When should I start using anti-aging products? | Doctor Anne

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and after I filmed my last video on

"How to build a basic skin care routine" one of the most common questions I got was: When should I start using

Anti-aging products? Can too early be harmful? Is after 40 too late?

And as always, there's not one size fits all answer because

When you need certain kind of products in your routine is much more determined

By your lifestyle and your skin concerns than it is by the age in your passport.

But worry not, I have a timeline for you. Starting early with anti-aging products will not damage your skin

But it will waste money you could much better spend on other things

Because there are some things that you just don't need at a certain age. Money that could go into your education...

That was the most mom thing that I've ever said

... Could be spent on having fun

go out, get wasted for all I care!

But it is money that you don't yet need to spend if you are below a certain age. At the same time

There is no too late. You just need to know that some things can't be reversed with

Topical products and that always prevention is key. There is no too early. There's no too late. There's just a

sensible approach!

So take the numbers that I'm going to tell you as orientation: being honest about your lifestyle and your

Genetics and yeah, your nutrition is going to help much more than taking a look at your passport

First things first, I don't think kids need a skin care routine

Once the kids reach adolescence and the hormones kick in - and I can tell you right now

I'm not looking forward to this period in my life - but once the hormones kick in that is the time that people

Should start with a really basic skin care like a gentle face wash, maybe some

salicylic acid product if they really have congested skin and pimples, of course a moisturizer, a really lightweight one and

Sunscreen. Tf your kids have acne, go send them off to a professional

I don't think that teenage acne,

Real acne, should be treated with over-the-counter

Products. The damage it can do both to the mind and to the skin in form permanent scarring should be prevented if possible.

First real milestone I think comes when you reach your twenties, that is when you should start to think about prevention

Sunscreen as a prevention treatment is a given any age, but when you reach 20

I think it should be the time consider introducing

antioxidants into your routine. Free radical damage, or free radicals is something that is developed in the skin through

pollution, through UV damage and it contributes to premature aging. So catching off these free radicals with

Antioxidants is the way to go to prevent signs of premature aging. Also establishing an

Exfoliation routine, like once a week, is I think a good point at this age. I personally recommend

Chemical exfoliants over physical exfoliant no matter your age

but to be honest at this period of your life it probably doesn't matter too much if the exfoliant is a gentle one.

Once you then reach or pass the age of 25, if you enter your late 20s, early 30s,

This is when collagen production starts to slow down and to help with

Increasing the collagen production again because it will lead to sagging over time and loss of skins firmness if your collagen

Diminishes in the skin, I'd recommend introducing a Vitamin C product.

So think a hydrating serum, Vitamin C as well as other antioxidants and, depending on your

skins concerns barrier repairing ingredients like Ceramides or something like that, combined with exfoliation, but in moderation

Once you reach your

Mid-30s, you are going to see lines. They may be fine, they may be more pronounced, for me this was around here

They started showing and around here and one thing I noticed at this age - the beginning loss of firmness

Here around the jawline, which you can probably not tell as much because of the carefully placed camera angle! Hyperpigmentation

Also becomes a bigger concern

Because the years add up that you have to develop sun damage and this is the age where I think it's sensible to

Introduce a retinol product. I use retinol as kind of umbrella term for all the retinoids out there.

There are a ton of different forms, different

Strengths and it is up to you and your skin type to find the right one, but in general they all increase cell turnover

So they help with hyperpigmentation. They increase the skin's elasticity and firmness

throug upregulating gene expression for collagen building and

Smooth out the skin. If you start introducing retinol

It's the same as with exfoliation: More isn't always more in terms of skincare. Find something that works for your skin,

look what your skin can tolerate without getting oversensitized and

focus on barrier repairing ingredients. On top of the ceramides

I personally swear by the Zelens Power D Treatment Drops which are really great at soothing and strengthening my skin

But there are a ton of options out there. That paired with hydration

Again, barrier repairing ingredients like ceramides, phospholipids and all that, antioxidants

as well as sunscreens - as you can see you're kind of getting the full force here and

once or twice gentle exfoliation with a chemical exfoliant is what I would recommend once you reach your


And once you have that down,

once you reach your 40s, honestly there's nothing much more.

you can introduce.

There are peptides that I personally use that you could add on top, but as the science isn't as

Convincing at it as it is on vitamin C and retinoids, I feel like you should have these two in your routine first.

And then it's pretty much everything you can do with topical skincare

So once you're reaching your 40s you can increase the richness of your creams, increase hydration

but in terms of anti-aging

Things you are pretty much set. There's always the option for devices, which I have not much experience with, like the NuFace

Electrical current thing or Jade rollers or whatever, or more invasive procedures like fillers, botox,

this ultrasound treatment I've seen around for the neck, laser treatment... It's completely up to you

Which ones you are comfortable with and which ones you aren't. I personally haven't had either I'm not

Sure, if I want to get them


I mean no one can look like

they did in their 20s for the rest of their life, which is kind of reassuring because I'm not sure that I

would want to look like I did in my 20s anymore

But yeah, if you have all these things down, you should pretty much be set to look your best at any given age.

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