When to use Doe Estrus Scents

hey guys it is the time that I wait for

all year and the reason that I want to

come to you guys for this video today is

because I have a passion for one week of

the season and this dates back that

started back when I was guiding

full-time in Illinois and it's a time of

the year that I've always you know been

successful in the past had clients on

more deer more mature deer at this this

week window that we're coming up to more

than I've had any success through the

rest of season so it's a time of the

year that I have that's a week of the

year that I have learned to love and the

dates that I'm referring to are the is

the 27th of October through the 31st

that five-day window this is now 20

years of this it's kind of starting to

date myself here but it is a week that I

feel very passionate about so going into

the upcoming week on the 27th year

tomorrow and through the 31st what I

want to stress guys is I know everybody

um you know works for the weekend you

know there's videos out there about the

you know the strategy of the weekend

warrior and I think that if if there's a

window of opportunity whether that's

with an outfitter or with yourself

public ground or private ground this

week's window coming up is a perfect

time to to counter on those hopefully

those day like pictures that you're

getting and the the thing the perfect

situation right now is and and I know

taking all the spectrums of all the

different properties everybody hunts

around you know I don't know only

Michigan but in in the Midwest is the

you know the the the productivity of

your farm should start showing if your

habitat is correct or if you're in the


area like I'm public gone where the

habitat is the best that public ground

can offer

well you're the spot that you want to be

and you shouldn't be seeing your ramp in

your book you're mature buck numbers now

if these are some of the parcels that

we've worked on and you're one of those

clients that we are watching that we've

we've helped with this week we've had

three three of the clients that we

worked with that last to this summer

have sent in pictures and calling what

stories about their mature buck numbers

are ramping up and things are happening

so what that tells us is that I habitat

is correct if you're on public ground

and that's not happening because of the

October law was forced by some of other

things that you didn't do hopefully and

it was caused by other hunters hunting

that same area

it's that what's right now is the

opportunity to move those stands and I

know that you know you work all summer

hang these stands and things just aren't

happening through that October lull let

that farm or that's that stand that

areas set until start recovering about

the October 20th is the day that I like

to use and then you have that seven day

window between the 20th and the 27th for

that stand to prove it so if that stand

doesn't start showing the mature buck

numbers that were there before and the

new bucks that are hopefully that are in

your area that you're gaining pictures

off if them bucks don't if that stand

doesn't start producing them cameras

don't start showing that you've got that

movement back that's the time to move

the stand so where does that tie into

this whole video what this video is

about is about using lures and the right

lures at the right time to help you to

help you be successful on that either

the stand that is starting to produce

again or that new set that you've moved

to because you've had to put some boots

on the ground had to study those aerials

had to get away from some people that

you know may have caused that or

buggered that up for you on public

ground or your private ground where

you're just you're just a hundred yards

outside of that window things have

changed that the corn has gone

you know that green to green window has

has changed now everything is going you

know is frost that we've had the last

couple of days has really changed things

and you need to move that window don't

don't move too early but take into

consideration that it's you it's still

okay to move so so do that move get in

that spot and if you if you are I'm

using some of these looking branches

that we you've seen the shoes take the

Licking ranch with you and I know that's

um it's hard hard to do that area hard

to leave that area but they flicking

branch down or create another scrape

where you're going to the licking branch

down remove it don't touch the bottom of

it you know the object is have all that

scent on that thing remember so don't

touch it touch the top be very cautious

if you're gonna spray it because of you

you think you've touched it don't spray

the bottom of it leave that deer scent

on it so move it to where you're going

in other words when you get there what's

the strategy the answer is is that's

when the lures and your scent start

coming into into play and this this gel

from nature's best white deals here in

Michigan is this key for us right now

and so we were using that so move that

move that set get that set done get your

shooting lanes done to get that that get

that scrape or that vertical looking

branch moved and start using the power

of doe urine what I see is too many guys

