today's video is a training pants review

and comparison so we recently started

potty training Charlotte we decided to

do early potty training I have a blog

which I'll link down below if you guys

are interested in hearing our reasons

why we decided to start this early so we

have tried both Huggies pull ups and the

pampers Easy Ups on our potty training

journey so far

and so I thought I would give a little

review and comparison on the two I

definitely have a favorite just a little

disclaimer I am a huge pampers fan but I

did get both training pants the benefit

of the doubt

and this is a true unbiased comparison

let's get into the video so up first we

have the Huggies pull-ups we actually

tried these ones first

just because Huggies pull-up seems to be

the most popular training pants on the

market at least from what I've heard so

the very first thing that I loved about

these pull-ups is the fact that they

have the cutest little characters so

this one here has Minnie Mouse the box

also came with a Jesse from Toy Story

character on some of them so super cute

may seem a little bit silly too like a

pull-up for the characters but hear me


my daughter is obsessed with Minnie

Mouse lately and so I am using this

character to my advantage I am trying to

tell her and she shed hoping that that

little simple phrase and will help her

realize that she should not be peeing in

these she should be going on the potty

so little silly reason we'll see if it


so for the boy version that they had

Mickey Mouse and I believe that was

Woody from Toy Story I think it's silly

that they've genderized training pants

but anyway it is what it is I just

decided to go with these ones because

many notes had they not had the girl

ones and stuff I wouldn't have cared I

would have just purchased the boy ones

but so the next thing is that I really

love about these pull-ups is the fact

that it has the wetness indicator so I

actually was extremely surprised about

this certain diapers that I use I think

starting at size 3 actually didn't

include the wetness indicator so I was

extremely surprised to see that it was

on the pull-up I really like that

feature because the more they pee the

more it fades and obviously at a certain

point you can tell that they've peed so

it's really helping me with like the

observation stage of potty training like

trying to pick up on her patterns when

she's peeing I don't take her pull-up

off like after one accident I wait like

for - depending on how much she's going

so because of this I can tell when she's

went because the wetness indicator

starts to fade more and more so I hope

that makes sense but I do really like

that feature so the next feature that I

really really love on the Huggies

pull-ups is the fact that it has the

adjustable velcro sighting so you can

actually just pull this over to adjust

it to the size you need Charlotte is in

a size to teach at 3t Huggies pull-ups

do come in 12 to 24 months as well but I

was having a really hard time finding

that size and I also quickly realized

that the 2t - 3 T actually starts from

16 pounds so just to give you a little

size comparison Charlotte is currently

in 12 to 18 month clothing at 15 months

old and she is about 20 I've seen 21

pounds now and about 31 32 inches tall

so just a little size comparison the 2t

- 3 T does fit her I do adjust the

velcro sighting just a little bit to

make it a little bit more snug those are

the three biggest pros that I really

liked about the Huggies pull-ups now to

get into the con

so the very first thing that I do not

like about the Huggies pull-ups is the

fact that my daughter is leaking in them

so when I say she's leaking I mean

overnight Charlotte has never had an

issue leaking through diapers overnight

so she's not urinating any more than she

used to overnight but the thing about

Huggies and I will say I had the same

issue with the Huggies diapers is the

fact that they are so so narrow and

she's actually leaking out the side so

it doesn't matter if I size up they're

still super super narrow I find that

when you size up it really just extends

it here and maybe here a bit but the

sides seem to always be narrow on any

Huggies products that I've tried anyway

I know probably the point of it is for

it to be snug to them but she just seems

to be leaking in these overnight not

every night but some nights and that is

just really annoying to me an

inconvenience that is one feature that I

really do not like about the Huggies

pull-ups but that's gone to these

pull-ups is going back to these velcro

straps when you go to adjust these they

don't always stick back nicely and it's

not everyone liked this one it seems to

be sticking quite well but I find that

it just comes undone super super easily

in the middle of her wearing it also

really annoying thing is when you pull

it down when I put her on the potty the

velcro starts to come undone and then

again it doesn't always stick back

together so that is one thing that I

really do not like about these pull-ups

