Vitex For Fertility | When To Use Vitex | Agnus Castus

I have low progesterone and started by

text and now I'm pregnant

via text works I was taking vitex and it

messed me up how I'm not ovulating this

vitex right for me by text by text by

text it's all about by text today on

fertility moms so stick with me so you

can find out how this powerful herb

actually works


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by text let's dive in I get asked this

question a lot should I take vitex I

hear it's really helpful in fertility

and it's a really tricky question to

answer because lots of other questions

need to be asked and answered

appropriately before we can begin to

even think about taking vitex for

fertility so it's really important that

we go over these questions and go over

how it really actually works in the body

before you start taking this powerful

herb because it can really help you or

it can really hurt you and one really

quick note you know I'm all about

hormonal balance and doing it naturally

and treating the root cause on this

channel and that is absolutely true

that's my number one thing I always want

to help you treat the root cause get to

the root of the problem and help balance

the body naturally because that's what

the body is designed to do however

sometimes the body needs a little nudge

in the right direction and vitex can be

helpful for that in certain

circumstances so let's talk about those

first off what is vitex well vitex is a

natural herbal supplement made from the

agnus castus fruit off of what is called

a chaste tree and mythical legend I

don't know if this is actually true or

not but it is said that it was called

the chaste tree because this fruit was

used to help decrease libido in men

during the Middle Ages and what is vitex

used for well vitex has been touted to

be good for everything in terms of

fertility it has been said to help a

luteal phase defect and progesterone

deficiency and irregular cycles and an

ovulation and

and that and the other thing it has been

said that it helps with everything and

that is not altogether true let's get

into what it actually does inside the

body so how does vitex work aha herein

lies the really important thing to

understand vitex has what is called

dopaminergic like activity which means

it works within the dopamine and

prolactin feedback loop within the

hypothalamus to help increase dopamine

and decrease Proactive so it actually

works directly on the hypothalamus a

part of the brain that is crucial for

hormonal balance in the body now

prolactin we don't love it to be super

high especially in fertility because

what prolactin can do among many many

other things but prolactin helps you

lactate if you're nursing or pregnant

but it does many many hundreds of things

within the body so normal it's normal to

have collected in the body but when it's

too high what it actually does is it

inhibits ovulation because it decreases

FSH and LH the two main important

hormones that help me mature your egg

and help you ovulate so high prolactin

means low ovulation not very powerful

one not very mature egg and all those

things that go with it so we don't love

to see high reluctant when we're trying

to get pregnant so if you have high

prolactin that could actually be for

many many different reasons it could be

because you have hypothyroidism it could

be because you have a micro adenoma or a

benign tumor on your pituitary gland it

could be because you are pregnant or

lactating or all bunch of different

reasons there's lots of different

reasons that you could have high

prolactin and one of those very

important reasons is low dopamine so now

dopamine can actually be low for a lot

of different reasons as well and

interestingly enough people who have

type 2 diabetes have incidences of low

dopamine levels and this is very

interesting because it actually

signifies that there is an inflammatory

insulin resistance condition that goes

along with this problem of low dopamine

because you see in other inflammatory

conditions as well like Parkinson's and

Alzheimer's which are now being called


types of diabetes like Alzheimer's is

being called diabetes type three because

it has this inflammatory and insulin

resistance quality to it so what vitex

actually ends up doing is it actually

binds to dopaminergic receptors on the

hypothalamus and tells it to stop

producing and releasing as much

prolactin so it's not dopamine but it

acts like dopamine and it does the job

of dopamine of telling the body cool it

on the prolactin levels we don't need

that much so this direct action of vitex

on the hypothalamus actually indirectly

affects your fertility because it

decreases your prolactin which increases

all of your ovulate Ori hormones like

FSH and LH which matures your egg better

it gives you a better quality egg which

gives you a better quality ovulation it

gives you a better quality follicle and

misses where the important pieces it

gives you a better quality corpus luteum

which is the thing that actually

produces and releases the progesterone

that you need in your luteal phase so if

all of these things happen and you get a

better quality follicle that is able to

meet and exceed the expectations of the

luteal phase in terms of progesterone

your luteal phase lengthen your

progesterone rate will rise and all of

these things are really really good for

fertility but it only happens if you

have high prolactin because of low

dopamine if you have high prolactin for

any other reason adding vitex into the

mixture will actually throw your entire

cycle out of whack it will completely

take you off track it will delay

ovulation obviously she will disappear

your period will be delayed by weeks and

this has happened to many women myself

included many years ago and I did not

know any better I ended up doing this to

myself and thereby I learned all of this

other stuff about it so it's really

important that you figure out what's

going on with your body do you have high

prolactin do you have low doping

if so then that's when vitex is actually

gonna be good for you so how do you know

if you have high prolactin due to low

dopamine well the easiest way to know

about your prolactin level is to get a

blood test and I'm just gonna say get a

blood test because your collection could

be high because you have a micro adenoma

on your pituitary gland and you would

never know it unless you got your

prolactin level checked so if you're

having some fertility issues or

fertility challenges you've been trying

for a while

get your prolactin level checked it's

just a basic blood test at your doctor's

office in terms of dopamine you can also

get that checked but if you're having

symptoms like depression fatigue your

inexplicably like tearful or sad you

feel detached unemotional you can't have

empathy for people you're extremely

demotivated your weight gain all of

these things are signals that you're

having low dopamine so if all these

things match up vitex might be the right

thing to take in order to help boost

your fertility now again this is just

kind of like a little nudge in the right

direction it's not gonna actually cure

the actual problem it's not gonna take

care of the root cause of your low

progesterone now if you were to take

vitex and it would help that's great but

if you stopped by text without actually

treating the root cause of your hormonal

imbalance the hormonal imbalance will

come back so it's really just a band-aid

but in terms of fertility if you're

using it for a short amount of time to

help really get you over that edge and

get you pregnant that's great and

hopefully after pregnancy it will all

return to normal and your imbalance will

be controlled however it's important

that while you're taking vitex that

you're doing all of these other

lifestyle modifications to help actually

treat the real cause so that you're not

on vitex forever in terms of taking

vitex the dose is about a thousand

milligrams a day and it depends on the

type you take whether it's capsule or a

tincture and everybody's brand is

different so I'm not gonna go too into

how to take it when to take it and all

that stuff because I've already dragged

on for a while and I really wanted you

to know how it actually works in your

body so that you can kind of tell


it's the right fit for you if this is

not the right fit for you if you have

low progesterone but it's not because

you've got high prolactin due to low

dopamine do not take by text it will

delay your ovulation it will kill it

altogether it will make your periods all

wild and wacky and it will take you

several months to get back on track if

you are having low progesterone or

luteal phase defect for other reasons

it's best to kind of look at your

lifestyle factors and diet and nutrition

modifications that you can make because

again diet and nutrition is the absolute

foundation for which your internal

environment in your hormonal imbalance

is based off of your internal

environment is based off of your diet

and nutrition and your mindset but you

haven't really talked a lot about on

this channel but if you would like me to

talk about it more you can also hit me

down in the comments and I can talk

about how mindset affects your fertility

in huge ways you would be surprised

about the science behind all of this

mindset stuff whoo that was a lot on

vitex I hope you learned something I

hope I didn't overwhelm you negative

feedback loops and dopamine urge ik and

blah blah blah blah all this stuff but I

tried to simplify it as best I could I

hope you understood it enough so so that

you can make the right decision for you

and your body and that is all for me

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