How To Start Weight Training For Women (Beginner's Gym Guide)

how to start lifting weights for

beginners if you feel scared of the gym

if you've never really lifted weights

before if you feel like you don't know

what you're doing you don't know what

exercises to do how many sets reps how

to do your own program how many days you

should work her out she let you wear

caps by muscle group changed your full

body to take basic training like there's

a lot so grab you know pants because

this is gonna be another Shelly special

let's get right into it a gym can be a

really intimidating place machines scary

as hell

they look like torture contraptions like

half at the time I still walk into gyms

and go well but it can also be really

intimidating because of the people in

their massive meathead gym junkie guys

who are all roided up and grunting the

place down then you get all like you

really fit badass girls who are like in

tiny crop tops and booty shorts and they

just makes you feel about yourself the

reason I know this is because I was the

skinny weedy insecure weak little thing

and I thought that everyone was staring

at me and judging me and laughing at me

I felt really stupid I'm very

overwhelmed so I understand how you feel

I mean this is the beauty of YouTube

where you can just work out from the

comfort of your home and while those are

great I'm gonna put a massive disclaimer

in here because I've got workout videos

on my channel and they're great and

that's one way to kind of build up your

confidence because there's no one

watching you there's no crazy scary

machines that are very easy and safe but

if you really want to get great results

you're gonna have to get over that fear

of the gym knowing how to train properly

is going to literally catapult your

results the danger in following Fitness

influences workouts online or from like

an app is that you're not gaining any

foundational basis like knowledge is

power anyone can just follow a workout

anyone can just go through the motions

from A to B and undo the damn thing the

difficult part but the most rewarding

parts is actually learning the skills

being able to lift weights proficiently

and become an expert of your own body


you know the length of time that you

have been lifting weights means Jax how

much of an expert and a master are you

of your own body you can learn those

skills in six months I'm not saying you

know have you dream body or be the

strongest version of yourself or or be

perfect absolutely not but you can learn

those skills in a very short amount of

time and then from then on building and

honing your skills that's how you get

incredible results in in a relatively

short space of time that's the

difference with people who have been

training for two years five years longer

and feel like they're at a loss because

they're just getting no results it's not

something that you can just get out of

an app you need someone to actually

teach you these skills that's my fourth

thing and that's what I'm going to

overview for you in this video training

with a friend or training in a group

setting is not the best idea it might

feel like a safer environment but the

focus of the class is not to teach you

skill it's not teaching you form it's

not teaching you the best exercises for

you we're all individuals and so you can

pick up really really bad habits a lot

of them are very hit based so it look if

you only care about getting fit then

okay you'll be able to jump around more

efficiently but if you want to lose

weight if you want to build strength as

a class it's just not going to teach you


it's scary I'm not gonna lie the first

time you go into a gym you're not gonna

feel comfortable but we all have to

start somewhere everyone who is now an

expert was once a beginner and you just

got to kind of bite the bullet and get

into it if you go in there knowing what

exercises you're gonna do how many sets

and reps that's 90 percent of the

insecurities gone and then it's just a

case of you getting in the gym and doing

it in a major thing that stopped me from

being able to enjoy my workouts or to

feel like I had confidence to go in

there and actually do a workout worth

the thought of people looking at me and

thinking I don't know what I'm doing

let me just say to you everyone's

looking at themselves in the gym mirror

okay no one's focusing on you they're

too worried about what they look like

what people are thinking about them like

people are too in their heads to be

worrying about what you're doing I

promise you that no one is looking at

you and laughing if you're walking

around the gym

and you're female or just being female

at all guys are gonna come up to you and

be like hey baby I was just checking you

out in the squat rack now just wanted to

let you know that if you wanted a spot

I'm more than happy to assist you know

saying I'm an online coach yeah I've

been taking steroids I mean I've been

training for the 10 years I kind of know

what I'm doing if you ever need any help

just let me know girl okay not every

guy's gonna be like that by the way

there are a lot of very respectful men

in the gym I go in there and I'm like I

have ice queen stamped across my

forehead especially if you put your

headphones in people know they'll just

be like wow she is one mean I'm

not gonna go up to get answer watch some

