Passing NCLEX in 60 Questions Using UWORLD 2020 | Percentages | Tips/How to Use UWORLD

hey you guys welcome back to my channel

finally this long-awaited video I know

you guys have been asking me about this

it's just I've had a lot of stuff going

on in my personal life today's video is

how I pass the NCLEX with just 60

questions using new world so let's get

right into the video

little small talk first let me start by

saying that your world is absolutely

amazing like yes it is expensive but I

think it's very very helpful let me give

you some background graduated May first

got my ATT on the 11th so that date was

May 20th so I had from the 11th to the

19th to study hit that really hardcore I

did get you world though when I was in

nursing school

already I got it April 1st I think it

was I got the 60d package I think it was

160 60 days and I came with the one

assessment but we're gonna go through

all of those like numbers and stuff that

you guys of course when I know here

first I'm just gonna go through how I

kind of used your world to my advantage

so I recommend getting a notebook I had

the five subject notebook and I'll show

you guys how I divided it so every tab I

have a different subjects here in the

front though when I was going through

you world I was noticing that a lot of

lab values and stuff are different than

ATI that I've done before so I make sure

to write every single one down so that's

what this is for just like a little just

a list of lab valley was my first topic

west med surg then we went into critical

care and fundamentals and OB and peace

and leadership and lastly I have mental

health and farm it was nice gonna have

everything in here all my notes are in

here you guys have watched my other

videos you know that I did not review

every single question I did do every

single question but I didn't review it

didn't have time let's go through how I

divided this your world has two thousand

one hundred and eighty four questions as

of this morning I checked five tabs in

my notebook so I divided 2184 by five

which made me at four hundred and thirty

seven questions so how I kind of divided

it was I kind of want to have an equal

amount of questions just so one wasn't

like overlapping into the next tab if

you get women saying so the first time I

had met search and I was six hundred any

questions the next time I had was

quicker care and fundamentals I put

those two together and they both came up

to 390

questions the third tab was peds Adobe

came out to 399 questions number four

was a leadership which came out to three

hundred and three questions and five was

mental health they came out to four

hundred or five questions every single

one but kind of med surg was the one

that was around the four hundred range

for the mental health and farm like

literary two different subjects while

like critical care and funds it was kind

of like and then P toby is just like the

specialties so like I mix those in


but mental health and farm I did have to

put a little Minitab a little bit up

like this just so I could divide it and

make sure I did not go into the next

section but yeah that's how I organized

and you guys saw what I was saying I was

doing so many questions that by the end

kind of I started typing because my hand

could not handle it you're gonna type

type from the right right beginning do

not go notebook to typing back to the

notebook like just pick one pick you to

your hand writer or type I picked I run

it because I'm running for me is like

mine you know he'd kind of think of me

writing while typing it's just I've just

recorded information - I'm gonna show

you guys what it looks like if you don't

know what he looks like

this is what it looks like this is like

the main page mind you I did take all

these screenshot after I was done with

you world after I was done with and

click so I went back and mess around

with some things so some of the things

are wrong I should have done it like way

before like the data can collects just

so I wouldn't have to changed anything

but you guys get the gist so you see

that it says the left hand side is a new

world question Bank you can create a

test look at your previous test

performance we're gonna go into notes

didn't really use that either flashcards

and use them didn't look at him it was

just there for me to look at this and

you can reset I did not reset anything

so I have no idea what that does and

then I'll tell you the expiration date

at the bottom here so when you create a

test you're going to create a test you

can pick it in tutor mode which it'll go

one question you answer it and it'll

give you the response right away which I

suggest that you do to be honest because

I did not do that I did it feel like the

first of all um tests that I took and

then like regular mode but I prefer the

tutor mode if you're doing reviewing

just because sometimes you take a test

and it's like sign it five questions and

then you have to go back and you kind of

forget the questions where well if you

answer that question right away get the

answer I'm at you know your rationale

