Baby Wipes Review | Himalaya Baby Wipes Review | MeeMee Baby Wipes Review | LuvLap Baby Wipes Review

hi guys this video is all about baby

wipes and how important it is for us to

buy the right one from soil bottoms to

messy hands the main reason moms use

baby wipes is the ability to clean up

messes quickly conveniently and gently

when today I have three brands to review

and these are love lap nimi and Himalaya

this is a pack of 72 wipes from mini and

it states 100% bacteria free with aloe

vera extract and is alcohol-free the

price is rupees 99 per pack and is from

me and mom this is the list of

ingredients with States purifying water

glycerin vitamin E etc the second pack

is from Himalaya and it also has 72

extra soft wipes this variant is for

sensitive skin and has lavender extract

the price is rupees 175 as you can see

the ingredients are almost same as of

mini wipes

the third pack of wipes is from love

labs and it has 80 vibes with aloe vera

and chamomile extract vitamin E and is

paraben free the promo price is rupees

99 these are pH balanced wipes but of

the most important factor when selecting

a wipes is its packaging as it has to be

good in order to keep the wives does

free moist and fresh till the end I have

the open packs of these brands to show

how these are performed after few days

of usage this is a bactrim mini and the

stick-on was absolutely useless it

stopped sticking after few days and the

wipes started to get dry you can see the

state of the stick on and the wipes

there is no moisture left at all and are

of no use so big thumbs down from any

wipes now let's look at hamana wipes the

stick on is okay but not great the issue

I've observed most of the times is that

by pulling of one Mike two to three

wipes come out all together which I feel

is off base sometimes when we do not

need more than one bite the wipes are

highly moisturize in an absorbent but

are expensive

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to love life wipes the wipes are

moisturize but not as much as that of

Himalayas but they're equally absorbent

the stick-on has no issues at all and

works great the pack is pretty compact

unlike that of Himalayas which makes it

easy to carry around so to end a mini is

a complete failure and hamana vibe

should fix the stick-on issue and reduce

a price then they can be considered so

love life wipes are a clear winner if

they consider quality pricing and

packaging plus they work on sensitive

skin too which is surprising for me as I

didn't expect them to turn out that good

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to them natty parenting bye bye