When should you start wearing makeup? - Mom Minute with Mindy of CuteGirlsHairstyles

hey everyone welcome back to another

episode of mom minute as a mom of two

teenage girls the subject of makeup

comes up a lot in our house so when I

saw this tweet from Miranda I knew I

needed to answer it

she asks when should younger girls be

allowed to wear makeup I think this

question is one of those that's going to

vary from parent to parent some parents

feel strongly about their kids never

wearing makeup until they're a little

bit older like even a teen or when

they're leaving the house because they

want their kids to really embrace their

natural beauty and not wear makeup at

all other parents don't mind at all if

their kids wear makeup at a young age so

it's going to vary a little bit from

family to family and it's always at your

discretion what you do with your own

children now it's also going to vary a

little bit based on the child some girls

are going to be interested in makeup at

all where others are going to show an

interest in it at a very young age for

my family I personally feel that wearing

lip gloss when they're like 10 or 11

isn't that big of a deal by the time my

girls were 12 they were wearing a little

bit of mascara some powder some

concealer that's okay with me I think

what is more important is to ease your

children into wearing makeup now if your

twelve-year-old goes from wearing

nothing to wearing tons of eye shadow

and you know big bright red lips that's

going to maybe scare you a little bit

more than if you take your kids to the

store and you teach them how to wear

their makeup so a lot of cosmetic stores

maybe you don't know this but they'll

actually give you great demonstrations

on how to apply makeup for yourself so

you can take your daughter in they can

sit down they can have somebody show

them how to enhance their natural beauty

because that's ultimately what wearing

makeup is it's about enhancing your

natural beauty not covering it up and if

you're doing that

I don't think wearing makeup is a bad

thing at all in my opinion being a

teenager is all about learning how to

spread their wings as a parent my job is

to teach my children how to grow and

become adults in those teenage years so

as they get older you know starting when

they're 12 up to 18 my role is to

decrease how much input I'm giving them

because I want them to be great and


adults when they leave the house and

capable of doing things for themselves

so I'm going to start taking a back role

as a parent and become more of like a

guidance counselor to them when you're

still their parent but you're giving

them input and then allowing them to

make those choices for themselves so

that you feel like they're competent

when they leave home and I feel the same

thing is true about makeup if you don't

have them wearing makeup at all then

when they leave the house they might

kind of go crazy and they don't know

what to do you haven't taught them they

have no skills but if you put them into

a makeup situation when they're a little

bit younger that's appropriate for their

age and then ease them up into more and

more makeup by the time they leave home

they've learned how to do it in a very

beautiful way and it simply enhances who

they are instead of taking away from

them thanks for the question Miranda I

really appreciate it now how old were

you guys when you started wearing makeup

leave me a comment below letting me know

and if you have another question for me

be sure to tweet me at the moms view

have a great weekend guys we'll see you

next time