Should Children Take Vitamins | What Age Do Babies Need Vitamins | Best Childrens Baby Vitamins

And it tastes like, bananas!

here's an interesting fact! 64% of parents said they didn't give their children vitamin drops growing up

and actually I've just had a really good idea but bear with me...

okay so let's carry on

so the Department of Health recommends that all children aged 6 months to 5 years

are given vitamin supplements containing vitamin A, C and D

and research showed that most parents were unaware that they needed to give vitamin supplements

to their children, because they thought a healthy diet was enough and that is meant to be fruit and veg

and interestingly only 30% of parents were advised by a healthcare professional on this

so if there's any health care professionals watching (Door Knocking) come in

so where was I so if there are any health care professionals watching

we need to do more and advise more

so why do we actually need to give these vitamins to children aged 6 months to 5 years?

well it's a good question and I'm going to try my best to answer it for you now

ok well firstly it can be quite difficult to give children a varied diet as they're growing up

so sometimes they wont get enough vitamin A, C or D

It's also quite difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone

and these vitamins are essential for good health

such as growing healthy bones and building a strong immune system

if you're now wondering which vitamin drops you should buy well don't worry too much

all it needs to contain is vitamin A, C and D

and to make life easier the NHS actually made their own vitamin drop

and it's got a great name called healthy start vitamin drop

and here's some even better news you could actually be eligible to getting these vitamin drops for free

by applying for them on the NHS healthy start website I've left a link in the description below

but if you're not eligible you can still buy these drops or other brands from your local pharmacy

and once you've got it give it as directed on the packaging

children can be a little fussy with these kinds of things so you can either give it straight

and the Healthy Start one tastes it tastes like bananas

or you can mix it with food milk or any juice but make sure they eat all of it or drink all of it to get the full dose

and now that that's done here's some information which you may find useful

if you're breastfeeding it's also recommended that babies are given a vitamin D supplement

from birth so if you're not doing this already speak to your midwife about it

but if you are using infant formula and your baby's feeding more than 500mls a day

then you don't need to give any vitamin supplements because it's all already in there

and lastly it's still important for children to eat healthy so they can get all the nutrients they need

to grow and develop properly so I've left a few links in the description below with more information on it

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