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I’m sure you heard about this product called Bio oil.

But what is it all about?

What are its benefits, its uses and should you be using it?

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Bio Oil is one of the most loved and trusted product for stretch mark removal, but it has

so many uses.

I have personally used Bio oil and it has definitely worked for me.

In this video, I will tell you how people use bio oil for stretch marks, pregnancy scars,

anti aging oil, and as a relief for dry skin.

And I’ll also cover its other uses and side effects.

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If you aren’t aware of what Bio oil is and if you should be using it, here are some facts

for you.

Bio oil has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

This is the 60ml bottle which costs Rs. 450.

For me the bottle usually last a few months, but it could vary depending on how you use


When it comes to the oil, let me show you it is transparent and has a light, non sticky

consistency which feels nice to use.

Now let's get into the details of what goes into bio oil, and what each ingredient does.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants and help prevent sun damage and evens out

skin tone.

Rosemary oil reduces inflammation and even heals wounds and reduces the appearance of


Lavender oil reduces skin damage and is an antioxidant.

Chamomile oil is great for evening out skin tone and other pigmentation issues.

Calendula oil is a great moisturizing agent that is great for dry skin.

With all these fantastic ingredients, you can understand just why Bio oil is so popular

and why so many women swear by it.

For me personally, I started using bio oil during my pregnancy to help get rid of the

stretch marks.

What I really liked about it was the non greasy, non sticky consistency!

Also, it was absorbed into the skin really easily.

And after using the oil the appearance of my stretch marks reduced.

While it worked for me, everyone's skin is different, I would recommend getting the small

bottle and checking the results for yourself.

Some of the major reasons people buy and use Bio Oil are:

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Prevention

Bio-Oil is also invaluable to pregnant women.

Most women generally buy and use bio oil after their pregnancy to help get rid of of stretch


But you can start using it before to prevent them.

Bio oil can be used in your second trimester only.

Pregnancy Scars

Pregnancy scars are a natural part of any pregnancy, if you develop any scars on your


Bio oil is exactly what you need.

It is clinically proven to lighten the appearance of scars.

But how do you use it?

I’ve been asked this question a lot.

Let me show you what I did.

How To Use:

Take a few drops of Bio-Oil directly into your palm.

Start massaging it into your skin You can use Bio-Oil on your on your legs,

arms, chest and any other affected areas.

I would recommend using it twice a day.

Dry Skin Reliever:

The essential oils like lavender, chamomile in bio oil combine to completely hydrate and

moisturize your skin.

It forms a protective layer over dry skin that prevents moisture loss so you get softer,

healthier skin with a nice glow.

Anti Aging Oil:

I think this is one of those hidden benefits that maybe a lot of you aren't aware of.

Bio-Oil improves the collagen and elastin content in your skin.

This helps reduce the appearance and the severity of wrinkles.

Which makes you look younger and more beautiful!

Other Uses:

I absolutely love Bio Oil because its very versatile and can be used in many other ways.

So now I’m going to tell you its lesser known uses.

I know some women also use Bio Oil as a bath oil, to help soothe skin.

Bio Oil can also be mixed with powdered highlighters to help give your makeup a smoother, richer


You can also use it a little bio oil on a cotton swab to take off your makeup.

It can also work as a lip balm to help soften and moisturize dry lips.

Bio Oil acts as a natural moisturizer which can help take care of your cuticles and nails.

You can even massage onto your head to combat a dry scalp.

Bio oil side effects:

Bio oil does not have any direct side effects.

However, if you are prone to rashes, breakouts or you have oily skin, I would recommend doing

a patch test and checking how your skin reacts.

As you can see, bio oil has so many uses that almost everyone will find it useful, whether

it's for their stretch marks, scars, pigmentation or simply as part of their skincare routine.

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