of my videos on mindset and motivation

go to my Instagram and just feel good

about yourself how do you feel on the

inside will show on the outside do

everything in your power to just feel

confident and prepared people are gonna

leave you alone let's talk about how

you're actually gonna work out if you're

a complete beginner you've never lifted

weights before like I'm talking about

depending on your strength and your

fitness levels you might want to do a

full body workout if your fitness levels

aren't completely beginner then the best

way in my opinion is to split it by

upper body and lower body at this stage

as a beginner you don't need to split by

muscle group that is something that when

you actually build a good foundation and

you've got some strength you're a bit

more conditioned then you can move on on

to splitting muscle group


again this totally depends on your

schedule and your fitness levels and

your goals and what you want to achieve

but I think that doing a minimum of four

sessions a week is a good start and you

might want to do two lower body sessions

and two upper body sessions three would

be the absolute minimum sessions two

sessions isn't gonna do anything for you

if you really really want to get results

five might be a little bit too much but

again that depends on your goals if you

really want to develop your lower body

then I suggest that you do a minimum of

two lower body sessions a week the only

rule that you need keep it simple you

don't need to do crazy exercises or

convoluted workout programs because as a

newbie you're gonna get far more from

actually learning how to lift weights

properly with just the very basic

foundational movements the issue when

you follow a favorite fitness influences

to keep you engaged and interested

they're gonna want to spice things up

and show you new things because they're

making content to engage you that

doesn't necessarily mean it's the right

exercises or workouts for you also

remember they're in a different level to

you the workouts that they're gonna do

are going to be far too advanced for you

while doing the odd workout from your

favorite fitness influencer is a fun

thing to do and can spice things up and

give you a bit of variety

you shouldn't base all of your workout

program around YouTube workouts because

what's gonna give you the best results

is doing the basic movements really

really really well

now there are only really a handful of

exercises that are gonna do that for you

and even now for me 10 years later into

my fitness journey

I still base my workouts around these

foundational movements they are the core

of what I do and they'll never change

I'll always do them this is what they



compound exercises are basically

exercises that use multiple muscle

groups and will give you the most bang

for your buck squats lunges


some sort of deadlift

I would say for a beginner learning how

to do a stiff leg deadlift where the

hips are a little bit more elevated so

it's easier to grasp that will work more

of your glutes and your hamstrings

because conventional deadlift can be

quite tricky to master the form and it's

very easy to injure yourself if you do

this exercise without having someone

watch you a leg press and a really great

beginner exercise that you can do at

home as well very easily is a Bulgarian

split squats it's a killer exercise it

will really really really challenge you

but it's easy to master and obviously

how could I forget a hip thrust if you

aren't hip thrusting you have to start

it's a really easy exercise to master

very safe you're not going to injure

yourself doing this exercise and of

course it's going to develop the glutes

so a seated hamstring curl or a lying

hamstring curl machine is fantastic it's

the best way to get great mind muscle

connection with your hamstring


my grip lat pulldown a close grip seated

low row machine also learning to do

chin-ups doing it sister with a bandura

machine it's not that difficult and you

will get crazy crazy strokes games in

your upper body from doing that exercise

any sort of bent over row is great as

well you can do that at home or at the

gym with a barbell or dumbbells with

your free weights you can do a barbell

overhead press or a seated dumbbell

shelf shoulder press or a dumbbell side

raise learning to master the push-up as

well amazing I know it's difficult for

learning to master the difficult

exercises it's what's going to give you

the best results try a beginner version

on your knees or elevated on a bench you

can do just a conventional a wide pushup

it's going to target the chest you can

also do an a narrow grip where the

elbows come back you're gonna target the

back of the arms you can do bench dips

as well

you know for the arms you want to do

dumbbell bicep curl the best tricep

exercise is on a cable machine a tricep


push down it's really important to learn

to activate your glutes they are a very

lazy muscle if you sat down at a desk at

work for most of the day if you're

driving if you're sedentary then glutes

can become a very inactive and weak you

end up just being very quad focused so

learning how to activate your glutes as

a beginner is extremely important so if

you haven't watched my video why your

gluts won't grow three ways to fix it

you need to watch that absolutely as a

