Easy Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

hello everyone I am dr. Arad nursing I

am working as a consultant gynecologist

and obstetrician at Fortis Hospital

lined up stretch marks appear during

pregnancy because of faxes and

stretching of the skin at the time of

rapid weight gain during pregnancy the

rapid growth of the baby and then

stretching of pregnancy which leads to

stress on the dermis layer of the skin

and that causes stretch marks and they

appear as a reddish lines around 90% of

the ladies they do get the stretch marks

and it is also dependent on your

heredity so if your mother has got

stretch marks during her pregnancy you

are also going to most likely to going

to get stretch marks as such there is no

specific region but of course if you're

gaining weight too rapidly if you're

eating you know injudiciously if you're

eating too much so one should eat in

normal way and you should just you just

require at extra 500 kilocalories of the

calories then the non pregnant females

so if you're eating too much you're

gaining weight rapidly your skin is

going to stretch and then it is going to

otherwise are such no known medical

disorder which is going to give you

stretch marks

yeah of course they are preventable it

is as such there is no proof that the

greens which are available in the market

and various stretch marks point means

they are going to help you much but of

course it is said that if you keep your

skin hydrated and if you very early from

the gestation if you apply creams

ointments to gentle massaging of that

Domon and you eat a lot of vitamin rich

and fruits and vegetable diet take a lot

of liquids water intake is good then the

stretch marks

they are preventable up to some extent

once the stretch marks they appear they

usually do not disappear that leads to

be very frank

but of course with time with the

tightening of your skin with the turning

of your skin they'd slightly get fainted

otherwise if you are treated they are

bothering you too much you can meet a

dermatologist and sometimes they say

that laser treatment and preventive

stretch marks but it is not complete

healing which happens the advisors are

said you have to be judiciously eating

during pregnancy apply some olive oil

avocado oil and wheat germ oils from the

very beginning on a redis ski you can

gently massage twice daily your

abdominal skin and be well hydrated eat

more of the fruits vegetables and

vitamin C rich vitamin E rich died

Dave's and walnuts you can eat eat fish

because fish contain omega-3 fatty acids

so all these healthy and

fruity vegetable diet can prevent you

your stretch mark formation up to some