today's video is going to be a little

bit different than our normal ones we're

going to go over my cloth diapering

routine with little miss Avery the

purpose of this video is just to show

you how we cloth diaper I've gotten

questions before like what's your whole

routine like what's the thing so I

thought I would make this also my best

friend and her husband are welcoming

their first baby in a couple of weeks

and she's gonna cloth die for them and

I'm not there to help her so now

Stephanie you can watch this as many

times as you want and it's like I'm in

your nursery with you all right cool and

if you're not Stephanie maybe you're

just interested in cloth diapering and

this will still be helpful for you if

you're new here welcome I'm Liz I'm a

nurse practitioner and I normally do

like nursing videos and all the blogs

belong that but they were doing a

throwback to back in the day when I made

other cloth diaper related videos in the

very beginning of my youtube career

alright enough about all that let's jump

right into it and I'll show you how

we've been doing cloth diapers now for

about a year and a half alright so the

first thing you're gonna need to do if

you're thinking about cloth diapering is

figuring out what type of cloth diaper

I'm not gonna go into all the different

types in this video there are tons out

there usually it's like are you going to

have a pocket diaper and all in one and

all in two or are you gonna go with

covers those are the big pretty much

categories of cloth diapers you can

choose from I'll show you today we use

pocket diapers because we found they

were the easiest they resembled regular

diapers the most rate of stuff um and

then when you go to use them you just

grab it put them on the baby

and then when you're done take them off

no stuffing at the time no folding it

work any origami anything it was easy

for daycare they could approach it like

a regular diaper so if you're looking

for a simple solution I've really liked

pockets they've been super easy to get

clean but like I said you do you you

find yours will be using pockets as an

example in this video but no fear if

you're not using pockets most of the

information in this video will still be

very applicable whether you're using

covers all in ones all that good stuff

alright let me show you real quick what

a pocket looks like and then we'll move

on to how we store them so we have a few

different types of pocket diapers I have

several videos on what types of diaper

pocket diapers I like the best videos on

inserts and where we buy our cloth

diapers and I will link all of those in

the description box down below in case

you're interested so here we have an

Alva and a bum genius and pockets just

look like this the stuffing goes inside

here you stuff it after you

watch it now let's talk about that for a

second I'm gonna stuff one for you real

quick just in case you've never seen it

so you pull these puppies out of the

washer and you make piles and you have

your piles of all your inserts I have

two here because my daughter what is

almost is one and a half so she has more

pee than your little newborn if you have

a baby but you take your insert in one

hand and it'll slide in easiest if

you're the back of your hand goes

against the back shell of the diaper and

I usually just hold my hand steady and

pull the diaper up over my arm that way

you're moving the diaper and you're

hand-holding insert stays in the same

spot and that just makes it so it tugs

less and there you go

you can like flatten it out if you need

to but that is basically how you

assemble a pocket diaper and you just do

it over and over again so you have all

of them and then you can fold it up wing

wing' roll roll pull the flaps over the

sides one two there we go

store it like this and then when you're

ready to use it you just open it like a

regular diaper there we go

same thing with these guys the Alva's

are nice because you can kind of button

them closed which is a fun feature but

same exact thing stuff at the exact same

way all right now let's talk real quick

about how you store your diapers how

many you might need that is completely

up to you we have 40 diapers we do

diaper laundry once every six to seven

ish days yes diapers good job big helper

but this is going to totally depend on

what you want to do do you want to have

less you want to pay less for your stash

and then watch more frequently for my

husband tonight we both work so we were

just like let's get 40 of them and then

we only have to do this like once a week

but like I said if you want to do more

than that then you would just wash more

often that's totally fine our diapers

have pulled up all really really well so

washing them a bunch of times I wouldn't

be worried about that it's just kind of

how much time you want to put for it but

think about this folding diaper laundry

is always cut you're kind of thinking

like I don't know if I want to do that

friends folding diaper laundry is the

chore that you can be like I'm gonna go

fold the diapers and you get to go lock

yourself in your room

and watch 30 to 40 minutes of

uninterrupted Netflix while you fold

diapers so that is a sure that we fight

over is who gets to fold the diaper

laundry so in case that's something