must as the beginner


the best way to change your body

composition ie build muscle and lose

body fat for hypertrophy hypertrophy

just means muscle building this is how

you're actually going to get the body

that you want the strong curves that I'm

always talking about is to do maybe four

or five at a push exercises from the

list that we've talked about and do

three to four sets of 10 to 15 reps of

each exercise so if you're going to do

squats you're going to do three sets of

15 reps so do one set 15 reps rest for

anything from 60 to 90 seconds no less

and no more because that's the sweet

spot you want to keep the intensity when

you finished all of your sets for your

squats move on to your next exercise if

you're doing it in that kind of capacity

your workout should be about 45 minutes

to an hour if you're including a warm up

gonna cool down as well which should

only be about 5 to 10 minutes really

easy nothing crazy

it's just the basic exercises and

learning to do them well if you're

training effectively and you'll super

sore you need to let those muscles rest

and recover before you hit them again

two days is normally the go don't listen

to all this like don't do it off your

body needs to rest you grow your muscles

and you burn your fat while you are

resting you might want to do some yoga

some light stretching like walking but

if you feel so sore that you can't even

get out of bed then you might want to

just take a full rest day


your body responds very well to

repetition and consistency so it's

important now that you've got your week

work out you know what the split looks

like and you know how many sets reps and

what exercises you're doing but you

actually just stick to that typically a

block of one workout would be four weeks

I prefer to stick to it for six weeks

and that means doing the same thing over

and over and over because what you're

trying to accomplish is to progress that

you are focusing on getting stronger in

those movements the only way that you

get stronger is by being consistent and

repeating that's what repetitions are

that's why you're doing 10 to 15 reps so

every week you want to be going for

what's known as progressive overload

that's just a fancy term for just adding

more each week now you're not a machine

so you're not gonna be able to do that

every week this takes time it's gonna be

tiny gradual increments but your job is

to be consistent pouring but this is

where your mindset comes in really get

into it not enjoying this track how

stronger you're getting it's very

empowering when you do an exercise and

you're like I only left 2 kilos I feel

so weak and then coming in two weeks

later doing the same exercise and being

like wow I can actually do 3 kilos now

focusing on what it feels like in your

body and this is where mind muscle

connection will come in a little bit

later in this video I'm going to explain

what that is that's when you start to

see results because you're actually

tracking it connecting your mind to your

body is an essential part of lifting

weights it's not just going through the

motions up and down giving a squat how

many verdun you have done 50 and I'll

gather when I get home it's not about

that it's about really feeling the

strength and the connection of your mind

to your muscle and when you do that it's

gonna become addictive because you'll be

like wow I am feeling muscle in my body

that I have never felt before

and then you'll start to see definition

in your body you'll start to see little

muscles poking out in places you didn't

even know existed that is the most

rewarding thing that's where the

empowerment comes from that's where the

enjoyment comes from and that's what's

gonna get you hooked it takes time to

get that so I know it's fun when you

fitness influencer uploads and you

workout every single week it's something

new it's something different and your

little brain is like that's not gonna

give you results learn to love the

mastery of lifting weights if you don't

focus on these aspects right off the bat

you are only going to teach yourself bad

habits and ingrain really dysfunctional

movement patterns in your body that are

gonna be very hard to break down the

track when you realize you're not

getting the results that you want this

is the key to mastering the gym as a

beginner it's not something that you can

teach yourself it is absolutely

something that you're gonna need to

learn off someone who knows what they're

doing which is why I am writing my

strong curve guide that allows you to

learn from me these very very vital

skills and methods to make you an

absolute master of your body

Foreman technique is basically how you

perform the exercise not only does this

stop you from injuring yourself but it

means that you are actually going to be

able to activate engage and work the

correct muscles let's take a squat for

example if you like me and you want

strong curves you want to predominantly

engage your glutes followed by your

hamstrings into your quads

if you have terrible form you might only

be smashing your lower back you might

not be engaging your core properly only

engaging your quads and not engaging

your glutes at all it's not just about

going through the motion assaulting

curves is like imagine you are a clump

of clay and the exercises you do with

the right form are going to sculpt that

