you never cry he's got your face didn't

you can you believe he's six months old

now so we're gonna head out

look at him wearing his Canadian roots

sweater Canadian boy he and we lost time

he wears these jeans cuz they're getting

to ensure they keep going up just

dropped her cough to get his haircut and

now I'm heading in for groceries my

husband send me a list we're gonna have

the spaghetti carbonara that he makes

tonight so he sent me a list of what I

need to grab let's do this how many of

you enjoy grocery shopping because I




so if you guys ever wonder how I have

time to get myself ready usually I just

sit in the living room with this mirror

and then put Rowan in the tube give him

lots of toys to play with and he'll give

me five minutes so another thing I do is

I don't wash my hair every day because

then it just takes too long as you go

blow-dry it that's another way that I

get ready five minutes just just don't

worry I shower every single night but

yeah like I mean and then the house is a

mess so I can be ready now but the house

is a mess so I need to clean up but I

just feel like just a cycle and the

laundry nobody told me how much laundry

you'd have with a baby like Rowan this

is how we spend a lot of our day just on

the ground don't we yeah I've been

counting a lot with him seeing these

with him I'm very excited because you

know why you're on we're gonna have lots

of company coming for the holidays I'm

so excited I wanna hang my hand

yeah a lot of company Christmas

oh yeah gonna be great isn't it cool hat

hey we'll have you got dad wakes up when

his dad walks in there and mom comes in

he's like nah mom dad the whole world is

bright isn't it around


Rowan loves to eat lunch and breakfast

with dad too oh he does what's dad god

what's dad God Oh

it's a jolly jumper I've been trying to

give them a little bit of water yeah





who else feels like there always need to

illa grocery store I well

I always do and I just never look

forward to it

and I just get so frustrated because I'm

used to in Canada you go into Walmart

there's a parking lot you just run and

run out or whatever here I feel like I

have a million things to think about

like you have to pay for parking every

time you have to have change for the car

and it's like there's just so much stuff

because you have the type of bags and

then you have your bags for the grocery

and I'm complaining and I know this is

not a big deal but I'm just used to

Canada and I guess I miss it a bit I

miss it every day let's be honest I miss

my family I miss my friends I miss

Walmart I miss to Hortons but can't

complain and it doesn't help that my

husband has been super busy with work so

he's not around much so it is a lot of

Rowan and mommy which is okay

but sometimes you just want to talk to

an adult and have a conversation I

definitely notice him busy with work

now that I have Rowan because yeah I

miss him so much but I can't complain I

mean he's the hardest-working guy ever

he's just the best daddy so we gotta

appreciate that

just look at that

so pretty

to start and vlog in front of our

beautiful tree I'm going to get going

because I'm in the bathroom I put them

to bed and then I'm gonna relax and herb

got a haircut if you guys want to see

him don't be scared


thank you guys for watching ZZ