The ULTIMATE Facebook Lookalike Audience Tutorial

hi guys it's been Heath from lead guru

in this video is going to be the

ultimate Facebook look-alike audience

tutorial and I show you exactly how to

create look-alike audience there's all

different types of the collec audiences

how to set them up properly how to get

the most out of them because facebook

look-alike audiences really are an

amazing features one of the best things

about facebook advertising when we were

running Facebook ad campaigns for our

clients we're always using look-alike

audiences and they very consistently

delivered the best results when it comes

to cold audience targeting on Facebook

so if you're looking to get great

results for Facebook you absolutely want

to be using look-alike audiences and

this video is going to show you how you

do that how to get the most out of them

now just quickly before I get into the

steps for those who that aren't aware

thinking what is a look-alike audience

and look-alike audience consists of a

group of people that are very very

similar to another group of people so

I'll give you an example so let's say

for example you've got a thousand people

on an email list you could upload that

email list to Facebook and that then

becomes your source audience for your

look-alike you then create a look-alike

audience based off that source audience

based off your email list and what

Facebook will do is they will work out

who within your target location is most

like the people on your email list and

this is a fantastic targeting option

because the people that are very similar

to people on your email list are highly

likely to buy become leads etc etc okay

and there lots of different types of

look-alike audiences but you see the

sort of thing I'm talking about if you

can advertise to people that are very

similar to the people that you've

already done business with well then

your targeting is very very accurate and

as a result very very effective so we

use them all the time you absolutely

want to be using them in your Facebook

ad campaigns and this video is going to

show you how to create them how to get

the most out of them okay with that said

let's let's get into it so I'm in an

example ad account right now I'm in ads

manager and to create a look-alike

audience or any sort of custom audience

you need to first click on these three

little lines up here in ads manager or

you know if you see squares instead

there are various different formats but

what you want to do is you want to

select audiences and I said your window

might look slightly different just make

sure you find it okay so now that we're

in audiences you can see there's various

audiences that have been created as I

said this is an example that account for

me to create these sorts of videos

ignore all this stuff here

nothing you need to worry about right

now you may have things in there if you

paid around this before you may have

nothing either way is absolutely fine

now want to talk about different types

of local accordion says there are

look-alike audience settings I'm going

to get to those a little bit later but

when I'm talking about types of

look-alike audience is what I'm

referring to the different types of

source audience okay

now if you create a look-alike audience

based off of previous customers that is

very different to a look-alike audience

based off people that have watched a

video of yours on Facebook okay and the

source audience contains very different

people which means the look-alike

audience is going to contain different

people and the results that you get

advertising to those different

look-alike audiences are going to be

quite different in a lot of cases so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