too many hunters in general are using

estrus doe estrus way too early way too

much what the what the idea is that

you're trying to pinpoint on is keep in

mind that a doe is in estrus for 24 to

48 hours that is the window of

opportunity that she has has to be bred

so the peak that right here in our area

it never changes it's about that I

believe it's about the 13th of November

12th or 13th of November and that that

window that is when most of the DOE is a

peak the rut

so we're hunting the pre rup so what you

want to do is you want to study the

weather you know that there's a

good front coming in like we're gonna be


- great stands coming up on Wednesday

and the weather's right for those I have

the perfect winds we've got a northeast

wind stand that we're gonna be in and

I've got a north northwest and that

we're gonna be in on Wednesday because

of the front coming in on Thursday and

Friday and it's it's perfect so what I'm

saying is take that take look in the

future take that window and know that 24

48 our opportunity then what you do is

you get in there 24 hours before 24 to

48 hours before and you start

implementing your estrous that's I use

this estrous as a any estrus as a tool

as a weapon and when I say that is you

can use this in your arsenal but you

have to use it at the right time and the

right amount so what I do is what I'm

going to be doing is what I recommend is

you if you know you're gonna be on that

set and it's perfect it's that rough

stand that you've created that pre-rut

stand that you haven't been in yet or a

new stand that you've moved use you know

use the cameras make sure that yeah that

you know what's what's there and when

they're coming in there and then use the

STS 24 to 48 hours before get that

scrape you get that buck that you've

been watching or you're chasing you're

moving in on get him to commit to try to

promote his daylight movement and you

can't kill them when it's dark in the

morning you can't kill them dark at

night so you have to create that

illusion that that that dole is in

estrus in that window if you make the

mistake of what we're using estrous you

know what's going to happen is is you're

going to find that that bark is going to

come into that he's gonna keep coming in

he's gonna keep coming in he's gonna

he's going to still use his daylight or

his dark movements his nocturnal his

nocturnal movements there's no reason

for him to try to comb and check that

scrape because he it's just uh it's it's

there all the time and to me it's

overused and they then know you start

wandering so then your start you're

creating your you're making the the

chase or the cruising time of the rut

sooner and right now you want that

they're they're on their feet they're


you want hit there they're active and

that's what makes this 27th to the 31st

such a great great time of November the

best the best five-day window that I

feel in in October so use that to your


don't overuse it look in advance to get

that that night or that morning set that

you know you're gonna use that wins


that scrapes are active the trail

cameras on and ready and it's showing

you that there's that he's there and use

this estrus for that 24 to 48 hour

window to seal the deal if it doesn't

work on that set the question that I had

this week isn't then what do I do you

say it's too much and you want to use it

what I'm saying is you use this in that

24 to 48 hour window use that set if it

doesn't work pull it don't use it


go back to your go back to your normal

your just your doe urine and and your

gel that were use them and go back to

this and take that make that illusion

that that doe is gone elsewhere and or

something's happen she's already been

bred he missed the opportunity don't you

want to do is you want to look ahead if

you had another two or three days maybe

a week ahead of time that you know

you're gonna be back in there and that's

that perfect that's gonna happen again

where the winds right the you know there

are the pressures hide the winds has

changed and it's it's a perfect set

doctor 24 to 40 hours ahead of time

again and and hopefully what that's

causing is you're trying to make him get

on his feet

check that scrape where he old and maybe

was before checking it at night one time

he knows that okay I checked it tonight

it's a 24 hour window he's gonna be back

there checking it again the goal is you

have to be there when he's there so I

hope that helps

that's a couple questions that we've had

this week and the I'm you know I'm

really excited going into this 27th this

27th through the 31st best five days of

the October that I feel and the weather

I feel is helpful this year so if you

have any questions feel free to reach

out and comment below and you know like

share and subscribe I think this the

power of the estrus we use like I said

nature's best at

Esther assessed collected to your pan

collected by my hand and not flooded

floors no no manure in it and it's raw

he knows its estrus he knows that's it

clean with the other with the other

products and I strongly feel that if you

use this tool use that estrus as a tool

not over use it or under use it it can

be very very successful in that 24 to 48

hour window thanks guys