Baby Equipment : Buying a Baby Highchair

Baby's spend a lot of time in their high chair. You'll probably have it for up to two years,

so doing a little bit of research before you buy one is always a good idea. I'm Joie with

Baby Earth. Let's talk about buying a high chair. Now first thing's first. Where are

you going to put the high chair? Is it going to go in the kitchen? If so, how much room

is in the kitchen? Can you fit a big one like this or do you need something a little bit

more compact like this one over here? So once you decide what size you want, let's think

about price. High chairs can be anywhere from a hundred dollars up to four hundred or more.

So really set a budget and think about what you want. Now things that I would keep in

mind when buying a high chair is cleaning. Baby's are very, very messy so you want to

have some material that's easy to wipe off and maybe some removable cloths or something

that you can just throw in the wash. So I'd keep that in mind. Another big thing is the

tray because this is where all the mess happens. You want to have a nice lip on the tray. I

like this high chair because this actually removes and can just be thrown into the dishwasher.

So that's also nice. Some parents like to have baby sit at the table with them, so a

high chair like this that doesn't have a tray, this one will actually slide right up to the

table. But keep in mind that baby's like to bang on things and make noise so they could

ruin your table. So you might want to have one that has a detachable tray so you can

put the tray on or take it off and have them sit with the rest of the family at the table.

Now they are in a high chair so we're going to have to talk about safety. Always, always

strap your baby in. This is a, this one has a five point harness which keeps it really,

baby safe when you strap them in and also, you want to make sure that it's got a wide

base and is really sturdy. So you can kind of wiggle it around so when baby's moving

around, it's not going to tip over and they're not going to be able to get out of it on their

own. And lots of babies like to slide down, so please make sure that there is leg straps

at the bottom to keep them in safe. Next, and one of the things that I think is pretty

important, is make sure you pick a decor that you're going to like because it's going to

be in your kitchen for about two years. And some high chairs do fold up, so find one that

you can fold and maybe put out of the way if you don't want it sitting out all the time.

Well I hope you learned a little bit about high chairs. I'm Joie with Baby Earth.