you're thinking of like I don't know if

I want to do that like that sounds like

a hassle 30 minutes of uninterrupted

Netflix okay

reason enough to do cloth diapers right

there okay next let's look at how we

store these again this is something that

is totally based on whatever is gonna

work for you and your family if you go

on Pinterest what they're going to be so

many different options for storing your

cloth diapers this is what worked best

for us it's a little cart we got it from

Ikea they also sell them at Target and

they probably even have the money Amazon

I will link this one I'll try to find

this one and link it down below or one

like it and I like this because we hold

all of our diapers up you see this rack

and this rack are for diapers and then

this top rack I think Avery was just

reorganizing we put essentials for you

know baby

a lot of the baby bus supplies usually

we pick we have our butt spatula for the

diaper cream the diaper cream you know a

hairbrush Purell you never know some

more butt cream and our wipes and then

that's like sitting right next to our

changing table so everything is all

right there so we've really liked that

cart solution but again you can do

absolutely whatever floats your boat

okay it's all very versatile again this

is just what I do certainly know what

you need to do just kind of what has

worked for us in the past also while

we're talking about price cloth diapers

once you go into those rabbit hole the

prices can be super high down to as low

as like five bucks a pop I have ones

Alva's that are five dollars I will have

a whole video on where I bought mine

from you can go check it out if you want

as well as my favorites where I talked

more about like kind of the price and

what I liked about them but honestly

guys my $5 Alvez i like just as much as

my bum genius which 4:25 a pop so going

back to the 40 diaper thing 40 diapers

sounds like a ton but if you think about

40 diapers maybe they're like five to

seven dollars apiece

you're looking at two to three hundred

dollars once versus you know the cost of

diapers which is astronomical that's how

we got into this whole thing I was in

and peaceful we had a brie and I was

like we I gotta find somewhere to cut

this cost diapers it was and we've

actually really liked it and you kind of

saved the planet

so that's cool all right now let's look

at seeing how we actually get one of

these ciphers onto a baby and we're

going to hope that our what are you a

volunteer is agreeable okay lay down

let's change your paper thank you

sometimes we have to bribe our agreeable

volunteers all right so when you put the

baby on the diaper you want to make sure

that the back of the diaper isn't too

high up their back if you can kind of

feel her hip bone is right here and you

can feel under your baby and this sits

right above their hip bone the next

thing you're gonna do is pull the bottom

of the diaper out and squeeze the crotch

here because cloth diapers are kind of

thick that's kind of just how they're

made you just give it a little bit of a

squeeze and that's gonna get it into the

folds of their legs because you want it

to sit in the underwear line if you were

thinking of like us so you just pull it

up you squeeze it so that it fits right

in between there see how it kind of goes

in like that pull it up and pull it

tight you want to pull these side wings

down over their hips as much as you can

and then let's see where our other

you're sitting on your wing pull this

while you're holding down this wing pull

up the strap pull it tight and over and

you secure the hip first okay so you do

that one and then you come over here on

this side pull the wing down pull the

flap out and you secure the hip so the

bottom button first tight on that one

all right now you have both hips so the

bottom buttons and this is gonna change

for every diaper on this diaper these

are the rise

snaps these three and these two rows are

how you adjust now the belly does not

have to be at the same level as the hip

so for her her hips are small our hips

are tight but I'm gonna put this one

just on her belly because this is where

the snap fits the most comfortably you

want it to be snug but not pinching them

so over here rather than going right

above this now we're gonna go one

backwards yes thank you that way it's

not pinching her belly and it's tuffnut

so you can see on the belly this is what

we want we want it to be snug when we

put our hands in there the other thing

you want to check is is there space

around the leg obviously you would not

have your onesie on under here there's

no space between the leg on either side

so we're good there and on her back

should sit her up you can see that it's

not so tight that it's pinching into her

it just kind of sits because you don't

want a bunch of mushrooming out around

the diaper if that makes sense and that

is how you get the diaper on the tiny

heel okay baby has changed but now you

have this other diaper that you took off

of the baby what are you going to do

with it

let me show you where we keep all of our

dirty diapers again this is just what we

do not necessarily what you have to do

we went to Costco and waited till one of

these puppies was on sale and it's a

