8 VEGETABLE PUREE for babies 6 months and up

hi guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video I am gonna be showing you

vegetable purees for babies

these are super quick and easy recipes

for stage 1 and stage 2 baby food

my name is Suzette Fairbank and this

channel is all about baby food making

and toddler food making and in today's

video I am gonna be showing you piece

potato zucchini carrots squash sweet

potato broccoli and cauliflower and

green beans puree


recipe number one is peace puree this is

just frozen pieces it's already been

cooked I'm just warming this up with a

cup of water and I'm just gonna simmer

this for about three minutes make sure

to call this off completely before

popping it in the blender I'm starting

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recipe number two zucchini puree did you

know that cooked zucchini is

particularly high in vitamin A compared

to raw zucchini and also research

indicates that zucchini skin harbors the

highest levels of antioxidants so make

sure you cook this with the skin on and

don't peel them

let them fool it cool off before popping

them in the blender next up is squash

puree I basically just chop this up in

little cubes so it's faster to cut them


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fourth recipe of today is potato puree


you can either boil or steam the

potatoes but today I am boiling it with

a cup of filtered water this one takes

about 15 to 20 minutes depending on how

big your potatoes are


add a little more water to send out the




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a sadler food recipes next one is green

beans puree steamed this for about eight

to ten minutes making sure that they are

not overcooked



up next is sweet potato puree you can

either seem boil or bake the sweet



next one is broccoli and cauliflower


broccoli and cauliflower are both

considered a superfood and not just

because of their all amazing nutrients

and minerals but they also contain a

good amount of omega-3 fatty acids


last recipe of the day is carrot puree


boil or steam for 10 to 12 minutes or

till tender let it fully cool off before

popping it in the blender


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