show you how to create a number of

different look-alike audiences and I'm

also going to rank them okay so I'm

going to start with what I feel are the

most effective look-alike audiences

because I said no more look-alike

audiences are created equal and

look-alike audience based off previous

customers is usually much much more

effective than a look-alike audience

based off the video viewers because you

want to target people that are very

similar to people that have worked with

you before and bought from you for as

opposed to someone who has just watched

a video of yours on Facebook buying

something from you is a much much larger

commitment and a much greater signifier

that they're a good prospect and you

want to advertise to people just like

that okay so with that said let's get

started so what you want to do is you

want to click create audience and to

create a look like we first need to

create a custom audience so custom

audiences I've got a tutorial on custom

audiences I'll include that in the video

scription below but it refers to

basically groups of people that have

interacted with your business before

that know you so custom audiences can be

things like an email list website

visitors people have interacted with you

on Facebook all sorts of different

things so let's assume that we're going

to start with the most effective

look-alike audience and that's one based

off of previous customers so I'm going

to go here and select customer list now

this process is fairly straightforward

you can see Facebook's just telling you

here about the various identifies that

people are going to match I'll explain

more about in a second but you can just

go ahead and click Next now depending on

how your customer list is constructed

you may or may not have customer values

so for example if you've got all your

customers store

on an Excel document for example and one

of the columns assigns a value a sales

value you know this customer bought $400

worth this customer bought $240 worth

that sort of thing

if that's the case great you can include

that information in the list that you

upload to Facebook and Facebook wall

wait those that have spend more spend

more with you more heavily okay which is

a really good thing because not only do

you want to advertise to a look-alike

audience that contains people that are

similar to your previous customers but

why not have that weighted towards the

higher value customers and therefore the

higher value prospects it's actually


but I appreciate not everyone's gonna

have that so I'm going to select no if

you do select yes all you need to do is

let Facebook know when you upload your

list which column is the value column

fairly straightforward so I'm gonna

click no and we click Next now I need to

upload the file or I can select this

option and simply copy and paste in date

and it really depends on you know your

specific setup how you put your data in

there okay so obviously not going to

copy and paste in actual data into here

and kind enough for privacy reasons what

I've actually done is I've just prepared

a little CSV file that I'm going to

upload to demonstrate this example email

list pop it in there then usually to

give your audience a name so you can see

it automatically put it in as example

email list I mean technically this is

supposed to be a customer list because

that's the most effective Facebook

look-alike audience so I've gone with

I'll rename it example customer list and

then I click Next now what you need to

do is you need to map the identify so

you basically tell Facebook okay this

column in this document refers to email

addresses this column refers to

first-name this column refers to phone

number now the most important identifier

to match and is email address because

that's what Facebook uses to basically

correlate your what the data on your

list with someone's actual Facebook

account because that's how they're going

to be able to identify who that person

is both for retargeting and a custom

audience sense but also for then

creating a look-alike audience from

Facebook basically needs to take your

data an email list and work out who is

on there you know which Facebook users

are these people so email address is the

most common one but

the more identifies you can match the

better so you can see they've

automatically mapped email and actually

needed here so I could tell that there's

been so I could say that that's a first

name okay so and if you depending on how

much information you have on your list

you want to go through all the

identifiers and match as many as


the more you can match the better chance

Facebook has of working out who the

particular person is and the higher your

match rate the more people be in your

source audience your custom audience and

that will make your look-alike audience

that much more accurate okay

so now I'm just gonna click upload and

create and that is something that

Facebook is going to usually take I

don't know 20 30 minutes to populate if

you've got a larger list sometimes I

would do it immediately but for the time

being I'm going to move on and create a

look-alike audience based on the custom

audience so now I'm gonna click create a

look like you see Facebook presents you

with this Windows straightaway customer

list has information set leaves loaded

so we've created the custom audience

created the source audience and now we

can select create a look-alike audience

and you can see that our source here

looks select your look-alike source is

example customer list and now we're

creating our look-alike and look like so

very very simple really that the the

more challenging part is probably in

creating the custom audience in the

first place but all we need to do is

work out which locations we want to

target and then the size of the audience

so the locations is usually fairly

straightforward what countries do you

advertise it okay so for example if I

wanted to advertise in the United

Kingdom which is obviously where I'm

based then I could put that in there if

you want to target the US I could enter

that as an option etc etc now one thing

I'll quickly mention because I got this

question quite a lot is if you're a

local business because Facebook for

example doesn't allow you to enter small

locations like it does in an ad set

