Using a Birth Ball During Pregnancy | How to Use a Birth Ball to INDUCE LABOR and PREPARE FOR BIRTH

hey mamas if you are trying to prepare

your body for birth or maybe even trying

to induce your labor you have come to

the right place in this video I'm gonna

be sharing with you my labor preparation

and inducing moves to bring you one step

closer to meeting your baby I'm Bridget

and I'm a doula in the San Francisco Bay

Area and I love helping moms love their

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so glad that you're here so you want to

meet your baby I get it mama these moves

have helped so many women myself

included who are in the same boat as you

who just want to make sure they are best

preparing themselves for birth and maybe

for some of you trying to get this labor

show on the road so by the end of this

video you will have several methods to

help prepare your body for birth or

induce your labor using a birth ball so

let's get started if you have started

this video and you don't have a birth

ball yet I have an awesome inexpensive

birth ball that you can get it's on my

Amazon list all I'll link it down in the

description below but I love this one I

have all my mom has use it and I use it

for my own pregnancy and my own birth

and I absolutely love it so go get you

one so first of all if you are one of

those moments that I mentioned who is

hoping to go into labor like yesterday I

want to preface this video by saying

that there is no magical position or

method to use with a birth ball or

without a birth ball that is magically

going to send your baby through your

birth canal but what this video is going

to help you do is find great positions

using a birth ball to help really engage

baby in an optimal way in your pelvis to

be putting pressure on your cervix to

helpfully hopefully kickstart labor so

before I get started on any of the moves

I want to show you how to properly sit

on a birth ball so as you are situating

yourself on your birth ball the first

thing I want you to be mindful of is

your stability a lot of times as you

progress in your pregnancy the bigger

you get oftentimes some more unstable

you get and so it's important that if

you are feeling unstable that you have

something near you a couch or a table or

a sturdy chair that you can hold on to

or you do this with your birth partner

or a friend or whoever just so that you

have someone there who can give you

stability if

you are needing it next thing I want you

to be aware of is the angle of your legs

when you are sitting on your birth ball

so you want to make sure that your birth

ball is out of good height so that your

legs are at about a 90 degree angle if

you are experiencing any lower back pain

which a lot of pregnant women experience

you can inflate your ball a little bit

more so it's a little bit higher a

little bit sturdier and so it'll really

help promote a good posture and take a

bit of that pressure and that tension

off your lower back so as you can see as

I'm sitting on the birth ball my knees

are at about a ninety degree angle and

that's about a good place to have it if

your birth ball is too big you might be

too high up on your birth ball and

that's not going to be optimal for

having the movements that I'm going to

be sharing with you and if you're too

low it's going to promote a like poor

posture and you want to make sure that

you are having a nice straight posture

as you are doing these movements just so

you know the ball that's on Amazon is

the one that I'm using now and I am five

three and I use the size large ball and

that's 58 to 65 centimeters so you know

if you're shorter you want a smaller

ball typically if you're a taller you

want a larger ball but the best way to

know if your ball is a good fit for you

is to you know inflate it and see how

you sit on it and if your legs are at

that nice 90 degree angle then you found

a good fit for you

so now that we've gotten all of that

covered we can get started on our birth

ball positions so the first position

that I want to show you is just a nice

easy stretch for you that helps open up

the chest and the womb so that your baby

can move a little bit and helps relieve

some of that tension in the back by

stretching it out so you've probably

done or at least heard of the cat and

cow pose that you do in yoga so we're

just going to do that but do it on the

birth wall and the reason why I like

that is because it allows you to open up

your hips nice and wide but it also lets

you have that nice stretch that I was

talking about so as we are doing the cat

pose we just roll the ball back keeping

our feet nice and stable and giving our

backs a nice stretch feeling it in our

spine you can loosen your head a little

bit let it hang and then roll the ball

up into that cow pose

give that nice little stretch you can

feel your tummy opening up a little bit

giving baby a little bit more room and

then roll back and you can do that as

much as it feels good to you or as

little as it feels good to you but I

love this one during pregnancy I love it

now just because it feels so good on my

back and my body so as we transition

into another move I'm gonna swing over

here and I want you guys to keep in mind

having nice open legs as you are doing

this exercise

one because it helps open and engage

your pelvis and two because it has a

more thorough stretch for you as we do

these positions so the second move that

I want to show you on the birth ball

that can really help with preparing your

body for birth as well as helping baby

get in an optimal position to hopefully

induce labor if you are at that point in

your pregnancy is just to do a nice

little rock with your hips and you can

notice that my legs are still staying

nice and outward and I'm just giving a

nice little rock back and forth it's

controlled it's not like all crazy I

have a strong core and you can do that

even with a baby in your tummy and you

can really feel the stretch too along

your hip flexors which is why it feels

so good during your pregnancy you can do

these positions that these movements as

long or as short as you want of course

the shorter you do them probably the

less effective they will be I'm just

showing you how to do them and you can

choose the length at which you do them

but for our next movement that we're

going to do is just hip circles on the

birth ball and this is so good at

helping get baby their head into a nice

position in the pelvis and so you just

imagine you are drawing a circle with

your bottom and you just make nice big

circles with your hips and after you've

been doing that for a little bit you

want to switch sides so that your

evening out both of your sides so now

the movement that I'm going to show you

is a figure eight and this takes a

little bit more mental energy because

you know it's not just drawing a circle

and now weird

a figure-eight but it's the same concept

so just like we pretended we're drawing

