hello again it's Liz and today we're

gonna talk about baby butts

what is cuter than a baby's butt except

when it has diaper rash than it is one

of these saddest things in the world

we're going to talk about what causes

diaper rash what you can do about it and

just general tips and things I think are

helpful that it picked up along the way

I've been a piece nurse for a while and

I have my own baby who's had diaper rash

so I've hopefully can share a little bit

of knowledge with you okay so what is

diaper rash diaper rash is incredibly

common it's just an irritation of the

skin it's a very common reason that a

lot of people go to the pediatrician so

somewhere between like 15 and 20 percent

of pediatrician visits are people coming

in for their baby's diaper rash which is

eight huh the most common age kiddos

usually get it is 9 to 12 months but you

can get it anytime you're in a diaper no

matter what your age so what are the

causes of diaper rash basically you can

get diaper rash anytime there's

something that is irritating your skin

and your skin is a super super finicky

little lady so she's gonna be too mad if

she's too wet if she's too dragged

there's something touching her that she

doesn't want to be touching her it's

kind of like you're a little sister in

the car everything can annoy her so your

skin likes to be in kind of a perfect

balance anything that messes with this

is going to cause irritation on your

skin which will cause breakdown so you

can imagine in a diaper

diapers hold moisture fibers hold poop

and pee and they kind of rub against

your booty so that's the perfect

combination to give you break down on

your butt and get a rash the most common

I guess thing that is going to be going

on with diaper rash is you're too much

moisture babysitting and their diaper

for too long that does the first layer

of abrasion against your skin so anytime

you have a diaper rash your skin is

getting abraded away which is why it

looks red and angry the moisture sitting

on there

it messes up your skin causing a little

bit of breakdown and then your baby

poops and pees and then that further

gets in your skin

and causes more breakdown and then on

top of that it's already your skin

already ticked off and your baby starts

wiggling and scooting around and then

you get chafing so the combination of

those three threads it's mad cuz its

moist and then it gets dirty and then it

gets rubbed and that is the trifecta of

terrible and why you get diaper rash

so once the skin is irritated by those

three things it can just kind of

escalate and get worse which is why it's

super awesome to get ahead of the game

and as soon as you notice the diaper

rash start getting on top of it and try

to do something about it so if you think

about your skin kind of like a house if

your house has really good roof really

good walls and really good windows

nothing's gonna get in so that would be

skin that's intact is kind of like your

house and your windows that are intact

it's gonna block what's inside it's

gonna keep it safe warm and happy but if

your windows start breaking your walls

start breaking your leap your roof is

leaking you're gonna start getting junk

leaves grain inside your house and

that's gonna make your house fall apart

pretty quickly so that's kind of how I

like to think of your skin is once

you've a little crack start so once the

moisture gets in there it starts a

braiding on your skin everything can

fall apart super quickly sort of some

things that can cause you to get diaper

actually even more easily if you have

diarrhea so anytime you're introducing

even more garbage into this poor little

diaper even more irritants you're gonna

get more diaper rash common cause of

diarrhea is anytime they're sick if they

have a tummy bug if they recently I know

my daughter usually gets a little bit of

diarrhea if she's teething aring

antibiotic use

she had amoxicillin for an ear infection

that totally wiped out the good bacteria

and the bad bacteria which led to her

tummy being upset and she had a ton of

diarrhea so if your baby is maybe taking

antibiotics just be super alert and on

um watch make sure your baby's booty

looks oh okay all right what are you

looking for when you're watching out in

these initial stages for diaper rash

it's going to be

Rett there's like with a lot of skin

conditions it's gonna go you're gonna

have a range in your rash from mild to

like oh my goodness this is really bad

so mild is a couple of red spots they

might even be like little dots that are

sort of scattered all over the diaper

area diaper rash is usually contained to

the diaper area if you start noticing at

other places that could be a maybe not a

diaper rash that may be a different type

of rash but so if you're noticing just

some scattered red blotches on your

baby's diaper area it probably have a

mild diaper infection or diaper rash

moving up towards like more moderate

it's gonna be like red all over the

diaper area so maybe the entire zone

would be really kind of red just

irritated mad looking getting even worse

when it starts to get shiny if any like

blisters pop up anything that looks like

it has puffs under it any open spots

where it looks like blood you need to go

to your pediatrician because that's a

super high risk for getting infected you

might need other antibiotics and some

other assistance just to make sure this

doesn't get out of control okay so now

you know what causes diaper rash where

it's kind of gonna be what its gonna

look like what can you do about it so

going back to our house analogy where we

have our house where everything's coming

inside and it's falling apart what do