level in a campaign at this level but

that's absolutely fine you can create a

for example countrywide look-alike

audience across the UK and then at the

ad set level add in your location

targeting criteria and then Facebook

will only target people that are in this

look-alike audience and also within your

specific location so let's say you know

if you were just wanting to advertise

around a particular city

let's say Birmingham and you

for example that's your area of

operation that's what you want to

advertise but you want to take advantage

of the look-alike audience that's how

you do it you create a look-alike

audience nationwide and then at the ad

set level you get more specific with

your location targeting and accent and

function people targeted need to be in

your look-alike audience and within that

target location

okay then you need to select your

audience size now this will depend on

where you're advertising so for most

businesses getting started in a country

like the UK a 1% is absolutely fine

because 1% refers to the 1% of Facebook

users in this country that are most like

my source audience so for example we've

uploaded an example customer list who

are the 1% of Facebook users in the UK

that are most similar to the people on

my example customer list okay does that

make sense so a look-alike audience in

the UK a 1% of black audience will

always have about 450,000 people because

there are roughly 45 million Facebook

users in the UK in the u.s. there's

about 250 million Facebook and Instagram

users in the US therefore a 1 percent

look-alike audience is going to contain

about 2.5 million people so the

percentage that you select very much

depends on the size of the location in

which you're advertising so in a country

like the UK 450 for most businesses

absolutely large enough to get started

for most persons in the US or 1%

look-alike audience is absolutely fine

as well you can go with 2.5 million not

a problem if you're advertising to a

country with much smaller populations

and let's say like New Zealand or

Ireland or something then you're going

to want a larger percentage look-alike

because you want your audience to be

larger likewise if you're going to be

advertising on a localized basis so

let's say go back to my example of the

area around Birmingham it would be very

important to not select one person but

to go with something closer to 10%

because if it's 4.5 million across the

entire country when I then get really

specific and just go with the Birmingham

area that might come down to half a

million for example okay so look local

audiences or smaller countries you want

a larger percentage otherwise getting

started with something like a 1% is

absolutely fine I've actually created a

whole video about Facebook audience size

and so I'll include a link to that in

the video description below

so if you're wondering how big should my

audiences be excited cetera I'd

recommend checking that out that will

clear up a lot of things for you but I

said for most people absolutely fine

with a 1% in most countries okay let's

go ahead and click create look-alike and

it's telling us that our source audience

is too small you need to have at least a

hundred people in the same country and I

knew it's going to do that and I wanted

that to come up because that's an

important thing for you to be aware of

when you are creating Facebook

look-alike audiences now we just created

a dummy list with one person in so this

clearly isn't going to work and in order

to create a look-alike audience as face

what you're saying here you need a

source audience so your base your

customer list etc needs to have at least

200 people in it in the same country so

let's say you're getting started a

look-alike audience based off of

previous customers it's probably not

something you can use right now and

that's okay everyone has to start

without that obviously but once you have

a hundred customers definitely come in

and create this look-alike audience and

I'm going to show you in a minute there

are other look-alike audiences on

Facebook that you'll be able to use

quicker because you rack up a hundred

and in one individual country a lot

faster than purchases okay but I'm going

to close this down because Facebook is

not going to let me do it with that

example customer list but all you would

do is just click create audience and

then your audience is ready right let's

also take a look at a few other types of

look-alike audiences so we've started

with soap remember to create a

look-alike you first need to create a

custom audience so click create audience

custom audience and we've already added

in a customer list now I used custom

list there but you could also use an

email list so let's say for example you

only have 50 people on a customer list

people have actually bought but you

might have 500 on an email list people

have just opted in for elite magnet or

something like that

well you can't create a look-alike

audience yet from your customer list

therefore you're going to have to create

a look-alike audience from your email

list for the time being the steps to do

that or exactly what I just demonstrated

it's exactly the same process so you

just click customer list but instead of

uploading a list of customers you just

upload a list of email subscribers in

the exact same manner that I just did


and all the email providers things like

MailChimp by the way you can just export


to then be able to upload straight into

Facebook in fact MailChimp have a direct

link so it's even easier but if you're

using something else then you can set

that up very quickly and easily so

that's basically one category you've got

customer list email list and then I'm

gonna move on to some others and by the

way that's what how I would rank them so

the absolute best performing look-alike

audience is one based on previous

customers the next one down so number

two in terms of results is a look-alike

audience based off of people on your

email list and then number three is a

look-alike audience based off of website

visitors that's the next one I go to and

how do you create one of those so

obviously when you come in to create the

custom audience you want to select

website now in order to be able to do

this you will need to have the Facebook