and the last con about the Huggies

pull-ups is the material it's just a

very rough diaper material Charlotte has

suffered from a really bad diaper rash

that is one of the reasons we decided to

do early potty training

I know pull-ups aren't much different

than diapers besides the fact that you

can pull them up and down but these are

just pausing we have a little visitor

you come say hi come see how your

friends come say hi

and see cry she's still in her pajamas

yes so back to what I was saying

yeah the material is just super rough on

these it's causing her diaper rash to

get even worse since I've started using

these so that is definitely a con so

moving on to the pampers Easy Ups so

these are by far my favorite pull up and

you will see the reasons why I do have a

couple of cons to these nothing can be

perfect but these overall are the ones

that we will continue to use these ones

also have a really cute design these

ones are trolls I think they're all the

same in this box they just look like

that and then the back just has some

more trolls on the back both of these

pull ups by the way do have the little

label at the back that says back so if

your husband is anything like mine I

can't figure out which side is the back

it's dad proof guys just kidding but

anyway she is also a size 2 T 2 3 T in

the Pampers easier talking about the

pros first the very first pro is just

how stretchy these are if you look at

the stretch on these ones compared to

the Huggies pull-ups you can only

stretch the Huggies pull-up so far

before the velcro starts to rip so that

is one thing that I really really love

about these the second thing is the

material is so so soft and since I've

switched over to these ones Charlotte

has not had a single diaper rash at the

end of the day it still is paper but

it's a lot softer it's a lot smoother on

her bottom and like I said a big big pro

is she hasn't had diaper rash since

we've started using these another thing

about these training pants is since

we've started using these ones in

particular she has not leaked at all we

have been using these ones strictly now

for two weeks

and not a single leak so that is a big

win in my book these ones are quite a

bit wider in this air

compared to they hug these pull ups just

to give you a visual comparison you have

about that much more space so it may not

look like a lot but it is quite a bit

and it's preventing leaks so that is

great so a few cons the Pampers one does

not have the wetness indicator so for me

that is a nice to have it's not a

necessity like I said I really was just

using it to monitor and observe like how

many times she was peeing and at what

time not a big deal

I can kind of tell by the weight when

she's went again anyway these ones are a

little bit bigger they do go quite snug

to her butt but they stretch over a

certain amount of time so they do start

to get a little loose and because they

don't have the velcro you can adjust so

that is one con to these but otherwise

they do fit her fine they're not falling

off or anything they pull down it's

super easy because they stretch so much

that is another comparison to the

pull-ups like I said these ones don't

stretch as much so they're harder to

pull down and that velcro ends up coming

undone so that's super annoying and then

the other con to this is since they

don't have the velcro you can't just

undo it when you're going to change your

child so when Charlotte goes number two

I still like to lay her down to change

her because it's just easier than trying

to do it with her standing up so even

though it doesn't have the velcro it

does have a seam here that just rips

I'll just show you how easily so it just

breaks super easily for diaper changes

so overall the cons to the pampers Easy

Ups are cons that I can live with the

thing that really let me down about the

Huggies is the fact that it just keeps

giving my daughter worse diaper rash may

not be the case for your child if your

child doesn't have sensitive skin like

mine does but that was the biggest thing

that I couldn't limp with so this is

just not going to work for us as I

mentioned the winner for me is the

pampers Easy Ups we will continue to buy

these ones for her we are also using a

lost pull-up however that one doesn't

hold and absorb as much as these so

these are definitely a necessity for

naps and bedtime even if you have your

child in underwear or cloth pull-ups

during the day you're going to want to

have something absorbent for nap times

and bedtime because they are not going

to start waking up if they have to go

through the night right away and it

takes them a while to potty train for a

nap signs and bedtimes so you're

definitely going to want to have

something that's more absorbent so

you're not constantly changing sheets so

that wraps up my review in comparison of

the chew training pants I hope you guys

found this video helpful please give it

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subscribe if you're new and I'll see you

guys in the next video bye eyes