How To Properly Use an Abdominal Binder After Surgery

hi I'm Denise at PR ma and this is I'm

teary coochie deep sea journey you guys

might know me from some of that so we're

going to briefly discuss or briefly show

you guys how to place how to correctly

place the abdominal binder after surgery

so I had fat grafting done yesterday and

that's why I still have on my surgical

bra and Denise is going to walk us

through how to get the abdominal binder

on because actually use it for phase 1

and phase 2 and I still have a scratchy

voice from anesthesia yesterday so use

my voice so this is what the binder

looks like this is the front this is the

back and if you can see there's a curve

towards the bottom so you want to

remember that that curve should stay on

the bottom and the panel have the binder

I'm sorry has three different panels a G

and C and you'll know that a goes to a B

to B C to C the 8 panel and Denise does

it matter if this tag is in or out it

should be out excellent that is correct

so we can tag the curve on the bottom

with the tag to the outside and the a

panel will come right across right on

top of her abdominal incision so that

you carry so then it's held with velcro

and there are notations on here to match

a to a so that's how look in the front

and here's how look in the back so C

curve to the bottom and have you turn to

the front

and how about snugness Denise lit

environment it should be pretty

comfortable you should feel secure it

shouldn't be too tight that you can't

breathe but you definitely will feel

better having it on the B panel which

you can see here will come slightly

below so a abdominal be below okay and

again they're marked with the letters

and then si will come towards the chest

so see if your just so and so you will

find that as you go through the day the

binder won't move a bit so you'll have

to reposition it and you should wear

this 24/7 except when in the shower and

your nurse will direct you as to when

you can switch into a different

supportive garment so I think hopefully

this will give you some guidance and

some reassurance as to how the binder is

placed if you have any questions always

contact your nurse