pixel installed on your website so I'll

include a link in the video description

below to another video and it shows you

exactly how to install the Facebook

pixel on your website make sure all of

that is set up but provided it is and

people are visiting your website and

Facebook's tracking it you can create

look-alike audiences based off people

that have visited your website which is

again a pretty good look-alike audience

to create not as good as off previous

customers because someone who visits

your website isn't as good a prospect as

someone who's bought from you therefore

advertising people that are similar to

them isn't as good as advertising to

people that are similar to people who

have bought from you and but it's still

a pretty good audience to start with

okay so there are lots of things you can

do very specifically with website

visitors for creating look-alike

audiences so I'm going to start with the

most simple so one thing I would

recommend you start with particularly if

you're getting started with this you

don't have tons of website traffic

it's just create the largest source

audience possible right so you want to

go ahead and select all website visitors

in the last 180 days okay that's going

to give you the largest source audience

and remember where possible the larger

the source audience the better because a

largest source audience gives facebook's

more data with which to create a very

accurate look-alike audience so for

example let's say we've got 300 website

visitors versus 10,000 website visitors

we create a look-alike audience based

off of each groups chunks of those

people the 10,000 is

to be a better performing source for a

look-alike audience because facebook

just has a lot more data and they can

draw conclusions and work out a half

that type of person really likes this

stuff let's add let's find people like

that okay so because of that it's also

good to be aware that look-alike

audience is improve over time so the

more people you add to your source

audience the better your look-alike

audience will perform so for most people

getting started I would recommend

keeping it simple and going with all

website visitors in the last hundred

eighty days but you can be more specific

so if for example and you had different

product ranges on your website well one

thing you could do is you could select

people who visited specific web pages

and you could enter in something

specific so for example I could pop in

you know my URL which is my website need

good okay okay and I could pop in

something like SEO okay because we now

offer SEO services as a business and

perhaps I just wanted to create a custom

audience of people who visited the SEO

related web pages on our website and I

wanted to create a look-alike audience

and of those people because I want to

specifically advertise SEO services as

opposed to our facebook advertising

services so if you want to get more

segmented you can actually do it

when you select people who've visited

specific web pages just be careful with

this URL here so I've done URL contained

so for example I could literally just

use SEO and that will then include

anyone that visits a page on a website

that includes the word SEO you can also

do URL equals if I wanted to put in a

specific URL to a specific page or a

range of pages okay and but for what

I've just described contains an SEO will

work absolutely fine now there are other

things you can do here you can include

more people exclude people say for

example you can include people that have

purchased exclude people that have done

other things you know perhaps visited

your website a bunch but not done

anything you can get very very creative

with that I'm not gonna get too bogged

down in that for the purposes of this

video because it's all about look-alike

audiences that is covered in my custom

audiences tutorial which is going to be

in the video description as everybody

mentions to check that out

so let's go back so you could get more

specific if we wanted to just advertise

SEO as I mentioned and

to businesses that tick this sort of box

I'm sure but let's say I just wanted to

go with all website visitors because

that's what I'd recommend starting with

so I'm going to go ahead and call this

something like for website visitors 180

okay I want to keep it very simple know

exactly what this is and then I'm going

to click create audience and you'll see

that the same window will come up so I

can then create click create look-alike

I can enter in my source audience here

and now this is a good thing to

demonstrate Facebook have not

automatically entered in the name of my

source audience in there okay so I'm

going to need to type it in when I do so

I try go to type in or website visitors

you will see that Facebook has value

based sources and other sources value

based sources is what I mentioned

previously whereby you're creating a

custom audience where the people in that

custom audience are assigned a value so

like the customer list where there's a

column for sales per customer sales

value per customer most of time that's

not gonna be the case you need to select

other sources and then you can see I've

got here or website visitors 180 I want

to see created this previously as a

demonstration but you can see it there

or so it's 20 so I've popped that in

specifically because Facebook didn't

automatically upload it

okay then countries or regions is

exactly the same but let's just let's go

ahead make this one in the US and then

we've got our 1% you can see yeah 2.4

million in the US then click create

audience and there we go now you can see

over here the Facebook is populating my

custom audience to this all website

visitors one eighty and then it's also

populating the look-alike audience

that's based off of that source audience

so I said that's going to take 20 to 30

minutes something along those lines but

is then you know absolutely fine don't

worry about it just come back when

you're ready and go ahead so that's

another type of look like audience

website visitors and there's all sorts

of things you can create off that now in

terms of using the Clark audiences to

get great results those three are the

ones that we use the vast majority of

the time look like audience based off of

previous customers look like audience