like right there it's like this is a

rationale this is why it's wrong so

that's my kind of little tip for that

then you can go to question both so you

can use on newest questions as you can

tell you did all of them

incorrect questions which you can tell I

got like 900 almost a thousand wrong

marked questions I think I marked my

accident because I don't remember market

anything or also 2183 or custom which I

didn't use them either you see the

subjects here that's kind of what you

first see when you go into new world

let's do my test analysis so here is

what it looks like these are all the

subjects so you can go down you can see

how I did this is I don't think in any

order particular order is adult health

child health you can see the percentages

that they give you of how many questions

you got right which is green and how

many you got wrong which is red then we

can go into overall performance rate so

this is by system I think so it has its

each own little system so cardiovascular

and you can just see like all of the

I'll show you guys all of them

it's the percentages and the P ring

which I don't really know what that

meant I looked it up but it doesn't

really make sense and you can just see

how you're doing in each subject so if

you wanted to go to a particular subject

before you take an clicks you can see

which ones you got the most wrong there

which I recommend and yes you can just

see what your weaker subjects are in the

immune as you can see here I did I went

over to look for some over before my

NCLEX test and that's why they're blue

because I went over to look at him I

think min and M that I did like I said

if I question and I was just over it and

I just took off so this is how many

tests I did I did 69 tests so reminder

they weren't all 75 questions some of

them were you know I think the most if

you do is 75 a new world is at the max

limit some are 30 summer 10 summer 20

summers alive they just offended so

let's look at my overall performance

graph so this is my overall performance

graph if you've got performance reports

this is what you're gonna see so out of

all my questions I got 1200 correct

incorrect 1038 and omitted 18 then I

told you that it did do you mean after

my ank like so it doesn't not really

count but you can see how where I was in

the score ranked when I finished this my

scoring was on the midline so it was not

under below but it was a 48% 48th

percentile so the median score so I hit

that mark which is what I was hoping so

I was good with that one but here's what

I omitted them I went down that's why

it's important to let's go to my

performance by the graph sections this

my performance my graph so how many

tests I did depending how I was doing

like when I was at the 45 mark of

five tests I was kind of dipping down a

lock I'll probably doing a lot more and

I was really stressed out then you can

see the other one which is my date so

when I first started I was doing okay

you know steady steady steady then I did

really good and then when I was taken I

like something really bad because I was

hidden was questions so hard and I did

so many of them all at once but I think

I just drained myself out but I did one

new world like the exam you know so as

you can see here there was a hunch of

questions 68 I got correct and 32 I got

incorrect so I had an eighth 80th

percentile which means a very high

chance of passing so I was cited about

that it says adult health which is by

are gonna be tested on but of course

they're gonna give you the little

specialty questions they make it like

the NCLEX look at the day before my

Eclipse in the morning is what I took

this test so seen this I'll show you

guys gonna be okay clip of me having me

how I felt I saw it know I have a very

high chance of passing I'm in the 80th

percentile um which is fine I'm just oh

my god my heart that's fading I'm gonna

show you guys baby high chance a pansy

you can see I was very excited because I

was like that's one thing that I needed

you know what's make me a little like a

little get low excited so those were all

of my like numbers and stuff well the

one thing is that yeah take your time go

through each question review each

question make sure you have enough time

to do it cuz I quit like I said I

crammed I got her really early didn't do

it well in school because I was really

stressed out but you just need to make a

timeline for it but it was really

helpful so I suggest you do it like I

said know every single video that I have

NCLEX was a very very big take it one

day at a time don't do if I got a photos

like I did if you watch it's just do

like 75 a day divided by how many days

you have left next day divided again for

how many credits I had left to do those

that next day it's just you have to make

it work for you either get a calendar or

write stuff down just make sure you're

understanding the actual topics that

they're talking to you about because

that's what's gonna be an NCLEX like

you're gonna know the topic because of

this so I'll talk to you guys about tips

and tricks for you world so these are

