How to introduce a baby comforter to your little one

hello it's rosie at just chubby sweep

here today we're talking all about baby

comforters and these have other names

like security blanket lovey's

transitional objects but I can baby

comforters because they literally

comfort your baby in times of stress or

simply when they want to unwind and

relax so I love them because basically

they're like a portable best friend

they're a symbol of security and

sameness and I link back to home and

feeling loves and cares for and relaxed

so what we're looking for in a comforter

are we looking for something small ish

for me stop this newbie one's great for

this is a little animal on a piece of

material and it's very soft so babies

very tactile me like to touch things so

when you're looking for a comforter we

want to make sure that it's not a teddy

with long fur that they might put off so

make sure you can't pull the fur off and

then use anything filled with beans

because those being eventually could

maybe come and they do something to all

my comfortable tuna when they see things

that's why this one's really good got a

feeling thing I'm gonna put this in my

garment and shop by the way if you were


so when should we introduce one well

around six months is a really good time

so six months and two things are going

on one the risk of SIDS dropped around

six months but also they're going is a

really important cognitive developmental

milestone to be this means babies around

six months they suddenly realize that

they are not doing to you that there are

separate being it's the beginning of

their sense of self innocence of

identity now with this can come a bit of

separation anxiety so when you introduce

a comforter it can mean that that little

one project some of that attachment onto

an object rather than you this won't

affect your bond in your bond with your

baby is like cement like you're never

gonna break that but it just can

replicate it a little bit in these

situations where you might not be down


might need a bit of extra support and

extra care so how can they help your

little one sleep well sleep association

there's lots of what people call

positive and negative sleep associations

but I don't like to give them those

connotations something is any negative

it's negative for you however the great

thing about having a comforter at the

sleep Association is that baby can

control it themselves but you put this

in baby's core in their hands with them

or an available distance they are able

to literally turn over in the night

between sleep cycles when it's quite

natural that they might stare and use it

to comfort themselves back to sleep

that's why they are really really

beneficial they're also good but if

they're trying to sleep in a new

situation so grandparents nerves three

child minders if you're going on holiday

and you're in a brand-new environment

they're also really really helpful so

what you need to do give it to baby at

every sleep time you can actually sleep

with it yourself the night before or

where it's on your top for a bit so that

it smells of you and it smells super

super familiar so when you put them down

with their comforter and you want to

introduce it don't be dismayed that

they're not really interested in it

that's your time to do it

just keep on with it quis consistency in

that goes with everything with children

put it down with them every bedtime nap

time let them hold it they talk across

the car don't worry for the master even

when you're comforting then you return

it and when you just leave it at a safe

distance from them where they can find

it during the night or during that time

if you keep on doing this what often

happens is your little one will suddenly

start find this comforter and you might

go into their room and find them


comforting themselves with it a lot of

people say to me when do we need to get

rid of a comforter where the answer it

is done they often naturally grow out of

this attachment to them but a lot of

children as per studies have been done

on them actually turn out feeling

potentially more happy more secure when

they have a comforter in their lives my

six year old still has her bangs

and still run thin and cuddles a bit of

blanket some parents still have

attachment object in their lives whether

that's a favorite toy from their

childhood or a trinket or something else

that means something to them it's not a

negative spinning and in fact it can

really reinforce the secure feeling of

home and lost our dirt so that's never

therefore a bad thing so good luck with

introducing your comforter I hope if

your little ones really really enjoying

it and get that good settled night's

sleep that we're all hoping for