going to let the water flow through so

we'll go down the basement I'll show you

what to do down there okay here we are

back underneath the porch next to the

manifold you saw now again a refresher

this bottom part of the pipe work comes

out of the wall is where it comes from

the city splits off that's the house

line you can tell because it has this

regulator here for the house water

pressure and then it comes up and this

one's perpendicular that's where we shut

off the sprinkler line so and right up

here see these things leak remember and

maybe a drip a day but that will pile up

and fill up your pipe again so they

installed this drain and I leave it open

this is open

it's again perpendicular with this pipe

and look how much water we got out of


I already emptied this once so this is

one of these the Costco nut containers

so imagine all this and another one full

filling up your pipes that's why so many

people even though they think they

winterized their pipes they have them

crack again because it fills back up

with water and and so anyway always

leave this open to collect the water in

some sort of container and then you'll

never have to worry about your pipes

freezing and replacing one of those

expensive intervals so before you turn

this on if I turn this on right now I'm

going to flood the basement with out of

this hose so I turn this there we go now

this is closed now I can turn this on

and we're going to hear you can hear all

the water going into the pipe hear that

it should stop once the pipes fill up

all right you hear that noise oh okay

the pipes are full now let's go outside

and take a look here where the sprinkler

box and my brother-in-law had trouble

with his you couldn't get this to work

so he had to disconnect the power plug

back in it reset itself so if that's

your problem try that anyway you can go

here if you have one of these settings

it says test all valves or you can just

push manual advanced just to make sure

everything works and it's good to see

that you don't have any cracked or

broken sprinklers

instead of just assuming so and flooding

your lawn at the middle of the night so

I'm going to go to test all valves and

hit go and it's going to do the drippers

for two minutes I think and then switch

to the next one huh

turn it on okay they they're coming

alright so sprinklers are working great

and I will leave you with some images of

spring yes gorgeous nectarine tree you

love it

tulips are almost blooming raspberries

are getting ready while tree is looking


cherry tree has blossoms unimpressive

flowers on a peach tree pot features are

great pear trees come underline same

with the Japanese maple