Treating Scars with Silicone Bandages —Video Discussion by Thomas Mustoe, MD

I would like to talk about a study out

of Europe that has examined the impact

of a new type of silicone gel cohesive

bandage on the treatment of scars by way

of introduction scarring is really a

major a worldwide problem whether it be

from a trauma a surgery or Birds bad

scars cause limitation of joint motion

because of the stiffness of the scars

and also they could be devastating in

terms of deforming appearance the

treatment of scars has really been has

had limited options and there's much we

still don't understand silicone gel in

its various forms creams bandages has

really been in use for more than 30

years our group shows one of the first

studies that demonstrated that it did

have beneficial effects and our lab has

been involved in many years and studying

the mechanism of how silicone gel works

and basically it prevents dryness of the

skin and thereby reduces inflammation

which reduces scars in this study there

60 patients 30 in the new treatment

group us 30 in standard therapy with a

different standard silicone gel combined

with pressure garments were treated for

six months and then several objective

measures of outcomes of scars were a

measured including scar probability or

stiffness which is a very important

parameter and

a widely used global scale was used by

the healthcare observer who was blinded

to look at outcomes the results of the

study were quite notable in that this

new silicone cohesive gel bandage which

works by allowing sticking to itself

very effectively and allowing both

compression or pressure to be used in

addition to the occlusive effects of

silicone gel and the results after six

months of treatment really were

significantly better in this group of

note there were no side-effects

I think the study was a very well done

study the limitations the study still is

the authors point out that the results

were seen at six months it would be nice

to see know what the scars looked like

at one to two years which would be more

meaningful time points it would also be

nice to understand a little better was

the improvement that was seen truly

clinically important to justify the

presumed additional costs of this study

in addition the scars were on the

extremities it would be nice to know if

this bandage could be used on the trunk

as well in summary I think this is a

important area of scars and the use of

silicone gel which remains first-line

therapy this new bandage may be an

important new advance