automatic raising lid trash can that we

put a reusable diaper pail liner in I'll

link those it will link both of those

down below and we use that to store our

cloth diapers we then have a regular

lift the top trash can for the wipes

because we just do regular old wipes

normal world you have two options is

this a pee pee diaper or a poopy diaper

let's go with option one first then

we'll talk about the poop the pocket

diapers I find it's easier to unstuff

now so you just unstuff open up your

trash can or hamper whatever you're

using destroy your diaper toss those in

this is clean so I'm not gonna actually

toss it in but there's all the dirties

in there so pee pee diapers super easy

unstuff throw in if you have an


just throw it in if you have a cover you

just throw the inserts in you keep your

cover and you go on now let's talk about

the one that probably scares you more

the poopy poopy diapers the hurdle that

I feel like I was the most fearful of

and most people are probably the most

fearful of when they're tackling this

journey they're like I don't want to

deal with the poop you can do what to

poop my friends but before I show you

what makes our poop tolerable let me

just tell you if you are exclusively

breastfeeding and I mean the only thing

going in that baby's my health food wise

is breast milk you don't have to

rinse your diapers which sounds totally

gross but breast milk is actually

totally water-soluble and you can just

throw that in your washing machine I

know it sounds gross it took me a couple

tries and then I was so tired I embraced

it I was like let's try this you know

I'm just gonna go for it and it actually


no residue nothing so if you are only

breastfeeding that baby until if

something else goes in their mouth it's

totally fine and as long as you've only

been you been breastfeeding for like the

last week exclusively that's fine it's

not like oh my gosh they had formula

when they were really little

now there's here that was Avery that's

fine it's out of their system as long as

you are feeding them only breast milk

totally fine to just throw the entire

poopy diaper once you pull the innards

out into the diaper pail which I know

it's gonna be really hard to get over

mentally you're gonna be like no that's

nasty then you'll be really tired and

you'll just do it and you're like this

is great know if your baby has drinks

formula or as soon as a puff or an

oatmeal flake touches that baby it's no

longer water-soluble still is totally

wonderful option bed baby is best baby

but you have to flush it you have to

rinse your diapers first cuz then the

poops not water-soluble and your washing

machine will be very very sad so in

order to tackle the poopie in our home

we chose to go the diaper sprayer route

which I know is all bougie and not

everyone's into that some people just

like Duncan swish that's perfectly

acceptable obviously you just need to

get the poop off but I was like I need

to go the diaper sprayer route this is

our diaper sprayer it hooks up to your

toilet and we bought this nice shield

for it so you stick the shield in the

toilet I just hold it has this clip I

don't even use that put the diaper there

your diaper sprayer and

Shh spray off the booty bring out the

excess wet and then goes pop it in your

diaper pail is the poop probably the

worst part of cloth diapering yes can

you handle it absolutely yes some people

use dishwashing gloves like the yellow

ones or something in their bathroom so

they don't have to touch the poop like

when you're wringing it or rinsing it I

don't I don't know I thought maybe we

would but I found it's one of those

things where it's like you touch so many

nasty things as a parent that you're

just kind of like over it and it's your

own kids poo so you're kind of like

whatever other kids know go total

different game changer but it's room

kids poo whatever you touch it man you

get over it but you couldn't use gloves

I just found that then I would have to

clean the gloves and it was one more

step I didn't want to do but there we go

our nice rinsed diaper goes back in the

diaper pail

just remember to do Doomer and sit out

fairly wring it out a little bit which I

know nasty but whatever because you

don't want all that moisture in your

diaper pail all right now we have a

foundation of kind of like how many you

might need where you're gonna keep them

how to get them on the human off the

humans dealt with when they've been

soiled now let's talk about cleaning man

so cleaning your cloth diapers is one of

those things Internet is like there's

all the information on I will tell you

what resource I use and have found very

helpful you don't have to use it friends

if you want a different one go for it I

have always liked using fluff-fluff

University's washer index so on that you

go on I'll leave the link down below you

go in you put in your exact washer and

it tells you how much detergent to use

and what settings to use on your washer

now I know some people are not a huge

fan of fluff fluff I need I'm a type-a

personality and I need someone to give

me clear instructions of like you need

to hit these exact buttons so for me

it's been really great I have used four

different washers throughout my cloth

diapering experience and it's had all of