play you can literally choose on your

body where you want to add more clay or

where you want to take clay away so that

you're actually molding and sculpting

this physique certain exercises are

going to sculpt certain muscles but if

you don't have good form for that

particular exercise you're not going to

be sculpting the clay of your body in

the right place

without form and technique you will not

get the correct mind muscle connection

mind muscle connection is what makes

your brain engage and recruit the muscle

that you are trying to work the key to

being able to train effectively is not

necessarily how heavy you go but how

hard are you making that muscle work

under that load you can only learn mind

muscle connection by doing reps that's

why we do sets and reps it's the

practice makes perfect and as a beginner

you might find that you don't feel

exercises like you'll be doing a lap

pool and you'll be like I don't actually

friggin feel anything in my back it's

totally normal

I know it's frustrating but just keep

doing the reps

just imagine the muscle that you're

working so if you're doing a lat

pulldown you're working this muscle here

this lats muscle this is your back

muscles close your eyes down and focus

on it and just keep doing the

repetitions over time one day you'll go

and do that exercise and you'll be like

oh my god I can actually feel my back

it's very difficult to grasp as a

beginner over time it will just click

also I'm going to quickly mention tempo

don't go too fast you're doing Yankee

motion it's about really feeling the

movement and so going at a slow and

controlled pace is far more beneficial

than just smashing out your workout

trying to do each rep as fast as you can

going slower will help your mind muscle

connection and help your form as well

and what goes hand-in-hand with that is

going through the full range of motion

of an exercise if that's a squat it's

going from fully standing to the bottom

of the squat where your thighs are

parallel let's take a bicep curl for

example it's starting with a fully

extended straight arm and coming all the

way up to full contraction you need to

go through that whole movement pattern

if you want to get the best mind muscle

connection and the most contraction if

you're just going like this you are not

gonna sculpt any sort of curves you're

not going to get any sort of results if

you do not have full range of motion

watch me in my videos here on YouTube

because obviously my form is perfect

listen to the cues of what I tell you

when I do workout videos and if this is

something that you want videos on that

let me know in the comments below the

better your form the better your range

of motion the better your mind muscle

connection the better your results so as

a beginner try and focus on those things

I mean how long is a piece of string

really this is a really difficult thing

for me to answer on an individual basis

because how heavy you should lift is all

relative right it depends on how strong

you are how much muscle mass you have

your own personal stat so I can't answer

that question for you but I can give you

a guide as to how heavy you should lift

so you don't want to go so light that

none of the sets and reps are

challenging your muscles at all meaning

if you can easily get through all of

your sets and reps without your muscles

burning even not fatiguing at all

through the muscles you've gone too

light if you're lifting too heavy you'll

know because the three pillars of

sculpting strong curves will be

compromised so if you can't maintain

good form and technique if you can't get

full range of motion or if you have lost

your mind muscle connection it's

probably an indication that you've gone

too heavy you want to be able to find

that sweet spot where you're lifting

just the right amount that it's

challenging but manageable for most of

your reps of your sets and then maybe on

me the last three reps of your last few

sets feel almost impossible to the point

where you're fatiguing that the sweet

spot that's the right amount of weight

so it's going to take a little bit of

trial and error for you to work out what

that is for you for every single

exercise at your own limits to find your

sweet spot don't be too overwhelmed with

this because it takes practice

just be mindful of these things when you

start training it takes time be patient

don't beat yourself up if you don't have

it perfect off the bat I certainly

didn't it took me a good six months to

get a solid foundation and that's what

you can expect of course it is a forever

job you're never going to be perfect but

certainly within a six month period of

doing structured workouts you will get

amazing results so those are the basics

guys if you want a more in-depth video

on say machines and gym equipment let me

know in the comments below or if you

want how to perfect your squat form or

how to deadlift properly leave me a

suggestion down in the comments below I

hope I gave you some clarity I hope you

feel more confident now to just be able

to go into the gym and smash your

workouts and as always don't forget to

please like and subscribe hit that

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time I upload a new video I love you so

much take care of yourselves and I will

catch you in another video bye