Bio Oil & Essential Skin Oils- Dermatologist Review

hey guys dr. that limbo for laser

dermatologist today we'll be talking

about does essential oil such as bio oil

help with acne scarring stretch marks

anti aging as well as dehydrated skin

uneven skin tone in the lot sure the

answer no here's the reason why

acne scars are actually like deep in

your skin so there are two types of

scarring you can consider scars as

pigmentation so they're called type

great - or macula acne scars or piee

post inflammatory erythema you speak

called macula erythema and now they've

been graded that's great - or piee now

these aren't actually scars these are

actually areas of pigmentation which

will resolve in time acne scars can

actually also occur due to contours or

changes in the contours from your skin

and they can be graded accordingly

including ice pick scars rolling sky so

traffic skies Fox ghost cars and all

these other sky types including

hypertrophic scars now acne scars are

due to basically inflammation which

occurs deep in your layers of your skin

so basically goes down seven layers

right down to the reticular and

papillary dermis now creams do not go

down that do not go down all the way

down to that depth so does bio oil help

with acne scarring

the answer's no in fact there's been

even theorized that it can actually make

acne scars worse reason is being because

I wanted the active ingredients or

several of the active ingredients

contain extract from plants which can

cause what's known as a photo de mitosis

so in other words when you put this on

you go to the I go outside you get some

sunlight the sunlight basically causes a

chemical reaction which can cause a

photo allergic or photo irritant

dermatitis and that can lead to

worsening of your scars

second thing is that it contains

many things like fragrances

preservatives and even with a lavender

oil in oil irritants which can put your

skin more inflamed in other words

printing stuff which is already inflamed

and people putting it as something which

causes more inflammation and hence that

can perpetuate your scarring so the

other thing is well is that my gripe

with this is that if you have scars

which are under way out so you have red

acne scars or even Browns guys you're

putting this on acne prone skin and this

is something called a come in of genic

substance in other words can clog the

pores and make things worse

so do I agree with this for both acne

and acne scarring

I'd be answers absolutely not

look dr. Dre is one of my favorite

dermatologist she tells it like it is

she's a little bit more I guess

persuasive than I am and here's her take

on how this works for acne scarring a

Mac me you know long story short I don't

think this is a good product I don't

think it's good for acne prone skin not

because it has mineral oil or it's gonna

clog your pores

but because acne is an inflammatory skin

disease and putting fragrancy things on

an inflammatory skin disease just sets

the stage for more inflammation and

worsening acne and worsening it's called

post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are

dark marks in the setting of healing

acne or acne that's attempting to heal

and go away okay so no not good for acne

prone skin not good for a scar okay I

mean this is this is something that can

definitely be very very irritated so

that was her take on acne scarring

together with how this product is I

share the same view seriously it's it's

if you like using it because it feels

good by all means use it if you want to

actually achieve something this may not

be a good problem

for you the second thing I'm talking

about this stretch marks and I dug this

video out in this video is actually by

dr. Bower who is actually be ìwe who's

actually the lead dermatologist for bio

oil so she's what's known as the Kol key

opinion leader for bio oil

listen to what she has to say about how

stretch marks should be treated I want

to look for products in either you know

areas that are prone to stretch marks or

after you've developed a stretch mark

products that contain vitamin A because

vitamin A actually triggers collagen

formation and collagen is what you need

the most in a stretch mark

stretch marks just don't have enough

collagen and that's why they become so

apparent to the eye

that's how much you should stimulate

collagen and one of the most powerful

collagen stimulators are actually in

fondant Hey

right because that stimulates collagen

formation and as a result more collagen

your stretch marks become less

noticeable where the old stretch marks

and new stretch marks those bio oil

contain any vitamin A the answer is no

it contains vitamin E there's vitamin E

work for strip marks well anything

that's moisturizing can work for stretch

marks so do you want to buy something

which I guess costs a lot more than what

you should be paying for the answer's no

so this isn't just said by me and this

is said by the key opinion leader from

bio oil is to actually use a bottom and

a to stimulate collagen so the answer is

absolutely not and finally for all the

other things including uneven skin tone

aging and dehydrated skin totally agree

with dr. Andrew Drake this is absolute

no one say absolute rubbish is less be

politically correct it may not be the

best solution for you because to treat

uneven skin tone aging skin dehydrated

skin you don't need to go to a mineral

oil or paraben like sorry a paraffin


oil you can just use a simple

moisturizer to repair your barrier it's

more cost-effective and in the long run

it gives you less chance of something

going wrong for example than the logical

irritant contact dermatitis so guys I

hope you enjoy that short segment on my

take on essential oils I'm not against

it remember if you like it if you

actually like the fragrance if you like

the application if it feels good by all

means use it all the papers on bio oil

actually show that patients like using

it whether that equates to a clinical

outcome as in less scarring less stretch


anti aging that's totally different so

the papers do actually say that patients

like it and I believe them because have

actually smells nice and it feels good

but doesn't do something for your skin

or all we can do as dermatologists

myself and my colleague is present the

evidence before you and you make of it

that decision whether you want to use

essential oils for your skin or not guys

I hope you like like the video that's a

controversial video on a very very well

known topic bio oil and you can see many

people actually saying hey this is the

best stuff out here we're just giving

you the evidence unbiased and no

conflict of interest so guys that's the

end of the video like I said one new

video every Sunday morning Brisbane time

please share comment like chime your

thoughts below if you just tell us what

you think about bio oil and like I said

not against it it's just if you want

something to give want something for

your scars and you want something for

stretch marks this may not be the

product for you

see you same time same place next week

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