Best Baby Bouncer 2020 - Baby Budget Tips!

well let me guess your babies growing

and your budget isn't in today's episode

we're going to break down the best baby

bouncer in 2020 and guess what it's less

than 40 bucks check it out


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finding products like this one that save

us time money and sanity so there's 5

reasons that we chose this product as

the number one best baby bouncer in 2020

reason number 5 the price at thirty-one

bucks this was a no-brainer for us and

the two day shipping

wasn't bad either we were able to get a

product that over 3,000 people have

already reviewed with happy parents

happy babies and happy wallet reason

number four was the ease of assembly if

you are sick of putting things together

with that little allen wrench thing that

you keep turning and turning and it

doesn't ever seem to work this is not

that product my wife was able to put

this together in 30 minutes time don't

don't look at me like I didn't offer to

help I was coming back from work she was

impatient this was before the quarantine

so leave leave me alone but for 30

minutes she was able to put this

together and start to use it immediately

for our baby and the third reason that

we love this product is the safety but

as you can see there are rubber pieces

at the base of this product that keep it

from slipping on any surface this can be

on carpet tile hardwood floors outdoors

this can really be anywhere as long as

it's not on an elevated surface it's

important to note that there are a

tremendous amount of warning labels on

just about any baby product and this one

is one of those products but as you

buckle up your child make sure that you

adjust the straps

the baby is snug and secure in this

product there's the option for the baby

to move around a little bit and

obviously it's a bouncer so as the baby

gets older he can kind of start to move

himself and you just want to make sure

that he's as secure as possible

our second reason is the longevity of

this item what I mean by that is we've

bought so many items over the first

couple months of our son's life that

we've only used for maybe a couple of

weeks and then he outgrows that re loses

interest or he's in that next phase of

development and this doesn't seem to be

one of those products now as I mentioned

there's of course the adjustable strap

but there's also these really cool

animals right in the front that he can

kind of reach out and touch now right

now in his development he's not able to

reach out and actually physically touch

those items but you can see with his

eyes that he's starting to engage and

starting to see these animals right in

front of them and overall 431 bucks what

a cool opportunity to have a product

that's going to last longer than just a

couple of weeks now the number one

reason that we voted this product as the

best baby bouncer in 2020 is that we can

put our baby down now if you're anything

like us we're trying to figure out is

there more to life than feeding changing

and trying to put your baby down for a

nap at this point we're really not sure

but this product has given us hope you

see as we've been feeding him from four

ounces to six ounces we started to

notice that we were setting him down too

quickly he was starting to spit up a

little bit more and so we just naturally

started to hold him for about 30 minutes

after each feeding and that's pretty

difficult if you have feedings every two

hours because you have to hold them for

30 minutes after by the time you finally

get him settled to go down for a nap

he's ready to eat again so we were

looking for that product that was kind

of that in-between product it wasn't

quite the docket talk where we were

laying him down but it also wasn't a

really aggressive bounce

that was going to upset his stomach and

this product is perfect we can set him

down with his head still elevated yet

he's not going to get sick because he's

in a comfortable position this allows us

to cook to do laundry to work out

whatever we got to do in a hands-free

way but yet we still feel safe if you

haven't guessed it already our number

one baby bouncer in 2020 is the

fisher-price deluxe bouncer and we're

gonna link this product below as well as

the battery that's not included but this

product has been a game-changer for my

family it's allowed us to truly have

peace of mind yet keep him in an

environment that is safe and doesn't

upset his stomach especially for a baby

that has reflux now if your baby has

reflux like ours this is a perfect

product because it allows him to sit up

properly and you can even turn on the

vibration a little bit which ends up

being a soothing feeling for him well

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