Vitamin D Drops - Boys Town Pediatrics

Vitamin D drops are vitamins that help supplement or give added vitamin D to your child. Breast

milk is usually deficient in vitamin D or doesn’t have enough vitamin D in it. Supplementing

with vitamin D drops in an infant that is only breastfed is highly recommended.

If you don’t you are at a higher risk of having not enough vitamin D to build strong

bones first and foremost and second we know that vitamin D helps the immune system fight

viruses especially so you’re possibly putting your infant at risk for having more illnesses.

Vitamin D drops if you’re planning on breastfeeding your child, I think should be started in the

first couple of weeks and you can talk to your doctor about the correct ways to do that

and the types of products that are out there for that.

Drops usually within the first year you should be giving the drops. It kind of depends on

the type of food after the six months mark that your baby is consuming. If you think

your baby is eating a good variety of foods that might contain the vitamin D in it then

that is something that may not be quite as necessary towards the end there but within

that first year if you are just breastfeeding like I said, milk is usually the source of

vitamin D. If your baby is not on formula, then you need to supplement.

Formula does have vitamin D in it so that is one benefit of formula over breast milk.

That may be one of the only ones. Most babies do not need any additional vitamins

but once again breast fed babies you can consider starting them on some iron supplementation

if they are not good at eating iron containing baby foods at six months such as cereals.