based off of an email list and

look-alike audience based off of website

visitors now there aren't look-alike

audiences that you can create a

side from those three that will work

reasonably well and are good to get

started with if you don't have any

previous customers anyone new in my list

or any website visitors so you have to

do those so again same process create

look-alike audience a great audience

custom audience and we've already dealt

with these two right we've done customer

lists and website and there's lots of

things you can do within those too but

we've sort of covered them broadly now

there are lots of different options here

I'm going to focus on the most commonly

used because that's can be most useful

for most people

video is one that's very commonly used

so if I select video I can now create a

custom audience based on people that

have viewed a video of mine so I could

for example at say okay let's go through

the steps so the first thing you need to

do is select engagement okay you can

create a custom audience of people who

have watched three seconds of your video

of more 10 seconds or these higher

percentages you know people who have

watched at least 95 percent now the way

you need to work this out is that

audience here

people who reviewed at least three

seconds if you've been running a video

ad or something like that it's going to

be the largest audience by far much

larger than these other ones because you

know loads of people have watched three

seconds of your video but the negative

to that is that just because someone's

watched three seconds of your video

doesn't mean that they're a good

prospect and doesn't mean that you

should create look-alike audiences and

based off of that prospect or those

prospects because it doesn't mean

they're interested in your stuff ninety

five percent is going to be the complete

opposite those people are really

interest us they are much better

prospects with which to create a look

like audience from but that audience is

going to be much much smaller and you're

probably going to need to run a video ad

longer to be able to use that as a

targeting option if you are wanting to

get started with video which is not an

option I use a huge amount but one to

get started with if you're getting

started I think about 25 percent is the

sweet spot then you want to go and

select choose videos and then simply

scroll through your videos and select

one that you know it meets the criteria

you can even select them all we go

through intersect every single video and

be like I want to the source audience to

create contain people have watched any

of my videos perhaps specific ones so

for example I could be like ah I want

anyone who's watched 125 percent of that


it's probably really interesting my

staff therefore I'm going to use that

one only and these are all untitled

videos because they're their lives that

I've done it in my facebook group in

case you were interested okay so I

selected that one but I said you could

select one video lots of videos it's up

to you then you need to choose how far

into the past this works oh is it people

that have watched within the last 30

days within the last 365 days except etc

when it comes to creating custom

audiences that are then going to be used

as a source audiences to create look

like audiences I'm a big fan of making

the audiences as large as possible

because that gives Facebook more data

with which to create a more accurate

look-alike so 365 is the maximum and

that's what I'm going to use so I can

have some example yeah I could have

video viewers 365 okay something very

very simple like that and then click

create audience and then you will see

that the exact same process happens so

it says it's gonna take 30 minutes no

problem and they've actually given me a

slightly different window here which is

quite useful quite interesting and but

to create the look-alike audience now

you want to select expand your audience

and you can see we've been presented

with the exact same options okay so

we've got video viewers is our sauce for

our look-alike we want to target the

United States 1% is absolutely fine and

we click create audience ok so that's

how you do it with video viewers I'm

sure you can sort of think through the

applications you can see those

populating couple other options one is

we click create audience and custom

audience is to do it based off of people

who have interacted with you on either

Facebook or Instagram so these are very

very similar

I'll show you Instagram quickly so let's

say that you've got a good Instagram

following okay you think that would be a

good source audience with which to

create a look-alike to be particularly

effective if you're advertising a lot on

Instagram well you come into this window

here and then again you've got some

various different options so you can

have people that have visited your

profile people have engaged the personal

ad et cetera et cetera again same as

before when it comes to creating a

source audience for a look-alike I like

my custom audiences to be as large as

possible therefore I would recommend

starting with anyone who engaged with

your business

the source if you look like if you have

tons of Instagram followers yes you

could select one of the other options

but that's what I get started with and

then again into the past

I'm going to go 365 days ok so fairly

fairly straightforward and then I just

need to name this audience so I could

call this probably Instagram engages 365

great audience and then you can see

create a look-alike exactly the same and

let's do exactly the same and keep

everything consistent so it will make

sense ok and by the way what I just

showed you is exactly the same with a

Facebook page engage the web so has an

Instagram business profile and Facebook

page if I select Facebook page look it's

exactly the same options that you've got

here ok I mean there's a few more

options down here because the platform's

slightly different but it works exactly

the same ok so I'm just going to click

back off there so those are two options

you can create custom audiences based on

people who have engaged with you on


create custom audiences based on people

who engage with you on Instagram and

then use those to create look-alike

