BABY PLAY MATS | Mommy Must Haves

hey everyone welcome back baby spend a

lot of time on the floor laying and play

especially when they start rolling and

crawling and of course doing their tummy

ties play mats are great because they

provide a clean safe and portable way

for your baby to play anywhere that you

are you may have noticed that I said

play mat and not faux mat here at mommy

must-haves were very careful not to

recommend foam products because most

foam is actually made from petroleum we

like to focus on products that are

non-toxic and are safe for your baby

let's look at some of the features that

I love about play mats many are stain

and water resistant which is great

because we all know accidents happen

some can also be cleaned in a washing

machine many can fold up very small

sometimes into a zipper case or into a

bag system with a strap that means you

can either put it in your diaper bag put

it on your stroller means that you'll

always have it with you so you always

have a nice safe clean surface for your

baby no matter where you go now let's

look at my recommendation if you have a

small budget

I love the JJ Cole travel blanket it

retails for $29 and it comes in a

variety of fun different prints one

thing that I love about this blanket is

that it has an ultra durable outer layer

what's great about this is it's going to

make a soft surface no matter what

surface area you're actually putting the

blanket down in be it a little bit rocky

or sandy it's always going to feel nice

and smooth and comfortable for baby the

inner material of the blanket is stain

and water resistant which makes it so

easy to clean another great feature

about this blanket is that it folds up

into a very portable blanket at such a

great price I recommend having two of

them one in your car and one in your

house you can use that's actually in

your house as a safe surface for your

baby that's what I did with my son and

he absolutely loved it and now for a

medium budget the brand-new Monkey mat

is a totally different type of blanket

it's five feet by five feet wide and

cost $39 what makes it so innovative and

cool is that the corners of the blanket

are actually weighted down if you've

ever been to the beach or the pool and

experienced win you know that a blanket

can become airborne and what happens is

sand and other things can get into your

baby's eyes this blanket will prevent

that from happening another thing that I

love about the monkey mat is that it has

four loops in the center of the blanket

that will allow you to secure toys so

that your baby can always find them

the monkey mat is ultra portable it

folds up into a very small little pouch

which has a loop on it you can easily

throw it into any diaper bag or even the

smallest clutch so you always have your

blanket with you finally if you have a

large budget I love the Nook lilypad

play mat this play mat features the

signature nook pebble system this is

great because it allows air to circulate

underneath your child so that they never

get too hot as they're playing another

great thing about the pebble feature is

that if your baby has enough mattress

this allows for continuity and the baby

will feel right at home on this play mat

it's made from 100% organic cotton and

eucalyptus and one of my favorite parts

it's machine washable such a great

feature to have and so that's it those

are my three recommendations for play

mats have fun playing with your baby and

I'll see you on the next episode of

mommy must-haves