them and it's been able to give me

helpful information to guy navigate my

way through all of them most diaper

routines will have you do two washes the

first is a pre wash it's a quicker one

it just kind of gets most of this

dirtiness out and the second is the more

thorough rush the things are really

really getting clean now I'm not gonna

go into a whole wash routine there's

lots of videos on that the I'll list my

favorite resources down below on how I

wash but like I said I really do wash do

fluff level universityís wash routine I

use tide to powder detergent because I

found that kind of combat

some of the water hardness and it gets

things really clean and sometimes if I'm

feeling real fancy in the second wash

I'll add some scent boosters just to

kind of make things smell fresh after

they go in the wash

I either dry them in my dryer or if it's

sunny outside I really like to put them

outside as much as you can get your

diapers outside I think that's helpful

eventually they just kind of get this

like musty smell from being pooped and

peed in so much putting them outside has

the added benefit of they can get some

fresh air they usually smell good as new

second of all the Sun bleaches them so

your diapers might be totally clean but

they might just have some features to

stains in them sometimes especially if

you have like newborn if you have young

baby poop the Sun will bleach those

right out and get them looking great or

maybe you like give a zinc stain from a

diaper cream any of those the some

little fix right up and they'll smell

brushes the Daisy so if you can string

those up outside sometimes that is a

lovely way to dry them although it does

take longer so that's only really if you

have you know time in your home

oh the only other thing I forgot to say

it was but pace we're talking about zinc

and John time Emery I really like this

boudreaux's Butt Paste the natural green

one you can use this with cloth diapers

you cannot use but paste any kind of

butt cream that has petroleum in it

because it is a repellent and it will

make the diapers not absorb it you're

not if you do this and you do get

regular diaper cream on you send them

somewhere grandma accidentally puts some

on there but it's fine just use a little

bit of that Dawn dish soap scrub it in

with the toothbrush and it'll come out

but for your normal baby bootie you want

to put on some of this boot Rose Butt

Paste and you probably want to do it

with a baby spatula because isn't that

the most fun thing ever putting butt

cream on your baby with a spatula okay I

will link both of these down below in

case you're interested that's my

favorite buck cream to go with cloth

diapers last thing I want to cover real

quick is what are you doing when you go

out and about with your child and they

wear cloth diapers wet bags I will link

my favorite ones down below they're a

little bit smaller than the one I just

showed you and they fit really well in

your diaper bag they fit in your purse

wherever you need and you can throw them

in there they're also great for like

clothes that have been barked on or peed

through or all those other lovely things

that happen with small children

in the wet bag it's safe it doesn't

touch anything else in your bag so I

will link some of those down below but

that's what you do when you're out and

about and that kind of wraps up my basic

cloth diapering routine like I said if

you're interested I have wayback videos

on the types of cloth diapers I use like

the actual brands the different inserts

that there are my favorite inserts where

I like to buy them tips for cloth

diapering a day care as well as how to

make some of your elba or similar

diapers smaller so they fit in newborn I

don't think I mentioned I didn't cloth

diaper my newborn sidenote I waited

until she was like 8 pounds and could

fit in the regular size diaper that way

I didn't have to buy an extra newborn

size of diaper and I was just real

overwhelmed in that first month and like

I just needed to adapt to being a parent

and having this new human in my life

rather than doing cloth diapers on top

of it so just remember that is an option

you don't have to do newborn cloth

diapering if you just need a month to

like settle in it'll be totally fine

alright I think that's all the tips I

have for you that's kind of our cloth

diapering routine hope this was helpful

for you if you have any questions feel

free to leave them down below and if

you're new here welcome like I said I'm

Liz normally my contents more like

Nursing nurse practicioner all of that

related so hey if you're into that and

like watching my life as an FNP it's

consider subscribing I would love to

have you Stephanie and Matt

congratulations on your little love

hopefully this helps you and everyone

else who might be thinking about cloth

diapers kind of have some kind of a way

remember this is just how we did it not

necessarily how you have to do it good

luck you can do this the Internet is

your friend I'll link all my resources

again down below especially thanks to

you you're a great volunteer thank you

you've destroyed your bedroom completely

but you were quiet we appreciate that

hope you guys have a fabulous rest of

your week and I'll see you