audiences again not something that we

use a lot video viewers basically

audiences and the Instagram and Facebook

engages based look-alike audiences are

definitely in a sort of second tranche

below our top tier which is look-alikes

based off of customer lists look like

space off of email address and look like

based off of website visitors so be

aware this is an X rundown but as I've

already said if you don't have previous

customers if you don't have an email

list if you don't have much website

visitors but you have been doing some

stuff on Facebook and Instagram

advertising videos then this is a really

good option to to use and potentially

focus on so the last type of Facebook

look-alike audience that I'm going to

show you how to create in this video is

one based off of lead forms so go ahead

and select this option here so if you're

running a lead generation campaign and a

lead generation campaign is simply a

facebook advertising campaign whereby

when someone clicks on the ad instead of

being taken through to your website we

were a landing page they are kept on

Facebook and they can enter in their

details via a forum on Facebook become

early and then you can follow up with

them as a business now obviously with

that campaign structure people are going

to interact with your lead form they're

going to open it they go

to submit it and you may want to create

a custom audience out of people that

have taken those actions and then create

a look-alike audience based off of those

people okay so if you're running lead

generation campaigns this is a great

option to use a great way to create

look-alike audiences based off people

who have taken the action you want

people to take and that's therefore

gonna help you with your future

marketing efforts okay

so just like with the other types of

custom audiences that we've created

there are various options here now the

default is anyone who opened this forum

so that would refer to anyone who has

clicked on the ad the forum has come up

and they didn't necessarily do anything

with it you can be more specific and go

with people who open but didn't submit

which is not what we want in this

scenario where we want to target people

that very similar people who didn't

submit the lead form that doesn't make

sense but you can select it people who

opened and submitted form now if you're

going to go with this option as a source

audience for a look-alike this is the

option that I would select because yes

you've got a large audience by selecting

anyone who open this form but with the

people who opened and submitted for a

form option you're only including people

in this source audience that have

actually become a lead on Facebook and

targeting people that are very similar

to people that have become a lead so

basically a look-alike audience based

off of this audience is a fantastic

audience to target and that's one of the

reasons why we will use this if we are

running lead generation campaigns that

use lead forms as part of our Facebook

advertisement strategy for a client so

we're going to use the three in the top

tier that already mentioned and this one

from time to time depending on the types

of campaigns that we're running for a

particular business okay so we're going

to create this custom audience other

people who opened and submitted the form

in the past 90 days which is the maximum

Facebook will allow you unfortunately I

would like to be able to use 180 or 360

five but for privacy reasons and they

capped that at 90 nothing we can do but

you do want to use the maximum time

period particularly when selecting this

option people who opened and submitted

the form because as I've already

mentioned that's a great basis a great

source audience with which to create a

look-alike then you need to select the

specific forms that you want to use so

whatever it is that you've created you

know when you create a lead form as part

of an

generation campaign you need to give

that form a name I think we've got some

example ones great in this account so if

I select and click in yeah Facebook ads

free facebook ads for two weeks

certified is something we experimented

with at some point no doubt definitely

something we're running by the way guys

now if you're a if you're interested and

so that anyone who interacted with that

lead form fantastic now we want to call

this something like lead form submitters

ninety keep things consistent capital

elephone so now I leave form submitters

create audience and that's creating the

custom audience it's gonna be our source

for us to now create a look-alike

audience and we're going to do exact

same as we have done before so let's go

with us let's talk at a 1% and let's

click create audience fantastic and as

you can see all those are still

populating as you would expect so that's

how you go about creating the custom

audiences and then the look-alike

audiences based off of those custom

audiences within the audiences tab a

very important part of Facebook

advertising of targeting and said look

like audiences deliver the best results

I'm just gonna very quickly now show you

how you go about actually targeting

these look like audiences at the ad set

level so just click on this little sort

of matrix of buttons here and we want to

jump back into ads manager okay so we're

back now in our example ad account

we've actually got an example campaign

set up so let why not go into that click

into that let's create a new ad set so

I'm just going to very quickly pop it in

your ad setting here new example ad set

in fact why don't we call this new

look-alike ad set and then let's click

save to draft and then in order to

actually target your look-alike audience

you want to scroll down don't worry

about all the other settings I've got

tons of videos on all of those if you're

interested in any individual partner

Facebook ad campaign like conversion

events where are we conversion events or

optimization fat delivery just literally

search for those in YouTube in my name

and you will find a video on those I

want to scroll down to this section here

so it's it's under the custom audiences

section I know it's a bit confusing

because custom audiences are technically

your audiences and then you create

look-alike audiences from those but

that's how Facebook do it so you would