you want to do you want to put a tarp

over your house fix your windows and

rebuild your walls but just cover it

real quick with a tarp to kind of

regroup inside build things back up give

you that protective layer from the

elements that's what we want to do to

your babies booty is give them a

protective layer from the elements so

the easiest way to do that is with a

diaper cream the best diaper creams for

this our diaper creams with petroleum

and zinc oxide so examples of things

that have petroleum and zinc oxide are

going to be like desitin a A&D ointment

my favorite is this food robot paste

it's awesome some of these are a little

bit hard to get off so if you're having

a hard time

getting them off just use a little baby

oil they're hard to get off because the

whole point of them is it's creating a

barrier between your baby's booty and

the contents of the diaper so that is

the entire reason why you're putting it

on there it doesn't it's going to heal

itself by giving a protection from

moisture so it just needs a barrier it

needs something to keep it the moisture

away while your body does its own job of

healing that diaper area you're gonna

apply that when you change their diaper

make sure their bum is kind of dry

before you put it on so that's really

like the common over-the-counter what

you can do to put it on that's not too

much of a big deal there's other things

you can do that are super helpful in

addition to the diaper cream so one

thing the best thing is just let that

baby air dry so I try to give my

daughter like at least a couple spans

throughout the day where she can kind of

just be naked open and free for even 15

minutes just lay a towel on the ground

just in case there's gonna be some

accidents and just let her be free air

drying that is going to be the best

thing because really you're just trying

to get moisture away from that skin and

if there's nothing sitting on that skin

that's pretty dry using avoiding your

normal wipes I am just going with like

water I usually try to just use a

washcloth and a little bit of warm water

and then I Pat it off really well after

that way there's no perfumes there's

nothing chemical kind of adding to her

skin breakdown that's already there they

sell like sensitive skin diapers that

might be a good idea to go out and just

get a little pack then those diapers

usually have less fragrance less

chemical in it to sort of retain the

urine so it has less of the absorbency

but it will be kinder to your baby's

skin also change their diaper

more frequently again going in the lines

of the more you change it the less

moisture it is sitting on them the

better okay so how long you've done all

these things you put the cream on your

air drying you're using water to wash

the baby off what now when should you

see improvement your baby's diaper rash

should be getting better as soon as you

start doing all this stuff if you're

putting the cream on letting I'm air dry

and it's getting

you might have something else going on

the diaper rush usually goes away

totally in two to three days so if

you're sitting there and you're looking

at it and it's just getting worse and

worse and worse you might be dealing

with something else you could have a

yeast rash that usually they recommend

putting like over-the-counter I put my

con dissolve cream on a for you but I

would call call your pediatrician if you

think you're dealing with the east rush

because they're gonna give you what they

recommend and it's always best to have

your pediatricians approval before you

put any medicine like that on your baby

because they're a baby and they're are

fragile little people so if it's getting

worse just and not getting better it's

not Direction normal diaper rash goes in

so you should really contact your

pediatrician with that when should you

call your pediatrician so things to look

forward with diaper rash was like we

said with the yeast rash it's lasting

like more than two or three days and

it's really just looking uglier and

uglier and it doesn't go away after

you've done two to three days of this

regimen you need to call them because

you might be dealing with something else

if your baby has a fever if they have

the diaper rash that's moving outside of

their diaper area to their chest their

arms their legs it's probably not diaper

rash and you should go to your

pediatrician if they have any blisters

or sores or if it's in your baby that's

less than six weeks old their skin at

that point is just so fragile it can get

out of control pretty quickly never a

bad idea to call one thing that I

absolutely love since we're on the topic

of butt creams this I just call it a

butt spatula it's actually called a baby

brush I'll link to it down below it's

wonderful you just squirt the butt cream

on there and you spatula it on your baby

kind of like an art project then wipe it

off wash it super easy and then you

don't get the cream like all over your

hands and under your nails and all that

lovely stuff I will also link below to

my resources that I kind of looked at to

get a few tidbits for this video down

below in case you guys want to do some

of your own research the American

Academy of Dermatology has really good

information and a video that was super

helpful hopefully this answered some of

your guys questions about vapor ash how

to deal with it so that when it happens

to your baby you're not sitting there

being like oh my goodness

so yeah if you have any other questions

about they brush just let me know I've

dealt with lots and lots and lots of

diaper rash with all the babies in the

hospital so thanks for watching have a

good one