Pediatric Vaccination Schedule Mnemonic for Immunizations Made Easy (Ages 0-6 years) NCLEX

this is Sarah the registered nurse RN

calm and in this video I'm going to be

going over at the vaccination schedule

for children zero to six years and I'm

going to be giving you some mnemonics on

how you can remember all these vaccines

and as always at the end of this YouTube

video you can access the free quiz that

will test you on this material so let's

get started we will start with birth and

this is super easy all that's required

at birth is the hepatitis B vaccine and

there will be three doses given in the

first dose will be I birth next is it

two months and they will get several

vaccines at this visit they will get the

hepatitis B which will be your second

dose our DTaP which is for diphtheria

tetanus and pertussis the hip vaccine

which is for Hamas Phyllis influenza

type B which will help prevent against

epiglottitis polio the pneumococcal

conjugate vaccine which is the PCV and

then the RV vaccine which is the

rotavirus vaccine then at four months

they will get everything they got at two

months except the hepatitis B vaccine so

they will get the D type they will get

the hip polio PCV and RV then it's six

months it's really easy because it's

exactly what they got at two months

which will include hepatitis B the D

type the hip polio PCV and the RV and

then also at six months they will start

receiving an annual flu vaccine so if

you can remember from 2 to 6 months they

get exactly the same vaccines and it's

six of them but then at four months they

will get everything except hepatitis B

then we move on to 12 to 18 months so

here the child will get the D top and

they'll get this at the 15 to 18 month

mark and then hip PCV the MMR which is

new we're adding on and the varicella

which is chicken pox and then they'll

also get the hepatitis A vaccine which

is going to be required

in two doses they'll get one dose at 12

months which is one year and then

they'll get the second dose six months

later at eighteen months and of course

the annual flu shot during flu season

and finally between four to six years

old they will get the falling vaccines

and there's only four of them so I think

that's easy because I remember that it

starts at four years so they'll get the

DTaP polio MMR and the varicella and of

course if it's flu season they'll get

the annual flu shot now let's go over

some new monix to help you remember when

these vaccines should be given okay at

birth that is easy they just need one

vaccine and it's the hepatitis B vaccine

so birth hepatitis B you can remember

that one just one now let's remember the

vaccines from two to six months because

if we can remember all these vaccines we

just have to remember those and we've

knocked out a lot of them so whenever I

created these mnemonics I wanted them to

be able to help you to identify what age

they need to be given what exactly is

given so as I pointed out earlier at two

months and six months it's the same

exact vaccines that are being given

there's six of them but it's changed it

for months all of those are being given

except hepatitis B so this mnemonic is

going to help you remember that it says

two six month old pediatric policies

discuss rejecting his Hep B at four

months so this tells us that at two and

six months the child will need the

following pediatric represents

pneumococcal conjugate virus the PCV

policies represents polio disgust

represents DTaP rejecting represents

rotavirus his represents him and Hep B

represents of course hepatitis B and it

ends at four months so it's telling us

that the child will need all those

vaccines except hence rejecting the Hep

B at four months now let's look at some

mnemonics for the next to a

categories okay we're doing 12 to 18

months and remember with this one we're

going to be giving D top hip PCB but

we're adding on MMR and varicella and

Hep A and remember Hep A is going to be

given in two doses one at 12 months and

then one six months later at 18 months

so here's a mnemonic to help you

remember all those in that category his

12 to 18 dispatch montt vaccines helped

people his represents him told the 18

represents the category we're talking

about of Ages so 12 to 18

dispatch represents DTaP mump represents

MMR vaccines represents the varicella

helped represents Hep A remember there's

two doses of that one given at this age

group and then people represents PCV and

lastly to help us remember four to six

years remember there's just four of them

you can remember this mnemonic police

dispatch four to six year old month

vaccines so police represents polio this

Factory represents DTaP 46 year old is

the age category month is the measles

mumps rubella vaccine and then vaccine

represents varicella okay so those are

the recommended vaccines for children

ages 0 to 6 thank you so much for

watching don't forget to take the free

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