hello everyone welcome back to my

channel I'm back with another kids here

video today I'm going to be showing you

how I shampoo and condition Camilla's

here and here is extremely fake at its

angles very easily so I'm going to be

showing you how I tackle all of that

which obviously curves a smile on her


now Missouri kiss line has a product for

everything that you need but today we

are going to be using their shampoo your

conditioner and lastly the square

rectangular that's all I need to get

through her lovely here so let's get

straight into the video so guys my

process is very simple

I start with detangling the hair then I

move on to shampoo in it and then I

condition it lastly now at this point

Camilla's hair has not been washed for

two weeks yes - holy you can imagine how

trey is how massive it is and how much

product buildup she has so what I love

to do is Secession it in two different

parts you don't need a comb or anything

just roughly with your hands section

over here and I like to start from the

past and work towards the front so

that's what I'm going to be doing the

other sections I just put those away I'm

going to focus on this first section

that looks so dry but yeah let me grab

that spray detangler I give it a good

shake and then i spritz her here

I do not saturate it I just spray it

very lightly just open up the cuticles a

bit and to help to start to detangle her

here now then I grab my wide tooth comb

and I start to be tangled her here

making sure that I hold onto the her

hair shop because this child is

extremely tender headed and the worst

thing for her is to feel me tugging

right through her sphere yeah if you see

she tents end up a little bit there but

that's normal with her so as I said I

worked through their hair detangle in

sometimes they even use my fingers to

really get through any not start there

and once I am happy and contented that

that first section

has been somewhat detangles I go ahead

and twist it up and put it to one side

you always make sure that I crease up to

hear a plane it's better to work with

her hair in section now I'm just going

to move on to the next section right

there in the middle and basically follow

the same set spray it with slightly

triangular to make sure that I get

process started from the roots right

down to the ends of her hair grab that

way to comb and start to comb through

the hair as gently as I can still trying

to get some of those knots out sometimes

I run my fingers through it

open up sections just a search to make

sure there are no little not hidden in

there twist that bad boy up put it to

one side with the other section and I'm

just going to move on to the rest of her

hair doing the same exact profit

carefully separating sectioning spraying

detangling and once I'm happy with that

I just go ahead and twist up the hair

this process is it takes time I'll be

honest but once I have her here the

tangles is so much easier to shampoo and

condition and lastly so slightly

afterwards because ultimately that's

what you want so as you can see that

first side is finished I have for chunky

twist and it's already looking good

let's move on to the next side so guys

as you can see I also finished the next

side and her hair is now ready to be

shampooed so I'm just going to grab the

shampoo I'm going to pour some of that

into the palm of my hand

after that I'm going to rub it into my


then start to work from the root of her

hair and then along the hair shaft in a

downward motion I really like to really

get into the scalp so that I can get any

buildup off of our scalps and really get

it as clean as possible massaging the

scalp will also help get that blood

flowing it also helps the mole careful

so we love the smell of the shampoo is

so amazing and it gives you a very good

split I find it very easy to use and it

does not leave the hair extremely strict

hard right after so we continue this

process all over here and I will go and

wash it out and we will be back so after

we installed all of the shampoo we are

on to conditioning and I just grab the

conditioner I'm going to be using and a

plastic cap this is how her hair looks

after we have shampooed and I'm going to

be using about the same sections that I

did before so I'm just going to grab

that conditioner and a play along that

first section I try to get it as

saturated as much as possible with the

conditioner and then I start to detangle

again now this is when I really get into

her hair and tangle it her hair tangles

very easily and sometimes it just seems

impossible to get a treat angles but the

conditioner really help

and I like to break down each section as

small as possible as I need to really

get in to the hair to make sure that it

is fully tangled before I even a plated

shower cap

now I'm just showing you how much hair

was left in the form after I detangle

that section and then I go ahead and

twist it up and then I put it into a

very loose bantu knot after that I'm

just going to move on to the next

section and repeat all of those things

applying my conditioner throughout the

section and then really beginning to

this kind girly and again I'm just going

to show you how much hair was left after

I detangle that section and I proceeded

to switch it up and a play into a loose

bantu knot afterwards and then I'm going

to move on to the next section works my

way up to the front of her hair and this

is how her hair looks as I completely do

tangled it and I'm going to apply the

shower cap and leave her for a while so

that conditioner can really break down

her hair so it's been an hour and this

is how her hair look you can see that it

looks very soft very silky I'm just

going to open up the section so you can

see I always love the results I get

because her hair is hard to manage and

really find a good product that really

works it's amazing so I'm going to head

now to wash that out and this is how her

hair looks after we have rinsed out all

the conditioner

I'm just going to separate it so you can

see a bit how the results are

smell guys that's it for this video I

hope it was helpful and I hope you

really enjoyed it I really love using

these products you really transform

Camilla's here

so be sure to check out Missouri kids

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I will see you in my next one thanks for

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