Complete Guide to LIFTING STRAPS - How, Why, When to Use!

today we're gonna solve the Enigma that

is wrist straps all right so these are

wrist straps which are different than

wrist straps Restrepo actually help us

with grip on usually on a deadlift or

some sort of heavy pull and so they

often look like this there's just a long

piece of material with a loop on the end

so you can see a little loop there it is

they are identical different than wrist

wraps but we put them together in an

opposite direction to create a right

hand and a left handed version so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hold these up

and I'm gonna take the bottom and feed

it through the loop from the inside out

just like so and then I'm gonna do the

same thing with this side the left side

have feed it in from the inside out and

then I have opposite aiming wrist straps

now the reason we do these in opposite

manner is because they're gonna fit on

the hand on a right hand and a left hand

and the way to know that I'm doing it

correctly is when the long piece lines

up with the lines in my hand and the

short angle is where my thumb goes so

you can see this lines up perfectly on

this hand the left side I'll pull it

taut lines up perfectly with the left

hand this is our correctly applied wrist

strap now to apply it to the bar to grab

the bar I'm going to open the hand and

put the bar between the strap and the

hand and so the wrap is gonna come up

from the outside in and my hand is gonna

lay on top of the strap and grab the bar

like it normally would

most people will continue to wrap the

strap around the bar over and over and

over again but once it's been wrapped

around once that's all you need because

the the wrap is gonna try to make the

bar roll this way but my hand is gonna

pull the bar this direction and so they

work against each other so one

wrap around the bar is enough now

usually I'll use my offhand to help my

first hand get the strap and then I have

to learn to do it the same way but in a

one-handed manner on the other side and

some of you will like to help your left

hand and then do your right hand by

itself I'm left-handed so I can actually

get the left hand the way I need it and

this is nice and seated in you'll notice

that the strap is up against the top of

my hand not down at the base of my wrist

so then when I set up as I pull I'm

gonna pull both up and back like behind

me to get the bar the straps locked in

tight and I can stand up nice and smooth

right if the strap is loose I'll start

to pull and the bar will jump forward

before it comes up so I want to make

sure I've seeded this in nice and tight

there's no extra space again pull up and

backwards up and back leg press through

the floor stand up with a nice smooth

tight grip so straps help me grip the

bar and not lose control of the bar if

grip is the limiting factor now you've

probably heard us say that a deadlift is

a grip exercise as much as it is a back

or a full body exercise and that's true

however when we start to deadlift or we

do deadlift variations like a rack pull

and grip is the limiting factor I don't

want to have to stop adding weight to

the bar because I can't hold on to the

bar anymore

and we have videos on how to grip a bar

without straps so things like the hook

grip or the alternate grip and those are

great options first

but if grip is still a limiting factor

or if you have a hand injury or you do

high rep deadlifts deadlifts in the 5 or

above range or maybe you're doing a rat

pole that's significantly heavier than

your normal deadlift would be straps are

a great option so that's when I would

use a wrist strap just like a wrist wrap

these can become a crutch so I don't

want to use them all the time

on my deadlifts or my deadlift

variations I just want to add them to

the very heaviest lifts I do I want to

add them to sets that have the most reps

so five reps six reps eight reps those

are very difficult to do with your hands

or if I'm doing a lot of deadlift sets

so if I have five sets or six sets or

seven sets of deadlifts and a workout

that can very much fatigue the hands and

straps would be a great way to make sure

that the grip isn't the limiting factor

on those final sets so you might go

without the straps four sets one two and

three and then add the straps four sets

four five and six so this is why you

straps to improve my grip on a barbell

when grip is the limiting factor

remember I only have to wrap the strap

around once not multiple times get it

seated incorrectly and then make sure

it's set up correctly most people don't

know there's a correct way to set up the

straps so that there's a right handed

version and a left handed version and

that straps before you straps make sure

you know how to grip a deadlift bar

correctly so check out our video on how

to grip hook grip alternate grip

overhand grip

etc right up there