Starting A Retinoid - The First 6 Weeks | Dr Sam Bunting

hey guys welcome back to Sam here

helping you get closer to great skin

days so we've covered retinoids what

there is out there how do you choose the

right one for you and how do you start

so in terms of which one you choose I

think it's clear to me that if you have

a significant problem so you've got acne

you've got melasma you've got

significant premature aging with marked

lines you may well want to go the

prescription route first if however

you're just looking for that freshening

you're looking for more a glow you're

slightly more even skin tone clearing

out a few clogged pores little

blackheads around the nose cosmetic

great is completely a reasonable first

step I think some of the easiest

products to use are the grand active

retinoid product or retinol to hide base

products and lift some options below and

I would start at the lower strength

which in whichever one you choose the

reason I like those two there isn't so

much to choose from in terms of strength

okay and I will do a how-to video so you

can see how I dial down the strength at

the beginning to make it easier to start

in a way that seems non-scary so the key

principles to starting are to choose

your retinoid that's fine and I believe

that if you're doing this for the first

time it's worth stripping out all the

other actives forget your acids forget

vitamin C just focus on doing your

retinol you might be able to go quite

quickly once you get started but you

won't know until you try and I think it

just makes sense to review any remove

any other variables that might

contribute to irritancy at the beginning

so things to watch out for the things

that give people where we are dryness

irritation redness and in those who are

actually preparing so I'm going to cover

those a bit later on when I get into the

okay we're starting and this is what to

expect in the next six weeks but those

are the things that people worry about

and I think if you choose the right

strength and you focus just on your


and you start slowing what are we missed

are slow well in the clinic I will

typically prescribe retinoid use for

every other night at the beginning and I

will start with lower quantities at the

beginning that I would want someone is

established so I talk about a fingertip

unit using a line of product as long as

your fingertip and I talk about a half a

fingertip so those are good measures

that are easy to reproduce night after

night that you're not using different

quantities in a haphazard way

consistency is key with retinoid use

every other night is a reasonable first

approach for the first two weeks but if

you're really nervous try it every third

night and just moisturizer than herbal

and moisturizer on the nights in between

so that's the first thing starting slow

look at your performance after two weeks

if things are comfortable you can

consider going up a notch and applying

it every night if you were doing it

every third night try every second night

so slowly slowly giving yourself time to

accommodate to this level before you got

to the back level it's all about this

landing like progression okay the next

thing to think about is the strength and

as I said most ranges now offer more

than one strength so you can start slow

and build up to the higher strength as

things become more comfortable but don't

be in a rush

think about improving over the course of

blocks of six weeks because that is one

skin cycle I certainly don't review my

patients any sooner typically than the

three-month mark which is two skin

cycles because that's the right length

of time to gotten through the tough part

into the good stuff and then to work out

how we reached our goals or should we go

further so those are the kind of

considerations I think about at the

beginning then it's important to have

your support kit so the things that are

going to make it so much easier for you

to get through that initial phase of

retina is a

where things can be challenging for me

that means three basic things the first

is a non foaming cleanser which is

fragrance free and non comedogenic

because that supports barrier function

effectively cleansing your skin without

depleting it without leaving it needing

you to put something back before you

even start your retinoid the second is a

non coffee moisturizer and I have no

problem using the same voice drier in

the daytime as the nighttime but for

some of you you might benefit from a

lighter formulation for day particularly

if you're an oilier site whereas using a

rich of product at night will help

increase the tolerability of your

retinoid at that time when you're not

that worried what your skin looks like

so don't be afraid to use heavier

products than you might normally use

because it will help you with your

tolerance the final thing is proper

sunscreen use guys you knew I was gonna

say this retinoids and sunscreen are a

match made in heaven they go hand in


belt embraces all that jazz you must use

a sunscreen every single day without

fail and use it properly if you're using

a retinoid it's just it is common sense

the reason why prematurely age is 80 to

90 percent down to UV rays so get with

the program and choose one that you are

comfortable using every single day and

by comfortable I mean using the right

amount so get your teaspoons out know

what the quantity is to give you that

level of protection promised on the pack

of your sunscreen no relying on tinted

moisturizer with SPF in it all the

little tricks and sort of sneaky things

we say to ourselves to try to convince

ourselves that sunscreen isn't really

necessary with a retinoid it is so do

your research

we put perfected basics together in my

skincare range so that you guys would

have a kid that is ready to go to

support your use of retinoid so if you

haven't have a look at that please do

check our website so you've got your

tools you've got your retinoid

you've got your support kit it's time to

start bye