more like the tips and tricks section of

the video I'm more than like the numbers

and stuff but take your time do not rush

please like I said time out how much

time you have to study and divide how

many days

by how many questions so you can kind of

get them you all the questions you're

gonna do each day if it's 50 if it's a

hundred if it's 200 if it's 25 like

whatever I did mine by a subject I

prefer to do cardiovascular by itself

Russell story by itself I do not like to

mix different types of systems together

just because that's how how my brain

works better I work better by kind of

dividing each thing on my ankle X is

gonna be random random random but that's

what the assessment is for so if you

have an assessment that's what it's for

it's gonna give you all these random

questions and throw it at you my

recognition is to do it by system just

to get you in that cardiovascular mode

you're like okay heart think of heart

think of heart instead of like think

apart oh wait now it's Pete oh wait

like now it's this like goal by a system

another tip is to make sure you actually

read the rationale if you read anything

I know at the end I was kind of rushing

so if anything read that last sentence

at the bottom of the you will question

it has a big rationale then at the end

it says like educational note or

educational something it says at the

bottom read that one at least that'll

give you a summary of what's on top if

you're gonna do anything please just

read the rush now if you get it wrong

don't get discouraged if you see your

scores going down trust me I had scores

in the 30s that sometimes forties that

but then also scores in the 80s and then

in the seventies and it felt good and

it's just don't don't think of my

numbers I think you have to get my

numbers just because you want to end on

60 questions or just because you want to

you know hit a certain point but go at

your own pace everybody learns

differently don't worry about other

people's numbers I know a lot of people

don't like hey did you get this in the

50s you know 60s and yeah most people

who are in the fifties of 60s are the

ones who are passing but people's in the

forties still say they passed people in

the 90s still say they failed so it's

just think about and worry about you and

how you're doing don't think about

anybody else so right now as you can

tell worst Quarantine kind of still I

went in my car got myself a little desk

because you guys saw my other video will

stay here because NC and one in the car

and did my you're all questions being

home is really stressful and I

understand that trust me I'm just during

school I was at home most stressful so

find an environment where you are

comfortable you are quiet and trust me

an enduring environment

and collects another environment at all

but it was a place where I can be by

myself no noise no nothing just sat

there my car did my questions and got

that shouldn't done another thing is

also take time for yourself please you

get some of the motor and collects and

collects neck legs neck looks like

questions like that's all you're

thinking of but one day go outside go

get your nails done go do whatever you

want go be with your friends it's not

bad take a day to yourself at least once

a week that you're saying Franklin ride

be a couple hours just you know what hey

I'm gonna go to McDonald's give myself a

sundae come back then also it's not a

big deal take time for you your health

comes first do not trust me I was not

eating when I'll stay Frank likes again

all like I was just like not eating not

in the mood for anybody like I didn't

want to talk to anybody I don't want to

do with anybody take time for you then

do whatever you need to do it to calm

yourself and to get back in the water

studying because if you're not studying

you're like saying a hundred questions

and you're already in the bad mood and

you're gonna do a hundred more like it's

your brain it's not gonna work when I

was doing so many questions all at once

like my head hurts all bad and that was

my okay yeah good stop study you know

stop doing this but don't let it get to

please your notes that you're writing

here in that notebook of yours is for

you so you do whatever you ever do to

learn your notes if it's draw a picture

do that if it's writing the whole thing

now do that a sentence do that just

study for you do not study to make notes

look pretty right now then not the time

time is after and clicks then you go and

make those well it's pretty but just you

have to play around with it but just

make sure you're learning for you and so

you know the best you can do in a click

so good luck you guys I really hope this

video was helpful if there's more

certain like specific questions let me

know but I am making that um new world

NCLEX questions video that people have

been asking me and I made a big videos

on that two parts so watch out for that

coming up this speaker next week all I

could say it's like good luck and

hopefully you all helped steer the way

to help me was amazing thank you guys so

much for watching you know see you next