Need It Or NO? Boppy Pillow Review

hello what's up welcome back to my

channel or welcome to my channel if you

I knew my name is Kristen and I'm the

mom of two little boys I've been almost

three year old and I've got my newborn

son here his name is IRA and today I'm

gonna be telling you guys about the

Boppy pillow my thoughts and opinions

I'm also gonna be showing you guys how

to use it

so the Bakke pillow what is it it's

supposed to be the breastfeeding Mama's

best friend it's supposed to help

support your arm which it does and help

you feed a baby I personally never

breastfed I've always bottle-fed even

with this guy here but even still I

really enjoyed having this product here

to help me support my arm and feed my

child so when I had my c-section with

this guy I can move a birth story down

below everything went really smoothly

but I still had to lay in hospital bed

for a few hours and like a weird

position and having this pillow under my

arm really helped me be able to feed my

baby when I had my first son I never

used this pillow I could not figure out

how to use it comfortably personally I

think the issue is that has such a long

labor and then it in a c-section I think

my the midsection which is so sort and

so swollen that I just couldn't

comfortably use it so if you end up

having a birth experience like that and

you're not able to use your boppy you

can definitely still use like just a

regular size pillow that's what I used

with my firstborn I just laid it across

my lap when I was like sitting at the

couch or something but I was not able to

feed him at all in the hospital it's not

for the first couple of days just

because I were a tango made it so hard

to hold him but after having this kiddo

and having a c-section that went really

well was planned I was able to use this

pillow to prop my arm up and feed him in

my hospital bed so I think this was a

really nice thing to have so even if

you're going to bottle-feed

I think a bobby might be worth picking

up so let me show you guys how to use

the body so there's a few different ways

some people like to do it right across

their midsection as such to put it long

ways and then if baby can you know be

alright bother be able to do what he

needs to do or you can pull the bottle

and feed them

personal preferred way to use the Bobby

you losing your binky aren't you

there's no fun to lose your binky

so my preferred method to use the Bobby

is to turn it sideways a little bit so

turn it put in turn it like such and

then babies sauce plenty of room to lay

on the pillow and my arm is completely

supported but I find but I personally

find this to be the most much more

comfortable session to have my body

pillow in you're getting hungry aren't

you competing home you can't keep that

binky in your mouth so I can easily a

whole ire like this he's got plenty of

room till way I feel much more

comfortable having my pillow around my

midsection like that around my side so I

just comes down to personal preference

but I really enjoy having this pillow

it's definitely come in handy I'm not

using it so much now he's a little bit

older but during the first couple of

weeks I relied on this a lot while

feeding him so definitely an item I

think that's worth picking up I know

some people also like to use it to let

their baby you do tummy time with and to

also like let their baby sit and lounge

in it I've personally never had much

much success letting a baby lounge on a

Boppy I know they sell inserts so you

can do that my kids have always looked

really uncomfortable I can insert a

picture my picture is of IRA

he's only a couple of days old and that

I just propped him up to get a picture

of his going home outfit you can tell he

looks very uncomfortable and with my

firstborn I had a body that had an

insert to it and again we struggled he

never looks comfortable in it and then

some people like to use it for tummy

time again my firstborn hated doing so

many time in general so I can't fault

the floppy on that he just hated tummy

time this kiddo might like it he's

getting about to age to try the tummy

time so we might try with the boppie I

can show you guys a picture of kind of

how that works but my personal

experience with the boppie as far as

setting baby in it has not been a

positive one but for using it as if

which is to help you support baby and

feed them I think it's great and this is

coming from a by feeding mom I mean I'm

sure breastfeeding moms love it but as a

as a bottle feeding mom I've quite

enjoyed it I can definitely speak for

that so that is my thoughts and opinions

on the Boppy pillow hopefully you guys

enjoyed and if you guys want to hit the

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