When Can I Put Baby in the Bouncer Seat? | CloudMom

Hi guys, this video is about the bouncy seat and it's responding to a question from Lilly

Sanchez who asks, at what point can the baby safely go in the bouncy seat?

Do they have to have good and proper head and neck control to be put in the bouncy seat?

Great question, love it!

It's such a popular piece of baby gear, the bouncy seat, you want to make sure that you're

not overusing it or you know using it at the wrong time so here's what I have to say.

You can start using the bouncy seat at a very early age as a good place to put your baby

in an upright position so that they can sort of get a view of everything going around them,

which is very stimulating for the baby.

To my knowledge, check with your pediatrician and look and see what the instruction manual

says that comes with the bouncy seat, the baby does not have to have proper head and

neck control, however in my view, the bouncy seat is not for sleep.

If your baby is starting to nod off and fall asleep, swaddle your baby, put your baby in

the crib that is a safe environment for sleep.

And you want to be careful with bouncy seats especially if you have other kids running

around, pets running around, be careful never to put them on an elevated surface, a table,

kitchen counter, not safe.

The baby could move just a wee bit and we wouldn't want our baby to be in that unsafe


It's really between around three and six months of age that your baby is going to get the

most use out of the bouncy seat.

That's when the baby is awake more; they're going to enjoy being in there because it's

a stimulating environment.

I got all the bells and whistles, you know, the vibration, the lights, the music, and

it was very convenient for me because I had a great place to put the baby down after the

baby had eaten and before the baby was ready to go to sleep so it was a very, very useful

piece of baby gear.

Now there's a lot of fear lately about technology and I haven't really been, you know, the one

to sort of allow my kids a lot of freedoms at a young age when it comes to iPads, computers,

iPhones, all that stuff.

So some people think that it's not good to have electronic toys and they invest in bouncy

seats that are very bare bones, just the seat.

Well, I didn't use these.

To me, I don't think you're going to get the same bang for your buck, I put all my kids

in the sort of fancy bouncy seat and I don't think any of them have been the worse for

the wear.

Definitely double check with your doctor, but I think it just worked out fine and I

was glad that they had that more stimulating and entertaining environment.

So anyway, thank you so much for asking your baby safety question, I really appreciate


Questions from viewers like you are great because they really get me thinking about

what are the nitty gritty issues for we moms and dads and I love answering them.

Thank you so much for writing in to CloudMom and I will see you next time.