Is it okay to use a Bumbo for my baby?

you wanted to know more about the Bumbo

and for anyone out there who doesn't

know what a bum bow is it's basically

like a semi flexible seat that a baby

can sit in once they're able to hold

their head up they can sit in the seat

and get a new view on the world and a

lot of parents have found it convenient

because babies are happy in it it gives

them time off of their head but there

are definitely safety concerns that you

need to know about before you choose to

use one several years back they were

actually recalled millions of Bumbo

seats are recalled because there have

been documented incidents where babies

have fallen out of the bum bows and had

skull fractures and injuries resulting

from those Falls safety straps have been

installed in some of the bum bows and

warnings have been put on all of the

bumbo seats so that parents using them

can think more about how to properly use

them even when putting it on the floor

and not even on a counter or another

raised surface babies have fallen out

and gotten hurt so they definitely

should be used at your own risk

I suggest talking with your pediatrician

about their thoughts on the bum bow and

if you have more specific questions

about the product you can check with the

manufacturer if you have more questions

in the future for me feel free to ask

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