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hi I'm dr. Monica wanna cut the

pediatrician mom and creator of

pediatric today we're going

to review how to dose and give vitamin D

to an infant the American Academy of

Pediatrics recommends that all breastfed

infants get 400 international units of

vitamin D a day this is a standard

recommendation such that all infant

multivitamins will have the recommended

amount of 400 international units this

recommendation comes from the fact that

infants are we are instructed to leave

our infants out of the Sun and women in

the United States have milk that's

deficient in vitamin D we are told to

wear sunscreen and we don't farm outside

the fields all day and we don't consume

enough milk products or vitamin D

fortified products if you are formula

feeding your infant then you do not need

to give your infant the vitamin D

supplementation because the formula has

the added extra amount to it now when

you're dosing the vitamin if you're

doing a multivitamin such as this one ml

which is one dropper full will have the

appropriate 400 international units in

it already otherwise if you're doing a

straight vitamin D product like this

then you'll just measure the dropper

full up to one ml so you measure it to

the 1 ml as such now when you give your

infant the vitamin you may need to be

prepared for the vitamin to come back

when you become exposed to this you will

notice how bad it smells which means it

must taste bad at our house we always

dose it when she's in the tub because

she spits it out if your infant spits it

out then I don't want you to reduce so

as you insert the dropper and this goes

true for all medications that are in a

liquid form as you in through the

dropper make sure it goes back far


and aimed towards the back molar of the

infant's mouth it's just barely in the

inside then it's easy to spit out if you

go straight back then it will gag and

choke the infant and she'll start

sputtering the important thing is to be

consistent she loves it the important

thing is to be consistent as you do it

every day

your infant will get used to it now the

same process would be used when you're

using any of the following syringes to

do a medication

I'm dr. Monica wanna cot and that's how

it's done