8 Things You Should Know Before Using Rogaine! (MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS)

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anyways today I want to talk to you

about that a things that you should know

if you're thinking about using Rogaine

Rogaine is something that I've been

using for the past like two and a half

almost three years now and these are

just eight things that are the most

common things that I wish that I knew

when I started and some common things

that I've been getting DMS from from you

guys on Instagram in the comment section

below and you know there's frequently

asked questions that I think need to be

answered so with that being said what

the hell are we waiting for without any

further ado let's go ahead and jump

right into the video the first thing

that you should know about Rogaine is if

you want to use it if you plan to use it

do not expect 100% of your hair to grow

back that's just the truth of it Rogaine

is never guaranteeing you that you're

gonna be restored with a full head of

hair all this simply does is it helps

prevent hair loss by freezing your hair

by word ad and potentially restoring up

to 30 to 40% of your hair so if you are

going in with a bald head and thinking

that oh by using Rogaine I'm gonna have

a full head of hair like how I had when

I was I don't know 13 years old then

you're gonna set yourself up for some

major disappointment so realize that

Rogaine is simply a freezing factor

where it's just gonna basically freeze

your hair where it's at so the balding

doesn't at least progress any further

but it's not actually going to restore a

100% of your hair if you want to restore

your hair and stop it from the root

which is excess DHT then you should

maybe look into finasteride as it is a

drug that does come with some side

effects but weigh out your pros

Conn's and see if you're a good fit for

that number two it takes time this is

something you guys who DM me two months

in asking me yo this stuff is not

kicking in instead I'm losing hair you

need to realize that rule game takes

time it goes with your hair process so

don't worry about gaining your hair bag

or seeing results or seeing a decrease

in your hair loss until I'll say at

least the fourth or fifth month that's

when the complete process actually

begins and the process of the hair jus

Venetian will start that's when you'll

actually start seeing some kind of

result until then hold tight and keep

using it twice a day and be patient with

the process number three in the

beginning stages of using Rogaine you

need to expect hair loss

this is otherwise known as the Shetty

phase which happens within the first

month or two where rogen basically comes

in and it kills all the week hair and

the hair cycle actually kicks in in your

hair comes back and a gross bag fuller

thicker and stronger so as we said just

continue using it don't freak out when

you see hair loss don't freak out when

you see yourself abnormally going bald

just stick with the process be patient

with it stay consistent and those

balding spots that you see will recover

and this 100% normal and it's just part

of the process number four this might be

a tough pill to swallow for most of us

the usage of Rogaine and minoxidil will

have to become part of your daily

routine this is not something it you can

just use get results from and just ditch

it and they feed don't and if you choose

to just use it for the results and ditch

it do you're actually gonna lose your

results and look even worse than you

were before so this is actually a very

big drawback that sets back most people

from using minoxidil this is actually a

huge factor that you should consider

before even starting the treatment is

this something that you can see doing

for as long as maybe you can afford a

hair transplant or maybe they have a

better solution out there or this is

just something that you just don't want

to do because it can get expensive

personally it's not a big deal to me

because I just see it as if

dialing my hair so whenever I'm styling

my hair with my pomade I'll just throw

and Rogin over there it's really not a

big deal to me and I found a way to kind

of make it more of a natural thing to me

rather than a process where I have to go

through a bathroom apply it and make the

process very long and painful and hard

and number five if the benefits outweigh

the cost for you and if you guys do end

up saying yes I'm gonna do this yes I

don't mind using Rogaine if you want to

save yourself from a lot of itchiness a

lot of irritation a lot of mess a lot of

just nasty

unorganized mess then do not use the

liquid when I first got into using

minoxidil I wish someone had told me

this before I bought a three month

supply of the liquid because the liquid

when you put it on it's just very nasty

you put it on and then it starts

drizzling in the back of your ear and

goes in the back of your neck and very

unorganized very messy compared to the

foam the foam you can just shake up the

bottle put some in your hair and just

apply to the specific area where you

need it a lot of people care to argue

with me and they say in the comments

like yo the liquid is more effective it

does this it does that but it's honesty

it's all the same thing it's all about

how you apply it if you're applying it

to the right spot and it doesn't matter

if it's a foam or a liquid they will

both equally give you the same result so

guys if you have the option to pick

between foam or liquid please do go with

the foam will make your life a whole lot

easier and it will save you from a lot

of irritation a lot of itchiness and a

lot of mess in the future especially if

this is your daily routine you don't

want to make a mess

number six this is from my guys out

there who think Rogaine is overrated ly

expensive and I want you to realize that

Rogaine is not the only plan you can get

monoxide from there's so many brands out

there there's like Kirkland there's hims

there's keeps there's all these other

subscription services and things that

help make minoxidil actually more

affordable than you may think

so don't think that you're just limited

to the Rogaine brand because at the end

of the day Rogaine is just a brand but

they all create one similar thing which

is minoxidil minoxidil across-the-board

are pretty much the same so I don't

think that you're using the Rogaine

or the Kirkland brand will affect your

results you can go with either or the

reason why I personally like Rogaine

morris because I just like the density

of the foam it feels a little thicker

and I can control it in my hand more

when I work it in for me it just feels

better and for some reason for me one

little bottle of Rogaine last me longer

than the same sized bottle of Kirkland

maybe it's just me but that's just my

preference you don't have to stick to my

preference you can do your own research

and at the end of the day minoxidil is

minoxidil does not matter what brand

created it it will still give you the

same exact results don't think that you

can't afford it don't think that whoa oh

my god this way to expense it's gonna

break the bank but because no honestly

you can get this stuff for like 20 bucks

for a three-month supply I'll actually

go ahead and help you out and link some

affordable stuff in the comment section

below so you don't have to go anywhere

if that's what you're considering the 7

thing that you may want to know about

Rogaine is if you are a good candidate

for some people yeah Rogaine may be

great for them but for others it might

not be so good for you will actually get

the best results from Rogaine one is if

you're balding for less than five years

- if you hadn't gone completely bald yet

and three if your bald spot is less than

four to six inches so back here if your

if your boss spot is basically from here

to here it's you're probably not a good

fit you know and you want to be

realistic with this stuff you don't want

to end up wasting your money and time in

your first just to be let down evaluate

yourself to see if you're a good

candidate for this if not then there are

always other options out there and that

leads me to the last thing that I'm

gonna say about hair loss and Rogaine on

all these other treatments out there

that are for balding men like us I want

you guys to know that Rogan is actually

not the only option

out there for you if you fall into the

category that I listed where you've been

maybe balding for more than five years

or that bald spot is maybe too big maybe

it's actually time to consider a hair

transplant you know if you actually want

your hair bad enough if not just

completely accepted shave it off Rochard

with a beard and you will be just fine

it's all about how you feel about it and

if you feel confident in your skin into

rock of bald head and for other people

out there who want to see results with

their hair but are not ready to actually

commit with Rogaine

and make it part of their daily routine

there are definitely other options out

there like I restore which is a laser

hair growth era P company they make

laser hair growth helmets which I would

also highly recommend if you're into the

natural stuff there are natural oil

massages that you can use there's PRP

therapy there is finasteride there's all

these different things that you can use

to actually maximize your hair growth

and minimize the hair loss itself and

I've actually created a video on the six

things I've used to reduce my hair loss

and to basically restore my hair so if

you want to check that out I'll link it

up there and in the description below

guys I hope I answer some of your basic

questions that you guys had about using

minoxidil I know it can get confusing

cuz there's so much information out

there so I just took basically the most

common ask questions and I put them in a

video so let me know what you guys

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