a circle with our hips now we are

drawing an 8 and so the first one that I

want you to do is just drawing a circle

or a figure 8 with your hips from left

to right just like this keeping my hips

nice and stable maybe you need to hold

on to a chair for this in front of you

or you can hold your birth partners arms

if you need some more stability but just

doing it back and forth like this and it

really does help it help open up your

pelvis I can feel it in my hips already

so I just showed you doing the figure 8

from side to side now I want you to try

doing the figure 8 from front to back so

instead of doing it left to right now

we're going forward and backward keeping

our legs nice and open like this and

just imagine your baby of moving with

you engaging in your pelvis putting

pressure on your cervix if it's that

time for you and really engaging in that

optimal position for birth and if this

is not time for your birth and you are

still doing these exercises you are just

preparing your pelvis helping it open up

very nicely so that you are getting

ready for birth so those are a few

exercises that you can be doing on the

ball and they are really simple but they

are really effective in helping open up

that pelvis stretch out those legs

stretch out that back if you're having

any tension and helping baby engage into

a good position in the pelvis so the

last position that I want to show you

while we're sitting on the birth ball is

a light little bounce and this is really

good if you are trying to induce labor

because it's just allowing gravity to

use baby's heaviest part of their body

their head to put pressure on your

cervix and so it's just a nice little

way to help get labor started and it's

also really nice if you know you aren't

trying to induce labor but you just want

to have a little bit of movement if you


feeling like you're sitting in a chair

all day I really recommend using a birth

ball to sit on instead of a chair so

that you have that movement throughout

the day so that you're not sitting in

that like like unmovable seat and so you

have a little bit more movement and a

little bit more flexibility with your

hips so if that's you have a little bit

of balance it with your birth ball and

it feels really good and it might just

help you kickstart labor so those are

some really simple movements that you

can do that are actually very effective

during your pregnancy to help prepare

you for birth or to help you induce

labor if that's where you're at during

your pregnancy so try those movements

out let me know what you think about

them but not all movements have to be

done on the birth ball so let's get off

the birth ball for a little bit and let

me show you some movements that you can

do with it but not sitting on it but

before we start on these other movements

I have a question for you guys I know

that so many pregnant women experience

those aches and pains that just

accompany growing a human and so I know

for me I had a lot of tension in my hips

and what helped me the most was walking

using a birth ball or doing yoga but I

want to hear from you guys so that you

guys can be helping each other out what

were some of your aches and pains and

what helped you a best relieve those so

the first position that I want to show

you is a really easy one and I'll show

it to you from add if you different

angles so that you get a good idea of

how to do it but it's pretty easy you

just stick your chest over the birth

ball so you're nice and relaxed kind of

like you're on all fours you still want

to have your legs nice and open like

this but this is a really comfortable

position for you so that you can open up

your belly space that baby has a you

know a good amount of room so they can

be moving around to get in that optimal

position for birth if they aren't

already in one and it also relieves a

lot of that tension on your back because

all that pressure is being now forward

and not always on your back like it is

most of the time during pregnancy so

when you're just like this you can relax

nice and easy like this you can put your

head down and relax on the ball like

that and I don't know if you can tell

but I'm rocking side to side I'll show

you from this angle just having a nice

little rock back and forth create

space for your baby and letting all that

attention go from out of your back so at

the beginning of this video we did cat

and cow well sitting on the ball but you

can also do it while you are on all

fours using the ball for support so you

just get nice and stable with your

elbows on the burst ball and you stretch

out your back doing the cut and then the

cow cat breathing while you're doing

this and cow and again this allows for

that tension to be released from your

back and create space in your womb for

your baby to be moving around to set up

for our next little movement I just want

your bottom sitting over your heels and

a nice little opening between your legs

not so much so that you feel a deep

stretch but just enough so that as you

drape yourself over the birth ball that

were like we're about to do in just a

second your belly rest just nice and

easy between that opening in your legs

so when you have that opening you just

rest your chest lightly on the birth

ball like this and it you can feel a

little stretch in your legs and it again

just creates an opening for baby to move

around and your tummy to get in a good

position and it's just a nice relaxing

restful but effective movement that you

can do the last movement that I want to

show you is not so much for birth prep

or induction but it's like such a relief

during pregnancy so I feel like I need

to show you how to do it and it's just a

nice shoulder stretch and a lot of times

women during pregnancy hold tension in

their upper backs and in their shoulders

especially if they have other kids that

they have to be running around chasing

and so this is a really nice one so

again we're just in our Child's Pose

like we just did in our last in our last

movement and what I want you to do is

put your hands in the middle of your

ball and stretch forward so that your

head goes between your arms and you feel

a little stretch in your shoulders you

can add a little bit of a rock you can

come up and then back down you can do

one arm for a deeper stretch

trade arms and then you come back up and

it's a amazing little stretch that is

going to make you feel like ten times

better than before you did it so these

are some of my favorite movements to do

with a birth ball to help you prepare

your body for labor to help baby get

into an optimal position for birth and

to make you feel great as you're growing

a human so all of these movements have

been for you to use during your

pregnancy to help prepare your body for

birth but if you want to know how to use

a birth ball during your labor then make

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