then want to pop in one of your

look-alike audiences so you can see

we've got all you can see you look like

audience custom audience and let's say

we wanted to target that last one we

talked about the lead form submitters

that we just created in the last 100 90

days remember it's not those people

it's a look-alike audience based off of

those people okay

very important to be aware of that and

you can see the potential reach on this

side by the way is fewer than 1000

that's just because it hasn't populated

yet once it's populated that have a lot

more and we'll be able to run the

campaign I would wait just out of

interest to run the campaign if your

audience too still populating make sure

it populates first otherwise your

results are likely to be poor or the

campaign just simply won't run and in

terms of other targeting options now

obviously this is a US based look-alike

so we need to be targeting the US so

that's very important so let's make sure

I put in the right country in here on

click so we want to put in the United

States in there okay but other than that

I would leave all these other targeting

options completely open so I wouldn't

send any aimed gender and definitely no

interest targeting options or any

detailed targeting options

anything else you add in here the way it

works is it'll narrow down your

look-alike audience and and you just

don't need it the whole point of a

look-alike audience is you want to

target people that are very similar to

other groups of people like your

previous customers if you go and say for

example or anyone's target people that

are 40 to 60 or you could miss out on

some 38 year olds that are very similar

in very other ways to your ideal

prospect and you don't wanna miss out on

those people so the look-alike audience

will handle all this stuff for you if

you were to go in and add any detail

targeting like interests or anything

like that again it's gonna act like an

and function so people have to be in the

look-alike and they have to be in that

interest targeting option and you can

bring your audience size down way too

small I get quite a lot of comments from

people saying I tried running a

look-alike but it nothing happened it

didn't deliver it didn't get any

impressions and that's usually because

they've added a look-alike and they also

added an interest targeting option and

just make the audience too small because

it's an and function okay or even you

know multiple interest targeting some

things like that which is really going

to M hurt the only thing I want to do is

make sure you got the right target

location so as we've already said if you

want to advertise on a local basis and

as let's go back to a previous example

of Birmingham here in the UK Birmingham

England 25 miles and obviously if that's

your area of operation that that's where

you want to advertise like don't

advertise to the whole country if you

only operate on a local basis and but

just be aware that because we've

narrowed this down significantly to just

this size this area you're going to want

a higher percentage look-alike audience

to start with because that's gonna bring

your overall audience size down so

usually when we're advertising for a

local business and we are using

look-alike audiences we're usually going

to go with the maximum of 10 percent

that's quite important that won't be the

case if you're advertising in a local

area but the population is still really

big like we're advertising in in LA or

London for example well those are such

big areas so many people in those areas

that we can get away with let's say a

fight percent look like or something

like that ok by 10 again make sure you

give look like audiences ago guys they

really are very very panicked powerful

very very effective we use them all the

time go through them in terms of the

tiers that I mentioned you start with a

look like based on previous customers

then I look like based on your email

list then I look like based on your

website visitors I look like based on

lean lead form submitters look like

based on video viewers look like based

on Instagram engages look like based on

Facebook page engages okay work your way

through the list what's the highest one

you have available start there and if

you don't have previous customers fine

email that's don't have any more website

visitors etc etc hope you understand how

that works and when it comes to

targeting in your ad set make sure you

only include one look-alike audience per

ad set don't include three different

types of look-alike audiences because

that gets very confusing when you're

analyzing your data you know was it the

look-alike audience based off my email

list or my website visitors that

delivered these great results if you

separate them out into separate an sets

then you're likely to see

much clearer data which will help you

with future optimization decisions and

bet better enable you to optimize your

campaigns and make adjustments which

make a big big difference to Facebook

advertising so hopefully that has been

useful before you go I wanna quickly

talk about our Facebook advertising

services so if you are running Facebook

ad campaigns in sacrament campaigns

yourself and you would like to work with

a professional agency have a company

like mine handle it for you we'd almost

certainly be able to help you get much

better results and we can completely

take it off your hands so we offer done

for you Facebook Instagram for testing

services we can create the campaigns

manage them optimize them write the ad

copy create the images edit videos all

that sort of stuff everything that's

required on Facebook and Instagram to

get you the best results possible now

the starting point to work with us is

$3,000 per month that's your what's your

overall budget needs to be to work with

us and if you meet that criteria I'd

love to have a very no obligation very

relaxed conversation with you and you

can book a free 30-minute strategy

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all works etc etc so if you're

interested in that and you spending or

want to spend more than 3k a month on

Facebook Instagram ads then hopefully we

speak if not one to wish you the best of

luck with your Facebook advertising

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