Mom Hack: How I Taught My Baby to Drink from A Straw. EFFECTIVE!

hello everyone today I want to share

with you how I taught my baby to drink

from a straw cup now I know teaching

your baby to drink from a straw can be

quite intimidating at first especially

if you're a first-time mom like me who

literally have no idea what I am doing

of course our end goal is to be able to

teach our baby to drink from an open Cup

but being able to drink from a straw is

definitely a milestone for them to hit

because I've read in an article that

drinking from a straw actually requires

a different set of tongue and muscle

movements which helps them in their

development as well plus drinking from a

straw cup is so convenient especially

when you're on the go like when you're

on the playground or you're outside and

you you want to give your baby a sip of

water or juice or milk it's so

convenient versus an open cup which can

be messy at first when they still

haven't mastered the art of drinking

from an open Cup now I got some ideas

from other parents that you're supposed

to exaggerate the sipping action to

teach your baby to drink from a straw

but I ended up teaching my kid how to do

the fish face and I knew that I have to

transition my kid from drinking from a

bottle so a straw cup especially for his

milk feeds because he no longer enjoys

lying down or tipping over up to drink

his milk because it's just so interested

in his surroundings and he would rather

not drink the milk or just partially

drink the milk it's just go away right

after so I decided to buy some straw

cups and these are some of the products

that I bought the first one is the dr.

Brown's for a straw cup now I don't know

if it's just me but this does not work

like it literally does not work

I tried sipping from this straw right

here and water just won't come up I read

the manual I looked at YouTube channels

and it just does not work initially I

bought this one because it has to wait

it's draw at the end which is really

nice if your baby is going for a

different position water will still flow

versus the normal straw Cup that they

need to be

right because the straw is fixed going

down so let me know if you have this one

if you encounter the same problem as me

but right now it's just sitting on my

counter doing nothing because this may

be a detective product but it does not

work so that's dr. Brown's the second

product that I have is the opposite hard

struck up now I absolutely love off the

thought because I find that the material

of the bottle itself is really nice as

compared to the normal plastic bottles

of other brands but I find that for this

straw cup of occitan it actually needs

to be more advanced in drinking straw

now the reason why is because on the

opening of the straw there's actually a

flap to close the water from coming out

so the baby has to bite on the straw and

at the same time suck for the water to

come out it's more difficult to teach

your baby initially at first because I

find that the flap covering the water

flow takes a bit more advance in

teaching your baby to drink from a straw

cup I got frustrated because firstly I

got a defective straw Cup and secondly I

have a straw Cup that requires a bit

more advanced skill to drink from it but

I came along this last product and oh my

gosh you guys this was a total game

changer because I was able to teach my

kid how to drink from a straw Cup almost

immediately it was so quick like it

wasn't hard at all so this is the straw

cup from ritual ritual or Rochelle I

don't know how to pronounce it but I

think it's Mitchell let's go very rich

oh it's a Japanese company that makes

baby bottles and suppose a teacher baby

early on to drink from a straw Cup now

looking at it it looks pretty normal

like there's nothing special about it

but the difference is when you put the

water you close the lid it actually

creates a vacuum inside so it's built

and it's back to the inside and the

difference is if you can see here right

here on the red there's actually a push

button and what it does is when you push

the button water will actually flow out

from the tip of this and kind of gives

you a baby an idea that this straw right

here is a source of water or milk or

juice or whatever you're feeling but

it's just so amazing like you I only

need to like do it for my baby around

once or twice and he immediately got the

hang of it like he was drinking from a

straw Cup like a pro what I like about

this straw cup is that the edge of the

straw is kind of round and it's not cut

bluntly as opposed to other straw cups

that I saw so even if your baby kind of

inserts this in his mouth it's not gonna

be sharp or anything and the handle is

very stable so my baby would always hold

this by himself and then drink from a

straw cup independently alternatively

you can also use a juice box or a tetra

pack that you can push the juice gently

out of the straw and teach your baby the

same thing it's actually the same

concept as this one but the reason why I

chose to buy the ritual one it's because

number one I only have mellow straw at

my house so it's not really advisable

for you to teach your baby to drink from

a metal straw I haven't tried that and

I'm kind of scared to teach my baby for

a first-timer and number two that as I

mentioned this was a dual purpose for me

because this will transition to an open

cup eventually let me guys know how you

taught your baby to drink from a straw

cup or if you have used this product

like me and how it went for you a

disclaimer though I'm not sponsored by

ritual nor am i affiliate with a brand

but I just really believe that this

taught my baby to drink from a straw cup

so easily

and I wanted to share it with struggling

moms like me thank you so much for

watching and I'll see you next time bye