Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original Review - Babylist

hey there I'm Mallory a Babyliss scout

here to talk to you today about a

game-changing swaddle this swaddle up

original from love to dream now don't


that didn't look like a swaddle to me

either while most swaddles keep baby's

arms down this is a zip-up swaddle that

lets you sleep with your baby's arms up

raise the roof style it's a great choice

for parents who don't like those

complicated swaddles as well as those

babies that like to keep their arms up

but still need their swaddle reflux

combed so we've tried many swaddles

we've searched many swaddles and there

really are quite a few good ones out

there however the love to dream went

quickly to the top for our family and

now let's talk about why that is the

phrase that goes hand in hand with this

swaddle is easy peasy how quickly we're

able to get our girls swaddled up is by

far quicker than any of the other ones

we use it really comes in handy on those

extra fussy days or nights that we just

need to get her swaddled up ASAP you

guys know what I'm talking about with

that which really makes the swaddle up

so quick is the zipper design no extra

time spent folding and trying to hold

down your squirmy baby's arms it's just

a quick tech of both arms and legs and

then a quick zip up

hence the swaddle up fun fact for you

there are only a few of these zip up


and this is in fact the only one that

will allow your baby to sleep in its

natural position of keeping its arms up

the more traditional way of swaddling

holds your baby's arms down and doesn't

really allow them to self-soothe which

can oftentimes frustrate them I've

experienced that one we really have the

best of both worlds here with it's 93

percent cotton and it's seven percent

elastic material this gives our baby

girl a snug fit with no extra wrapping

needed she gets all the benefits of

swaddling making her feel secure and

calming all of those natural startle

reflexes while still allowing her

movements and her able to reach her

mouth which gives her that ability to

self soothe and helps give us more sleep

since we first started using the love to

dream swaddle we really have seen how

much our baby girl loves it and we do

too some of the other must be mentioned


come from the design of this swaddle are

these with its special arm wings it

prevents the face scratches it's wide

bottom makes the swaddle hip healthy

because it allows baby's hips to move

naturally and it's genius to a zipper

totally helps make diaper changes so

much easier we've happily embraced this

into our nighttime routine even nap

times between it's three different sizes

newborn small and medium you'll find a

swaddle just for your little one from

five pounds all the way to eighteen and

a half pounds penny here is rockin the

medium in gray oh and I should mention

that this is one of the few different

colors available and there's an organic

option as well the fabric is soft and

light while also keeping your baby warm

it's an easy machine wash with the

option of laying flat or tumble drying

just one thing you should consider if

you love the swaddle up you may need

more than one the winged fabric does

like to get wet if your baby likes to

suck on their hands this has not just

been an absolute must for us but for the

whole family

swaddling can be pretty intimidating for

many first parents grandparents aunts

and uncles but the love to dream swaddle

truly makes it so easy for everyone to

get that perfect swaddle every single

time so you have this swaddle that's

easy peasy for us and natural for our

babies that my friend is a swaddle that

I can back and recommend for gear

registry if you're still doing some

swaddling research be sure to check out

Babyliss best swaddling guides thanks

for watching and happy swaddling